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Dark Seed (PS1)

Darkseed 1 PSX
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: Side view
Narrative: Horror
Published by: GAGA Communications Inc.
Developed by: Cyberdreams
Released: 1995
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), Nintendo (NES), DOS

Mike Dawson always dreamed of becoming a writer ... And now, in order to speed up the realization of the dream of all life, he acquires an old mansion on the outskirts of the town of Woodland Hills near the abandoned cemetery - in order to create there, in peace and quiet . On the very first night in a new house, Mike dreams of a strange nightmare, and the next morning he wakes up with a terrible headache ... By controlling Mike’s actions, we have to find out the reason for his nightmares, after examining how his new house should be, you realize that this is not an accident and dream all of you is not just like that.
Well, now, actually, about the game - a very solid and atmospheric quest, with not the most boring plot and excellent graphics (To drawing backs in the game someone had a hand H. R. Giger - designer of the “Alien” hf) had a hand in drawing the backs in the game. The tasks in the game are varied, but, unfortunately, not always unequivocally logical - you can only guess about the decision of some people by first failing the passage because of unfulfilled actions - so save often, because the game time is limited and there is no time to run around. There is also a beloved pixelhunting, but, fortunately, rarely. Yes, even such a moment - painfully short game ... only you will enter into the taste, and The End.
Well, for a snack, an interesting fact - the character of the game was digitized (and got his name) from the real Mike Dawson, the producer and designer of the game.


First day

Go to the bathroom and open the locker. Take and swallow the medicine to stop the insane pain in the head ... Then wash and dry with a towel so as not to stink. Go to the second bedroom and double down the coat ... you will find a library ticket. Go to the first floor. Go to the library. Look carefully at the plan on the table - this is a map of the whole house. Open the secret passage in the library and climb to the second floor ... Take the rope. Open the door, but do not go out, but go down. Go out and leave the door open. Leave the house and go to the garage ... Open the trunk of the car and take the mount. Get in the car and turn on the radio. Remember to get your gloves out of the glove box (use the radio every day and sometimes you'll receive important messages ...). Return to the house and rise to the third floor. Thrust the chest three times and free up the passage to the terrace. Wah! There was a clock behind the chest ... you need to take it ... Go to the terrace and tie a rope to Gargolia. Go back and use the mount on the chest ... take a diary from it. Wait until you get a call from the library, and then go there. On the way, go to the store and buy there whiskey (drunkard). Delbert will enter the store and give you his business card. Now you can go to the library with a clear conscience ...
Pick up the hairpin from the floor (I would never have noticed), talk to the beauty librarian. Glitches will start, but it will still inform you about the right book. Do not forget to give her a library card ... Now go to the middle door. Go to the shelf C \ and look at the green book ...
Go to the old cemetery ... Go to the Tulles crypt ... Before the door, click on the stones - left - top - right - this is something like a code (they thought I would not guess). Dig in the dust and find the key there. Go back home and use the key on the clock. Remember the name. Go to sleep.

Second day

Repeat the morning procedure for pain in the head and wait for the mail. Insert the missing piece in the mirror and use the teleporter on the dark side. Climb up a similar secret passage. Take the binoculars. When you pull the lever, use gloves. Exit the house and go left until you find a shovel. Go back to the dark half and go digging the grave of poor MacKean ... Take a note and go back home. Oops! You are arrested !!! Hide the money, the pin and the gloves under the pillow. With the help of the mug call the guard. Give him a lawyer's business card ... When you go out, get a gun ...
Wait at the Delbert's garage for up to 6 hours, and then follow him ... Don't forget to give him a bottle. Take a stick and teleport to evil.
Go out and go right until you reach the pit (there is some kind of beast as a guard). Throw a stick in the pit, and it will not become ... Go to the police station. In the chamber, remove everything from under the pillow and the hairpin, open the lock ... Talk to the creature and give it a hairpin — it will give you an invisibility bandage. Go to the library and use a bandage. Go to the archive and use the screen - get a microfilm. Come out and rather go to the light half. Try to sleep ...

Third day

As usual - water treatments ... Go to the library and use the decoder on the microfilm. Now go to the store and buy more alcohol. Come back home quickly. Do not go through the door, they will arrest you. In the basement, take FLAGSTONE, and from the hole - the keys ... Use a rope tied to a gargolia. Teleport to another world, go out and go left to the furnace. Use FLAGSTONE on the stove with an ax handle. You now have a hammer. Teleport back !!! Climb into the garage, pour whiskey into the tank and start the car with the keys ... Return to the darkness ... Enter the unearthly ship. Wear gloves and pull the lever. GET OUT !!! You automatically get on the bright side.
Use the hammer on the mirror ... Go to the door and open the librarian ... YOU HAVE A MEDICINE FOR HEADACHE !!!
Now it remains to see the final scene ... YOU WON!