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Digimon World 3 (PS1)

Digimon World 3 PSX
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: 3rd-person
Art: Anime / Manga
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Bandai America
Developed by: BEC Co., Boom
Released: 2002
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Once, three friends - Junior, Teddy and Ivy decided to play the online game Digimon, but at some point something went wrong and all three fall into the World of "Digital Mosnter", DigiMon. The owners of the game servers, MAGAMI Corporation, assured that the problem will be fixed soon, but is it so? The main character of the game, Junior, has to unravel the secrets of the Digimon and MAGAMI Corporation. Unlike the previous part in Digimon World 3, the player gets more freedom and wide places that he can explore (in Digimon World 2 you spent the lion's share of the time in the dungeons occasionally creeping out into a schematically made city). The game has become more like a classic RPG, rather than a Dungeon Crawling game like before. Graphics, colors and music are also significantly improved, the game has even more dialogs and there is a storyline. Everything else remains as before - a turn-based battle system, character development (including Digivolution) and more. At the start, you have one Digimon available from the three offered, but completing quests you can get up to nine Digital Monsters (plus one bonus) at a time.


  • You can use the following trick to get as a Permanent Digimon, for example, Paildramon or Omnimon. So, if you want to get Paildramon as a permanent Digimon, you need to have at your disposal Digimon, which can evolve from Digimon to Exveemon, as well as Level 5 Stingmon. And to get Omnimon as a permanent Digimon, you must have a Digimon that can evolve to Level 40 Metalgarurumon and Wargreymon.
  • When you Digivolve, for example, Wargrowlmon and Kumamon together, as a result of getting BladeCarrurumon, then his attacks will be effective only against those tolerances that your Digimon had. For example, if Kumamon had powerful immunity against Dark Tolerances, and Giulmon had strong immunity against Fire Tolerance, then naturally the resulting BladeGarrurumon will have attacks that are effective only against Darkness and Fire, so before doing DNA Digivolve, make sure that the immunities in your Digimons are consistent with the original intentions.
  • Cardmon. When catching fish, land, stand in the yellow space, and do not step aside from it. Otherwise, you will be able to catch only some local Digimon instead of fish. And if you can’t land in the yellow zone, but land, for example, in the blue, do not worry, you can try again without fighting anyone.
  • Digimon. After defeating the Sazaku leader in the Amaterasu server, talk to Pi at the place where Renemon is in Asuka Server. It will move to the side, and you will be able to go to the docks where Ug lake is located, and going upstairs, you will find Digiegg of Reliability and now you can call Digmon whenever you find yourself near a hole around which there is some red dirt.
  • Gallantmon. Gallantmona's Signature Move reception depends on how you train it. If you fight him all the time in the Mega form, he will master the Final Purification technique, and if you fight him like Giulmon, he will master the Lightning Joust. Sometimes, by the way, he can master Shied of The Joust, which happens very rarely, and this already depends on his performance.