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Bishi Bashi Special (PS1)

Bishi Bashi Special PSX
Genre: Action, Compilation
Gameplay: Arcade, Board game, Music / rhythm, Puzzle elements
Published by: Konami of Europe GmbH
Developed by: Konami Computer Entertainment Sapporo Co.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Bishi Bashi is a series of crazy arcade games from Konami in which you confront your friends or computer opponent. The game has a certain spirit of Japanese arcades, emphasized by the animated style and speed of the game. The series consists of many minigames, some of which parody famous hits, for example Breakout ("Car Destroyer) and Pac-Man (" Super Gulper ").
The European version of the Bishi Bashi Special is a collection of two previously released Japanese versions of the game: Bishi Bashi Special 1 (Super Bishi Bashi) and Bishi Bashi Special 2 (Hyper Bishi Bashi). Each minigame begins with a briefing that shows what needs to be done. It is possible to play eight using two Multi Taps, it is also possible to use Dancing Pads, which immediately gives interest especially at a party.