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Duke Nukem 3D (DOS)

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edidtion
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct Control
Setting: North America, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: Adult, Comedy
Published by: GT Interactive Software Corp.
Developed by: 3D Realms Entertainment
Released: 1996
Duke Nukem 3D control keys
Duke Nukem 3D is a logical continuation of the series games Duke Nukem, but if the first two games of the series have been 2D platformer, the third part is made in a popular style at the time Doom (pseudo corridors, first-person view, the battle with the use of various types of cold, fire and fictional weapons). In fact, Duke Nukem 3D was a response to a series of Apogee games Doom, as well as the Heretic and Hexen from the company id Software, with whom he had long-standing Apogee competitive relationship ever since Wolfenstein 3D.
But a new, 3D part of Duke Nukem has not become yet another clone of Doom, she was able to compete with the withdrawing at the same time, more technically advanced Quake. Moreover, it has brought so much to the game industry innovations and unexpected solutions that can rightly challenge the title of the progenitor of many modern shooters, including a series of games Half-Life.


Duke Nukem (voiced by John St John) - a special agent of the U.S. government, brutal and mocking action-hero exterior resembles Dolph Lundgren. All in all - one of the most colorful characters of computer games. On a course of action can joke and even quarrel with the player. Replicas of the game quickly spread to the quote. In the same part of the game there was a famous expression Duke Nyukema: «It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum!» («Time kick ass and chew bubble gum!"), Referring to the film «They Live».


Duke Nukem returns to Los Angeles after the events of the game Duke Nukem II. Suddenly, the radio receives a distress signal: city storm previously unknown enemy - aggressive alien race, who arrived to kidnap women and use their bodies as an incubator. Duke spaceship shoot down missiles, but he manages to catapult onto the roof. He takes up arms and began the slaughter, sweeping mountain aliens on the way to their leaders. Each episode has a feature in the story.

Episode 1: L.A. Meltdoschn

Flying over Los Angeles, the ship comes under fire Duke aliens and is shot down. Duke catapulted onto the roof of city homes. He makes his way through the movie theater (Hollywood Holocaust) and "red light district» (Red Light District). In the strip bar Duke expects a nasty surprise - he becomes trapped in an alien and is captured. Its transport to the prison (Death Row), to electrocute, but Duke escapes. He finds a submarine and try to swim in it, but the boat, drifted some distance, crashes, and Duke comes up at the factory for processing toxic waste (Toxic Dump). After passing this area, Duke is in the mountainous region of the gorge (Abyss). Next is a huge flying saucer landed, and within the Duke finds and kills the final boss of the first episode. After the victory of Duke sees on the monitors that aliens placed earthly women in cocoons for transport to another planet. «Nobody steals our chicks ... and lives» - says the Duke, and the shuttle goes into space.
Secret Level in the tunnel before the end of Toxic Dump. Playground with a rocket (Launch Facility), which must destroy Duke

Episode 2: Lunar Apotsalypse

Successfully docked with the orbital space port (Space Port), Duke knew that the Earth was not the first victim of the aliens. Having started cleaning the area, on the passenger boat hero finds an abandoned space station EDF, which has become an alien incubator (Incubator). Kill all Duke sent the warship humans, captured by aliens (Warp Factor). (Ship shape resembles USS Enterprise from the TV series Star Trek). On the ship, he reaches the station alien fusion (Fusion Station). After its destruction Duke Nukem gets a huge earth space station orbiting the Earth (in the windows visible Earth and the Moon) (Ocuppied Territory). Its aliens turned to the nest, alien spores and plants entangled half station. After destroying all the hero went to the lunar station - Tiberius Station, where the area is simply teeming with alien filth. Making his way through it, Duke gets to the lunar reactor (Lunar Reactor). Destroying the reactor Nukem goes into lunar rail transfer station (Dark Side), where the railway enters the archaeological site. In the area of ​​excavation Duke discovers a strange monolith (a reference to Arthur C. Clarke's novel "2001: A Space Odyssey"), referring to that, Duke is based on aliens (Overlord) somewhere on the Earth's orbit. Duke finds boss Overlord. Before killing him, Duke says «I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck»; reference to Full Metal Jacket), and executes the promise. After that, Duke off the gun, bombing Earth. At this point, the display will show the Emperor, and openly mocking the Duke. As a result, Duke boiled over, and said, «Guess again, freakshow, Duke's coming back to town, and the last thing that's gonna go thru you mind before you die ... is my size 13 boot!»
Secret levels: central continuously rotating part Ocuppied Territory, where Duke must neutralize Sector Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, and a place at the Lunatic Fringe Dark Side.

Episode 3: Shrapnel City

Duke Nukem is back on Earth on the roof. After going through a Japanese sushi restaurant (Raw Meat) and banking district (Bank Roll), he was in a flooded part of Los Angeles (Flood Zone) (maybe the aliens have destroyed the dam). After that, getting back to the part of the city is not flooded (LA Rumble), Duke meets with some survivors of people who have agreed to throw the helicopter Duke to the stadium. But the helicopter were hit (as always), and the hero jumps to filming studio (Movie Set). After going underground (Rabid Transit), fire station, a radio station (Fahrenheit) and a hotel (Hotel Hell), the hero finds himself in the stadium waiting for him an alien Emperor Cycloid. Successfully destroying it, Duke finally gets his well-deserved vacation.
Secret levels: Movie Set on the set, where the cosmic scenery, you can click on a vertical sign with red letters, and the right to open a secret door in the Hotel Hell through a small waterfall at the pool, on the second floor of the hotel, you can go to the secret level of urban district.

Episode 4: The Birth

Duke calls from vacation U.S. Army General. He says that the aliens have returned, and shows him a video where the aliens conduct biological experiments over the woman. Duke sent to fight them. First he goes to the mountain base Improbable Mission Facility. Then from there goes to the city, where the diner through Duke-Burger (in honor of the Duke), in which, as it turns out, the burgers are made from dogs, then a big supermarket. From there on he gets to the sewer Babe Land - equivalent of Disneyland, then dealt with mutated svinokopov police in Los Angeles in the police station, through the central post office and gets on pornostudiyu. From there, the path passes through a nuclear power plant, he gets on a big ship moored sea. Pipe from the ship is somewhere in the sea floor, and through the Duke hits the underwater base of aliens. There, he finally won an alien Queen.
Secret Level: In the final level Pigsty is the portrait of Washington Chambers Dredd. So the police station can be reached in the "Area 51", where in addition to the passage level, Duke has with code to run two missiles of "Atlas".


Throughout the game, Duke Nukem meet various enemies that are mostly extraterrestrial beings or mutated humans.
Normal enemies - There are also described enemies of expanded edition Atomic Edition:
Footman (Assault) - Private stranger party intrusion. The most common and least dangerous opponent. Resembles a tiger. One of the two representatives of an alien soldier infantry. Armed with a blaster, can use a jetpack. Captain (Assault Captain) (wears orange armor) also has the ability to become invisible and teleport with a special device. After a few hits can fall down to the ground, pretending to be dead, then get up and shot in the back. First occurs on the very first level, standing on a box.
Pig Cop - anthropomorphic pig, a mutant police spokesman in Los Angeles. Alien is not. Armed with a shotgun, sometimes shooting from the prone position, becoming inaccessible to hit. There is a chance that he drops a shotgun or body armor. May use air patrol vehicle (RPA). In Atomic Edition also found wild boars on the tanks. First occurs in the first level. Absent on the second episode, but a few dead bodies, apparently studied the newcomers. However, some bodies have a shotgun (for sure they escaped from space prison!).
born Octabrain - large flying brain with tentacles. Reminiscent of an octopus. At mid-range attack energy balls, causing serious damage to the near - bites. Hiding in dark places or under water, protect the eggs of slugs. First occurs in Red Light District.
Enforcer - yascheropodobny stranger armed with a machine gun. Also, it may fall out of ammunition for the machine gun or the gun itself. The last representative of an alien infantry. He tries to appear suddenly in visual contact with the target is a strong fire for effect, causing severe damage. By close contact can spit acid in the face. Maybe shit feet Duke, and if that comes into shit, utters the phrase «Shit happens» («Shit happens"). The first time can be found on the first level of the second episode.
Commander - levitating on a special device alien. The device is mounted rocket launcher and a blade that an alien attack in close combat. It is a dangerous opponent, Duke killed in a direct hit to the rocket. The only one who shows knowledge of human language. First occurs at Warp Factor.
Protozoid Slimer - Green formless being. On the surface - the usual lump of radioactive goo. Developing in the egg, which has a solid shell. Eggs are sometimes protected oktabreynom. When the egg pochuet potential victim - opens and releases a slug. Slugs begin to steadily move towards the enemy, avoiding a possible fire, jumping and crawling on the ceiling. Once the slug will be next to the victim, he jumps on his head and sets in motion the incisors to bite through her head. In the game, the attack slug player sees its bottom surface with hole and cutters, and can manage to get rid of the slug, the shot fired from any weapon or striking of a foot (quick kick). If not, the Duke died. Slugs can be useful in that attack and monsters. In the game are very common, starting with the level Incubator. It is assumed that one of the eggs hatched one slug, but if you already cracked egg to freeze or reduce, the effect of freezing after stopping or reducing hatch another slug (perhaps a bug). So their number can be increased up to the physical limits of the game engine.
Drone-defender - a stranger, found only in the Atomic Edition. In close combat inflicts serious damage, and for remote attack uses reducers.
Shark - ordinary shark. Can attack in packs.
Mini-leader - a smaller version of the boss and a weakened leader.


Turret - a blaster mounted in the ceiling or the floor. Is an alien device. Done Deals slack. Beginning with Death Row, is common. However, the two can be seen at the end of level 1, if you use a jetpack.
Droid death - a flying robot in contact with the target explodes. These robots are found in large quantities in the second episode from the first of his level. Extremely dangerous in close quarters.
Patrolman gravity flyer - manned Svinokopom, flying along a closed path. May hang in the air to fire their blasters on the hero. With the explosion catapulted the pilot, that is, it has to kill separately. First occurs on the second level of the first episode.
Tank - a fighting machine, controlled Svinokopom. Found only in the version of the game Atomic Edition. Armed with a rapid-machine guns, long distance moves to fire blasters and mortars, which makes it a very dangerous opponent in melee and ranged. With sufficient skill player can destroy the tank just one movement, as the tank is located behind the self-destruct button. Tank driver has killed separately.


Battlelord - huge, hulking alien, armed with machine guns and missile launcher. One of those close to the Emperor, is responsible for the capture of the Earth.
Overlord - gigantic, like a toad alien. Has huge teeth and fangs, and on his back mounted rocket launchers, of which he shoots at Duke missiles. The commander of the fleet to take over Earth.
Cycloid Emperor - the one-eyed boss with built-in front legs with rocket launchers, of which he shoots at Duke missiles. At small distances can attack the player energy balls that are used Oktabreyn. Is the most important of all the monsters and bosses game.
Queen - the final boss the game. Very similar to the drone, but much larger in size, has three eyes and blue skin. The uterus has a female sexual characteristics, and during the battle can play new drones. Not related to the main storyline.

Other obstacles

Deep mines - found in heavy levels in the water. The first can be seen on Toxic Dump.
In addition, throughout the game may appear neutral characters - it might be a stripper (which is usually in the murder of a player is teleported "punitive expedition" aliens, money they will dance striptease), dogs, people, and even a mechanical Mickey Mouse.


Powerful left and right legs. Left foot can fight the use of other weapons, before such a genre was not observed. Funny that in earlier versions of the game you can attack the opponent with both feet simultaneously. As in earlier versions of the application if the two legs come to a frozen monster to break it, the screen can be seen just three legs (right and two left).
Pistol - automatic, resembles «Glock 17." After 12 rounds recharges automatically. Max stock - 200 rounds.
Shotgun - powerful and beautiful arms. Distance power shot almost independent, the expansion canister closer to the real, in other games has always been the main limitation on use. Maximum reserve - 50 rounds. Can be found on the first level, if you use the jetpack, is next to a machine gun in a room near the theater.
Chaingun - rapid-fire, but weak weapon. Max stock - 200 rounds.
RPG, Rocket Propelled Grenade - one of the most powerful weapons, portable rocket launcher. Maximum reserve - 50 missiles. It can be found in the very beginning of the game, on the roof of the building opposite the cinema.
Pipe Bomb. After the shot in the hand of Duke appears detonator. When a player is holding a detonator, you can again press the switch on the grenade and then we can throw another one. After activating the detonator all thrown grenades exploding. Grenades can be thrown back to pick up. If the enemy long throw grenades without exploding them, he will die. Maximum reserve - 50 grenades.
Laser Trip Bombs - mounted on walls and other vertical surfaces. A few seconds after the laser beam is released, the intersection of which leads to a mine explosion. It should also be noted that in the game settings, you can specify whether the visible rays are always, never, or only in the infrared. Max stock - 10 pieces.
Shrinker - 11 seconds to reduce the enemy, then the player can kill him with his foot (squash). The player is also exposed to the reducer - often this is due to the reflection of the mirror charge reducers (this can be done either intentionally or accidentally). After hitting a player charge for some time becomes very small, can not use their weapons (but can use quick kick and jetpack) and jump, but move as quickly as the "big" player. As soon as the action ends with reducers, the player once again increasing in size. If this is not enough space (for example, if the increase will occur in the gutter), the player dies. This method is used in the transition from room to room through very small openings. Reduced enemy does not attack the player, so is used mainly against very dangerous opponents (Commander). Does not reduce the turrets, droids, slugs (less nowhere), drones, tanks and bosses. Maximum reserve - 50 charges.
Expander - gradually increasing enemy, tearing it to shreds. Introduced in version 1.4 (Atomic Edition). If next to the attacked monster is someone else, and he does damage.
Freezethrower - temporarily freezes the enemy, then it can be broken leg or any weapon. If you do not, after a while the monster thaws and again becomes operational capability, with 1% of life, dying from the first shot. Do not freeze the turrets and tanks, but with prolonged use, the freezer they explode. If used against a reduced opponent, when hit (which is problematic) after thawing the enemy until his minutes is small and will again attack the player, dealing with the full damage, as if it was great. In addition, after this procedure, it will not be trampled. 99 charges - the maximum stock. You can freeze yourself projectiles reflected from certain surfaces.
Devastator - twin-barrel gun, which has a great destructive force. Pentagon's secret development that does not prevent her to lie almost in sight of the player. Shot full of ammunition (all 99 missiles) are guaranteed to kill the Emperor. 99 rockets - your maximum.


Listed items, as well as in Heretic, you can carry.
HoloDuke - creates a hologram of Duke, which distract opponents. Duration - 92 seconds.
Jet pack - allows Duke to move through the air. Duration - 61 seconds
Portable first aid kits - restore health Duke.
Night Vision Goggles
Boots - let some time go by acid and lava
Steroids - make Duke is 2 times faster and increases the damage done by kicking 4 times during the effect. Duke also increases to its normal size when he was reduced reducer. Duration - 15 seconds.


Atomic health - gives 50 points of health, with a maximum of 200 units. Can be found on the first level is over the burning dumpster.
Armor - take of the damage for themselves.
Key card - usually hidden behind pictures and in garbage cans.

Technical details

Graphics engine called Build Engine. Based on it was created a few more well-known games: Shadow Warrior, Blood, Redneck Rampage. The game engine gave the following features: just realistic and interactive 3D world in which it became possible to jump and crouch, appeared quasi-to move in 3D, the opportunity to interact with some play objects. Enemies, as opposed to the polygonal Quake, still represented in the form of flat sprites. But in the Duke Nukem 3D you can play on the processor i486, while Quake slowly worked even on Pentium.
Rooms were represented with the help of technology portals (as opposed to BSP-tree in Doom). The portal, the overall speed of the game depends only on the complexity of the space surrounding the player. And, in addition, to display a level not require any preliminary calculations, so you can see the level in 3D right during editing. However, the Build Engine was still 2.5D engine, also, when you look up the player objects strongly distorted: there is an effect of parallax.
Weird, creepy-looking green slime (protozoid slimer), crawl on your face when you try to remove the monster from the game revealed a built-in engine Build the full game, that is code Protozoida, as such, in *. CON files are found, while monster sprites and sounds are mostly (*. GRP) file game.
The game uses some "undocumented" features enhanced engine and portals. For example, the secret level Tier Drops is a large room, the content of which varies depending on which side of it to go. By modifying the parameter files can include multiple games unused features in the game - for example, to destroy a surveillance camera or invisible laser sensors min. These files can be used to make simple modifications on the basis of the game.


The most common versions of Duke Nukem 3D are:
Lameduke - beta version of the game. Gained popularity among fans of the original due to the fact that pretty much different from the final version of the game - the look of most of their opponents, as well as weapons different from the target, in the game there are different from the original location (however, the level of Derelict Lameduke entered the Atomic Edition) .
Shareware - contains one of the three episodes that are available in the full game and have a limited set of weapons (not the most original and sophisticated tools, such as the freezer or reducers). Despite the introductory status, it should be noted that the available episodes «LA Meltdown »is one of the most memorable in architecture and building levels. Many players acquaintance with «Duke Nukem 3D» is a shareware version.
1.3d - full version game. Contains 3 episodes: «L.A. Meltdown »,« Lunar Apocalypse »and« Shrapnel City »and offers a full range of weapons.
Atomic Edition - an enhanced version of the game, which contains an additional fourth episode of «The Birth», additional weapons (magnifier) ​​and new enemies like creatures monsters from Alien film series, svinokopov in tanks and the main boss. The game also had the opportunity to connect bots through command line parameters. A distinctive feature of the episode was the level design and atmosphere - amusement parks, a large number of decorative robots that look like humans.
Total Meltdown - version for Sony Playstation, includes three original episodes and new, «Plug N 'Pray», consisting of six new levels. In the new episode includes new enemies: the two species svinokopov and a new boss called CyberKeef. The design of some levels of Plug N 'Pray much worse than the original, but the levels themselves are more complicated.
Duke Nukem 64 - version for the Nintendo 64. The game again redrawn majority of textures, sprites changed many weapons and enemies. The levels themselves are no longer divided into episodes, and appear a solid campaign. Among the interesting features include: the presence of weakened versions of the second boss Overlord (by analogy with the first boss), the fourth boss (Alien Queen) comes before the third - Cycloid Emperor, who in this version is presented in the form of 3D-model. Moreover, this version can be played at once with 2 players.
In addition, for the game to third parties, enthusiasts and fans just created several versions:
«Nuclear Winter» - the game was released on the eve of Christmas and has a corresponding "specific", such as the Christmas outfits on enemies, evil snowmen and elves as evil enemies and enslaved alien Santa Claus as the main villain.
«Duke it out in DC» - modification, which will visit the District of Columbia and rescue the president from the evil alien invaders. The action takes place in the White House, and in the basement of the Pentagon, and even the FBI building.
«Caribbean - Life's a Beach» - Duke Nukem on vacation. Summer theme, new levels, new sounds, new weapons and items (water gun, bomb pineapple, bananas instead of first-aid kits, etc.).
«Sonic the Hedgehog 3D» - fan-made game about Sonic on engine Build. On this game is not finished yet, but the demo is already available.
«Starship Troopers» - fan-made game in the universe of the film "Starship Troopers."

Real game

When running on modern computers have difficulties because it was created under DOS, so the other systems may have problems with image, sound and speed.
To solve such problems, enthusiasts are the so-called 3D-or GL-ports of the game, that is, programs written using the source code for the game, the developers of the open in 2003, triggering rendering or texture processing for hardware (Direct3D or OpenGL). The result obtained for the old games outrageous resolution like 1600 x 1200 pixels, add colorful effects in the form of lighting, texturing, shaders and other features of modern graphics cards.
The first known example of this technology for Duke Nukem 3D was JonoF's Duke Nukem 3D Port - Port-quality game, developed in 2005, based on an improved engine Build. Supports running under OpenGL at resolutions up to 1280 by 1024 pixels, allows you to run the game under Windows XP, solve the problem with the sound. With the support of 3D-models from Quake III and high resolution textures can transform the game dramatically. Established for this purpose and is constantly updated Duke Nukem 3D high resolution pack, using which the game is on the visual performance at Quake 3. Port runs on all versions of the game. However, it has not been updated for a long time (the latest available version is dated October 9, 2005). Therefore, based on it appeared port EDuke32, developed from eDuke - version of Duke Nukem, with enhanced capabilities for modifying the game. It combines all the features JonoF port and adds new ones, such as support for audio format Ogg Vorbis, allow us to replace old MIDI music files to the full track with high quality, so that the game will still sound in a new way. Plus this is another version of the Editor Build for Windows - Mapster32. Port only works with version of the game 1.4 (Atomic Edition).
In addition to implementation under Windows, there is a port for Mac OS X, allowing you to install a trial version, and both commercial implementations (for their installation will require CD).
Although the game engine is open to modification, data files (except for the shareware-version of LA Meltdown) still are not free. This means that you have the right to use the ported version of the game, provided that you have the right to enjoy the original game (that is, you must own a copy of the original game).

Additions and ports

For the game was released several official additions, developed by Sunstorm Interactive: Duke! ZONE, Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach, Duke: Nuclear Winter, Duke It Out In DC and Duke Xtreme.


The game has many references to movies and games.
  • Name submarine - «USS Dallas», the same name is an American submarine in the movie "The Hunt for 'Red October'";
  • During the game Duke often utters the phrase «Hail to the king, baby», which is a reference to the film "The Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness";
  • At the level of Hollywood Holocaust in a room behind a projection, which can be accessed through the vent in the bathroom, she is attached to the wall, "tentacles" is clearly an alien species. The woman and her phrase «Kill me ...» - a reference to the film James Cameron's "Aliens." Further, the captured women often encountered in the game;
  • Death Row at the level of one of the cells of a poster girl hidden passage - a reference to the movie "The Shawshank Redemption";
  • The logo of the record label «Death Row Records» shows a man in an electric chair. Most likely, the name of the level in the game and a way to get rid of the Duke - a reference to «Death Row Records»;
  • At the level of Incubator on one of the monitors show the number of 1138 - a reference to George Lucas' film «THX-1138";
  • At the police station (level Pigsty) portrait on the wall of a judge signed «J.Dredd» - a reference to the hero of the film and comic books, "Judge Dredd» (Judge Dredd);
  • There, but earlier on the level, you can find a sign with the name of John McClane - the protagonist of the film series "Die Hard."
  • At the beginning of the level Pigsty Duke utters the phrase «I'll be back», which uses the Terminator in similar circumstances - before going to the police station;
  • Posters «Sister Act IV: Making Whoopie» - a reference to the film «Sister Act» with Whoopi Goldberg in the title role.
  • A nuclear power plant (Critical Mass) is the secret to the name «Sector 7-G», the same designation has workplace of Homer Simpson in the animated series "The Simpsons." Homer also hinted donuts in secret. In addition to this reference to "The Simpsons" can be considered a beer Duff, which occurs in certain areas.
  • At the level of It's impossible 4th episode is a reference to the novel The War of the Worlds HG Wells - in one of the boxes, standing in a room with a door that requires a red card key from the wall reads: From: Wars of the World Prop Dept. To: O. Wells And the stamp «prop # 45"
  • On the same level in one of the rooms on the wall hang a hat and cane, and next to them a plate «Steed» - a reference to the TV series "The Avengers» (The Avengers), whose protagonist John Steed (British intelligence officer) always went to the hat- bowler hat and a cane

Dead heroes

The references in the form of dead bodies of the main characters:
  • The game has a body of a dead Marine (the secret of the third level of Death Row) - a direct reference to the Doom. While it is Duke utters the phrase «Hmm, that's one DOOMed space marine!»;
  • The game can be found hanging Luke Skywalker (secret at the Lunar Reactor) - perhaps as a reference to the competitive shooter Star Wars: Dark Forces. Duke phrase: «Now this is a force to be reckoned with!»;
  • In one of the secret locations, planted on a stake, hanging Indiana Jones (at the Hotel Hell). Duke says: «We meet again, Dr. Jones! »(We met again, Dr. Jones);
  • When Duke gets to the factory (level Freeway), he finds a hydraulic press, which sticks out from under the iron hand of the Terminator (from the movie Terminator-1). If you come to it, Duke says: «Terminated!». In the film, Sarah Connor, before you click on the button press, uttered the phrase: «You terminated, fucker!».
  • At the end of the level of a supermarket (the third level, the fourth episode), you can find the secret to the mutilated body of "Snake" Plissken - a reference to the movie "Escape from New York." While Duke utters the phrase: «I guess he didn't escape from LA».
  • In turn, the game Blood, which was published later Duke Nukem 3D, was parodied such mention of heroes - in the game can be found dead Duke Nyukema. The game Serious Sam 2, you can find a skeleton of Duke, and is often mentioned in conversation a blonde. In Serious Sam 3: BFE first and some of the other levels can be found writing on the wall "Here was a Duke" (found only in the Russian version of the game, in the original English version written «Killroy was here»).

Improbable Mission Facility

Level «It's Impossible» (which takes place in Improbable Mission: Impossible), in addition to the name, contains many other references to the movie "Mission Impossible", for example:
  • Theme music and the sound of the main theme of the film resembles;
  • Recorder that plays the message "This tape will self destruct in ...";
  • In one part of the level needed to enter a code, avoiding touching the floor.
  • On the first level there is an entire server room of the film, where the ventilation grid laser, and computer desk is sticking a knife.


  • In the song of Spleen "Orbit sugar-free" on the second 56y words of «Duke Nukem must die!», appearing on one of the houses on the second level of the episode LA Meltdown.
  • At the level of Warp Factor (which, incidentally, is also a reference to the famous series Star Trek) is neprishvartovanny space wagon, and the door lock open. If the network game through peremestitel get into the right side of the station, do not run the cable car, you can go into space and walk there, going quite far from the station (the boundaries are visible on the map, the approach to them facing immediate death).
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