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Clock Tower: The First Fear (PS1)

Clock Tower: The First Fear PSX
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Kaga Tech
Developed by: Human Entertainment
Released: 1997
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), Super Nintendo (SNES)

The game is a Survival Horror, made using 2D graphics. The player controls Jennifer and gives her specific commands, for example, checking various environmental objects. The game interface is similar to the adventure games of the 1990s and simplified for a better game on the gamepad. The game has many dangerous situations that can lead to the death of the protagonist. Most tasks come down to finding keys and other things needed to complete. Throughout the game, Jennifer often chases the Scissorman (aka Bobby, aka Killer With Scissors). In the event of an attack, the player must often press a certain key (“panic button”) to avoid death. Clock Tower was originally published on the SNES console in 1995 in Japan and developed by Human Entertainment. In 1997, the game was ported to the PlayStation and renamed to Clock Tower: The First Fear. Subsequently, ports were also released for WonderSwan and Windows 95, both in 1999. The game is the first in a series of games of the same name. Outside of Japan, the game was not released.

There is confusion with the names of the games as they are released; here is the order of release of the games:
  • Clock Tower: The First Fear (Japan only)
  • Clock Tower (Clock Tower 2 in Japan)
  • Clock Tower: Ghost Head in Japan (Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within, in America)
  • Clock Tower 3 (for PlayStation 2, Europe, America, and Japan)
The game has several endings. You can go through it in different ways, the plot is non-linear. In fact, you can literally reach one of the endings in five to seven minutes. Good graphics, excellent stereo sound effects, all this is in place, but the main thing in this game is the plot. You have to come up with this! The control, which is a computer point’n’click system, may seem a little inconvenient. It’s unusual to control the cursor without a mouse, but it’s a trifle compared to everything else.
Jennifer Simpson is the main character of the game, which, along with her friends from an orphanage (Laura, Anne and Lotta), was recently adopted in the story by Mr. Barrows, a wealthy man who lives in a mansion known as Clock Tower. Jennifer and her friends are invited there by Lady Mary. While in the mansion, Jennifer understands that the Barrows are far from an ordinary family.

Interesting Facts

  • The game takes place in September 1995 (in the same month and in the same year that the game was released).
  • There is an unofficial fan translation of this game into English. It was based on the full Japanese version for Super Nintendo. The translation is available for download on many Russian sites on the topic of emulation of video consoles.
  • There is a possibility that the game is based on the film Phenomenon. The Youtube website has a video comparing the game with the video (although there are some minor inaccuracies).
  • If in one of the rooms the crow is freed from the cage, and then they hide in this room from Bobby when he enters the room, then the saved crow will fly into the room and attack him, forcing him to retreat.
  • The PlayStation edition is an extended edition and includes: new content, FMV videos, bug fixes and mouse support.