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Cool Boarders 3 (PS1)

Coolboarders 3 PSX
Genre: Sports
Perspective: 1st-person, 3rd-person
Sport: Snowboarding / Skiing
Published by: 989 Studios
Developed by: Idol Minds
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

This part is made much better than the first and second parts of the game. Movement has become smoother and more realistic. Snowboarders are now really sliding on the slopes, rather than flying over them without touching the surface. The slopes are also made very well. They twist and disappear in front of you, with no suspicious haze in front visible, unless it snows. Characters from previous versions of Cool Boarders look like papier-mâché figures compared to new ones. It is a bit frustrating that you cannot change athletes in new, self-created costumes. But still you will have enough variety in management, which will allow you to come to terms with an insufficiently large variety of wardrobe. Diversity in the game brings in such an aspect as the possibility of discovering new athletes and new boards with the accumulation of experience and skill, as well as more exciting descents. This makes the game more durable, since you have an incentive to conquer some heights, so that others will open before you. The number of tricks that you can perform in this game will amaze even professionals. Each of them looks very believable. With the help of tricks you can score enough points to get the main prize of the Champion. And if you manage to perform a chain of five tricks in a row, then points will flow to you like a river. Special descents have been prudently made for performing tricks on each mountain. There are also racing and slalom routes, and even a route with huge yellow buses stuck in the snow (you need to go around them).



Six tournament results are evenly divided into shooting gallery speed races and into three challenging competitions. Note that a board is recommended which is given at the start, but it is better to use secret boards when they are available.

Board selection

Choosing the right board is the essence of success. The choice of your board depends on what you are going to do on it. Here are three basic tips: freestyle boards are slow, but good for tricks, alpine boards are made for speed, while free race boards are somewhere in the middle. Some boards become available only with certain wins and breaking records.

Border X

Recommended standard board: Alpine

1. Do not try to do the tricks right away, but concentrate first on passing the track.
2. Draw a smooth line near the gate flags and reset the heavy turn to the minimum.
3. Use L1 and R1 to shoot down nearby opponents, but only at the beginning, thereby gaining an advantage.
4. If you made a forced stop, press X to quickly move on.

Oblique style

Recommended standard board: Alpine

1. Use your time and try to pass as many more springboards.
2. There are a lot of bumps and slopes, so chase for quantity, not quality.
3. Do more tight turns and spins. Do triple combinations only on large slopes.
4. Sliding on the railing brings points, but tricks on slopes are more expensive.


Recommended standard board: Freestyle.
  1. Combinations are the key to victory, they bring big prizes.
  2. While driving, try to make as many more triple combinations.
  3. On some slopes you can gain enough speed to make four combinations and get big bonuses for it.
  4. A sharp turn is made in order to cut the slope at a right angle, after which it is easier for you to jump.
  5. Then try to continue to carry the inertia of your body from side to side to do more stunts.
  6. The nasal slope does not bring a lot of points, but it is easier to accelerate on it for a combination.
  7. The simplest triple combination is two buckets following a 180 degree turn.
  8. Instead, you can also try the snapping motion, a 180-degree turn, and the Nasal Slope.
  9. You can continue making buckets longer to get extra points, but do not focus on combinations.
  10. Take care to land after the reception, if you do not do this you will not get anything.
  11. Do not try to constantly repeat simple tricks, for them you will be given less and less points each time.

Big air

Recommended standard board: Freeride.
  1. Bend as fast as possible to reach the highest speed, but stand in the direction of the end of the slope.
  2. Hold X to increase your energy level, and release right in front of the end of the slope.
  3. As soon as you are in the air, immediately start holding your combination.
  4. The triple combination is easiest to carry out using two buckets and rotation.
  5. Instead, you can also try a bucket, spinning and, when already landed, glide on the Nose slope.
  6. Do not forget to land after taking, do not get a pretty FA.
  7. Unlike the Half-Barrels, you will get the same number of points if you repeat the combination.
  8. If there are potholes in front of the main slope, do a few rotations on them.
  9. When there are many slopes, keep your riskiest combination to the end, so as not to lose inertia.
  10. If you have spent two decent attempts, you can try to do it a third time, however, you will be awarded points for only two of the best.


Recommended standard board: Freeride and Alpine.
  1. To set the speed, try to throw off the steepness of turning to a minimum.
  2. Try to get as close to the gate as possible without touching it.
  3. Try not to miss the gate, as the penalty time is not worth it.
  4. Bend as much as possible to increase your speed.


Recommended standard board: Freeride.
  1. What do the points win? Virtually nothing, so direct all your strength to come first.
  2. Bend as much as you can to increase your speed.
  3. To set the speed, try to reduce the steepness of turns to a minimum.
  4. Although you can certainly knock down rivals, it is better not to look for adventures.
  5. Avoid trees, as they are usually very slow.
  6. If you suddenly had to stop, press F to quickly continue driving.

Best tricks

Here for reference is a list of basic snowboarding tricks that can be done. If you are high enough in the air, you can combine two or more together to get more points.

Stiffy - Up + X;
Tailgrab - Down + X;
Stalefish - Left + X;
Sad Air - Right + X;
Japan Air - Up / Left + X;
Melancholy - Up / Right + X;
Indy - Down / Left + X;
Method - Down / Right + X.

Special moves

Frontside Shifty - Right + Triangle;
Backside Shifty - Left + Triangle;
Noseslide - Up + Triangle or Down + Triangle;
Turns Frontflip - Up + Circle;
Backflip - Down + Circle;
Rodeo - Right + Circle.


Frontflip + Stiffy - Up + X + Circle;
Frontflip + Japan Air - Up / Left + X + Circle;
Frontflip + Melancholy - Up / Right + X + Circle;
Frontflip + Noseslide - Up + Triangle + Circle;
Frontflip + Backside Shifty - Up + Circle, Left + Triangle;
Frontflip + Frontside Shifty - Up + Circle, Right + Triangle;
Noseslide to Frontflip - Up + Triangle + Circle;
Backflip + Tailgrab - Up + X + Circle;
Backflip + Indy - Down / Left + X + Circle;
Backflip + Method - Down / Right + X + Circle;
Backflip + Backside Shifty - Down + Circle, Left + Triangle;
Backflip + Frontside Shifty - Down + Circle, Right + Triangle;
Noseslide to Backflip - Down + Triangle + Circle.