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AeroFighters Assault (N64)

Aero Fighters Assault N64
Genre: Action, Simulation
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Flight / Aviation
Published by: Video System U.S.A.
Developed by: Paradigm Entertainment Inc.
Released: 1997
Platform: Nintendo 64 (N64)

The game is an arcade-type simulator, which means that the goal throughout the game is to get as much score as possible. The points are rewarded by the number of allied pilots that have survived, in addition to the amount of defense and special weapons not used, and how much energy is still in the fighter. We will have available a type of basic weapon (usually a submachine gun), a missile attack, a missile defense weapon and a special attack. To pass a phase we will have to fulfill an objective that usually is to destroy a final boss and, in some missions, we will also have to defend a base of our own.

Main Game

It is the story mode of the game and main mode of all there is. The phases that consist are:
  • Tokyo - The city is submerged underwater after a bomb exploded at the south pole. The group must destroy a four-legged mechanical spider that is floating in the water where the city is while trying to defend a government building.
  • Pacific Ocean - You must face a troop of ships, including the main ship called "Leviathan". The "Leviathan", which can submerge, must be destroyed.
  • Air Battle - A fleet of fighter-bombers B-2 and a super-destroyer are descending. You must destroy a "Spriggan".
  • Desert - A giant armored vehicle named "Bazeel" has to be destroyed.
  • Fortress - A fortress located in the mountains of Peru, protected by shields that must be destroyed to end the fortress more quickly. It is one of the most difficult levels.
  • Antarctic Ocean - A fleet of the most skilled pilots of Phutta Morgana must be killed.
  • Ice Cave - We enter through the mouth of an ice cave through the cave to the interior where a giant sphere with an axis in the center must be destroyed.
The bonus stages:
  • Air Docking - Land your plane inside the air carrier of the team. You win after completing the first two levels, after the Pacific Ocean level.
  • Shuttle Defense - Protect the enemy's shuttle. You will have to destroy all the tanks and planes that approach before they destroy your shuttle. You win after you complete the first three levels in a certain time.
  • Goliath Defense - Protects the carrier, which is located in an oceanic area, at all costs. This level is earned after completing the first bonus levels.
  • Space - Destroy the machine called "Pandora" before it destroys the earth. The machine has three forms. This level appears when you complete the bonus levels, after following the level of Antarctica.


We have three options that consist of:
  • Pilot Control. We will have to pass through the hoops that are in the air intendo follow a pre-established order.
  • VS AI Pilot. We will face five planes one by one to which we will have to win.
  • VS Boss. We will have to destroy some balloons as well as some diamonds in a figure of a final boss.

Death Match

It is the only way for two people. We will face each other and can choose between the three possible scenarios, the plane / character, the time, the amount of the defensive weapon and the amount of the special weapon.

Game Boss

In this mode we can choose one of the final bosses that we have faced and face alone against him.