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Prisoner of Ice (PS1)

Call of Cthulhu: Prisoner of Ice PSX
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Visual: Cinematic camera
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Xing Entertainment
Developed by: Infogrames Europe SA
Released: 1997
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

Like the Alone In The Dark series of games, - Prisoner Of Ice draws inspiration from the works of Howard Lovecraft. In August 1936, Nazi Germany is in full swing mobilization, and scientific laboratories are accelerating the development of new types of weapons. But quite by accident the German command receives mysterious documents indicating that at the South Pole, under a layer of ice many kilometers long, there is hidden an ancient mystical weapon, according to legend, ice-bound by ice. The Nazis, using this information, base in Antarctica a top secret Schlossadler base. Everything goes fine (from the Germans' point of view, of course), but at some point the connection with the base is broken. January of 1937. Completing the operation "Polaris", an English submarine H.M.S. VICTORIA takes aboard two mysterious containers and the only survivor on the basis of the Norwegian sailor Bjorn Hamsun. Containers are contained in special coldrooms, and nothing foretells woes. Suddenly, "Victoria" is attacked by a German anti-submarine cruiser, and the explosion mortally injures navigator Jones. But worse - in the chambers a fire, and the boxes began to thaw ... So, you play Ryan, a young officer of the British naval forces, working for the American secret services. You have to enter into an unequal battle. Due to a violent fire on board the Victoria, the thawed monster gave vent to the tentacles, and its first victim was Captain Lloyd. Now on your shoulders lies the responsibility for the fate of the entire crew.


First of all, go into the refrigerator and remove the fire Extinguisher from the wall, extinguish the raging flame. Then return to the wheelhouse and talk to the steering Driscoll. He will give you a walkie-talkie. Now you can always keep in touch with him. Björn Hamsun (Norwegian sailor from the base in Antarctica) is in the sleeping compartment. Behind him looks Wayne, the second navigator.

Go to the sleeping compartment, take under the bed Life-Jacket and spikes for walking on the Crampons, then remove the hatchet from the wall and take the St. Cristopher's medal. Talk to Wayne and tell him about the death of the captain and the navigator. He decides to take his place on the bridge, but before that he will tell you that Bjorn is delirious singing in some unknown dialect, apparently Norwegian. Return with him to the wheelhouse and open the captain's drawer, take the Tape Recorder, the key and the code book. Go back to Bjorn and, acting on him with a medal, hypnotize him. Now his song is like some kind of spell. Record it on the tape.

Go to the wheelhouse where the monster blows the door. Wayne is mortally wounded, and the monster is coming to you. Use the tape recording, and it will go to a different world in terrible agony. Driscoll will advise you to send an SOS signal using on-board radio, but only the untimely dead captain knew the frequency and password for the radio wave. Well, with a password, no problem: the codebook is in your hands. But what about the frequency? Steering advises to turn to Stanley, the onboard mechanic, he was a close friend of the captain. Get down into the engine room. Stanley lies, crushed by a heavy beam, and appeals to you for help. Approach him and ask how you can help him. He will say that you need to use an electric Winch. Put the switch on the ON and call Driscoll on the walkie-talkie. Tell him everything, and he will manage the winch from the wheelhouse, and you will correct his actions from here.

As soon as Stanley is free, he will jump up and run again to his engines. Stun him with the news of the death of the captain, after which he will be a little stunned and will call you the frequency of the radio wave (107.4.61). Returning to the wheelhouse, select the Adjustable Spanner. Further, Driscoll will inform you that there is a hole in the torpedo compartment, and it will soon be filled with water. Go to the radio (Radio) and use the codebook - at last the SOS signal is sent, soon the help will come.

Then go to the refrigerator, open the key with the Chest and take the flare pistol. Go back to the wheelhouse, unscrew the metal wheel from the exploded door with a wrench. But the hatch in the torpedo room wedged, and it can not be opened. Go to the wheelhouse to the Electrical box and hit it with an ax, then put the switches in the desired sequence. It is necessary to direct energy along a path where there are no discontinuities in the wire. After that, Driscoll will inform you that an English ship is approaching, but it's too early to rejoice. At such a depth, they can not find you - you need to throw something on the surface to determine the location.

Entering the sleeping compartment, you discover the disappearance of Bjorn Hamsun. How is it, he's under hypnosis! Orderly. Go to the torpedo compartment, where it is already knee-high. Use the metal wheel on the Hole, and the water will wither. Take the Distress flare. Then open the Launching torpedo tube. Tell Driscoll by radio that you are entering torpedo tube number 26, and that he is ready to fire after 10 seconds. Finally, the captain of an English destroyer sees a shot of a signal rocket through binoculars.

January 13, 1937. The Falkland Islands. British naval base Edwards. The submarine "Victoria" with small damages was delivered to the dock. Here begins the second stage of your adventures. Ryan gets acquainted with Captain Sears, who acts as the commandant of the base. Ask him about the health of Bjorn Hamsun and the safety of the single container from the German base. Then the officer will enter the room and inform that Miss Molly sent a secret film related to Operation Polaris. Ask him who is Miss Molly, and you will find out that this is the name of an English secret agent working in Germany. At the end of the conversation, the captain will ask you to wait in the office until his deputy Quincy arrives and draws a Duty roster. Take from the table a ID file and a pack of cigarettes, open the Drawer, where you find a strange piece of Torn paper with an incomprehensible number "523". Then Quincy will enter the door and give you a pass, and also inform that Bjorn Hamsun has mysteriously disappeared from hospital and will ask you to find him. Go out into the corridor and give the pass to the guard. At this time, the siren wails, and he will walk away from you with a quick step. Take the Reel of film on his desk and go to the left door, where the Communications room is located. Go to the boiling Kettle and hold a personal matter over it to unlock the Ryan's photo. Go back to the corridor and through the Entrance hall, enter the Briefing room. Talk to Lieutenant McLaglen. Ask him to show you the film, but he refuses, citing the lack of cigarettes (a strange reason, is not it?). Give him a pack of cigarettes and watch a movie that you will surely like. Then look at the bookshelf and take a lonely blue book. Inside you will find the first three digits from the combination of the cipher - 496, the second three you already found in the drawer of the table of Captain Sears (remember a strange scrap of paper?). Return to the reception room, where you will meet Dr. Trevor, who works in the base hospital. He will say that he found a strange green slime next to the bed of the disappeared Bjorn. Also he will ask with some caution, did the crew of the "Victoria" not carry anything unusual? Be silent as a partisan, and do not be ashamed to lie for the sake of ridding the Earth of terrible danger. He will believe you and retire to his lab to cut unhappy rabbits. Go to the radio room and ask the radio operator with the strange name Shaw, did not they send you any messages? It turns out that in a letter sent from Washington, your friends warn that a secret spy of Nazis is operating on the base, transmitting all the information to Germany. Check the personal files of everyone on the base. These folders are under vigilant protection in the Armoury. Then go to the office of Captain Sears and open the safe behind the portrait of Budyonny (and here the echo of the popularity of our great marshal came to us). The combination of the cipher is made up of the six figures that you found during the trip to the base (496523).

From the safe take the Rubber stand and the key of the late Lloyd's key. Look at the papers lying on the table, attach your photo to the letterhead and print it. Now you have Pass to all premises of the base. Close the safe and go to the elevator, which is in the reception room. Click on the Button and go down into the Basement. Approach the guard, give him a pass and enter the door leading to the Boxroom. In the closet, take the Tin and, if you are a horror-lover, look into the iron runk. Then go out into the room with the guards and follow in the waiting room of Dr. Trevor. Talk to Miss Trend, she will report on you, and you will be able to enter. Tell the doctor that you have a stomach ache, he will ask you to show him what you ate (is it the same?). Give it to a tin, and while he follows the medicine, take your Assembling manual off the table. After taking the overdue pills, go to the door of the armory room and knock. Give Sergeant Finnlayson your medical card and he will let you in. Talking with him about access to personal matters is useless, he obeys only Captain Sears and his deputy Quincy. Remove the fire extinguisher from the wall and take a Cigarette in the ashtray. Go to the trash can full of paper, and throw a cigarette there. The paper will light up. It is necessary to quickly hide in the so-called "dark corner" (Dark corner). If you stay in the middle of the room, you will be arrested as a vrbditel and will be given a tribunal. The sergeant will notice the fire, the fire extinguisher will suffice, but you already pocketed it. The sergeant, without noticing you, will call his assistant, and together they will run to raise the fire alarm. In the meantime, you extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher and go into the room where you store personal files (File room). Open the drawer and ... oh horror! - all personal affairs are abducted, someone has reached them before you. A little digging in the internal, you remember that you saw the deputy Quincy entering the doctor's office. But wait a few folders left, and among them there is a personal file of no one Parker ... Return to the armory room, where you will meet Captain Sears. Go to his office and tell about everything that happened on board the "Victoria". He will not believe that the monster is dying from some spell there, and will suggest returning to "Victoria" for solving this mystery.

You are again on the ship ... On the board of the Victoria take the cable and tie it instead of the rail to the Bar. Go to the prow of the boat, open the floor chest and take the metal objects, which are the designer of the Young Locksmith. Connect them together - and get a Marine key. Apply it on the bridge door and go down into the wheelhouse. Go to the sleeping compartment and take in the Wardrobe a Note-papers. Go back to the bridge, where Ryan again meets face to face with the monster. Quickly insert Captain Lloyd's key into the self-destruct mechanism, get out on the deck and run ashore. Explosion, - and yet another monster on Earth became less.

Return to the reception room, where the guards will inform you that Captain Sears is gone, the radio operator is killed, and the Victoria exploded. Then Dr. Trevor runs in and asks you to run to his lab soon. There he tells you that in a blood sample taken from Björn Hamsun there are no human cells ... The doctor gives you a small book that Björn did not part with. And from it Ryan learns that "Bound in the ice" can not cross the sign of the five-pointed star, painted with blood, and it can be destroyed only with the help of the sacred stone Mnar. Miss Trend runs in, and hysterically points at the door to the ward. Ryan immediately enters there (what imprudence!) And sees that the monster has torn the deputy Quincy and is approaching him. The last words of the brave deputy were that the stone was in the office of Captain Sears for a large Map. In military style, quite calmly and coolly, Ryan draws a five-pointed star on the floor and rushes to the office of Sears. Passing the doctor's table, take the Needle. In the office on a large map you will see a small red speck that was not there before. Poke a stiletto into it - and the Hiding place will open. There, take the Mnar stone and the Sears' dossier. Return to the room and direct the stone to the monster. Then take the personal affairs of Quincy and go to Dr. Trevor. He will report that Ryan's friends deciphered Sears's file and established his connection with the Nazis. So, Sears was a spy and spent the rest of his life behind bars.

From Washington came the message that the identity of Professor John Parker, a close friend of Björn Hamsun, who personally participated in Operation Polaris, was established. His library contains a book under the code number OTR 2832, from which you can learn how to stop the "Bound in the Ice" and rid the Earth of them forever. It is necessary to find Professor Parker or his book.

Buenos Aires. January 16, 1937. Central City Library. Before entering, Ryan notices two suspicious musicians at the entrance. You go in and talk to the administrator, he will report to you the manager, and Ryan will be able to enter his office. One of the musicians with a gun is preparing for you. At the door, Ryan meets Diana, the daughter of Professor Parker, and from her you will learn about the mysterious disappearance of her father. The manager of the library tells you a long story about "Bound in the Ice", and then the agent of the Nazis Harland intervenes. He demands to give him a Solar disc, the possession of which, according to legend, can bring dominance over the most powerful weapon: "the souls of people." The administrator noticed that a visitor came into the office, and went to check whether everything is in order ... The fascist who is caught mercilessly kills him, but this helps the others to escape.

But what is this? In a strange radiance a stranger appears, amazingly, like two drops of water resembling Ryan, raises a strange weapon - and from the Nazi there is only a memory. And the stranger disappears as mysteriously as he appeared. After some time, the manager gives you a page from the book OTR 2832 (Page from a book) with a warning that this is the most powerful weapon. In the meantime, the police arrived and is trying to find out where the young man is with the girl. And while you are sitting in a cache and waiting for the police to leave.

Ryan and Dian go in search of Professor Parker and accidentally find out that he hid that disc somewhere in the library. Go to the Glazed door, beyond which you will open a huge store of books. Pick up a pile of books, among which the immortal creations of Goethe, Sophocles and Shakespeare ("Two beer or not two beer ... Shakesbeer!", Remember?). Also, take the Blind Man's stick, standing at the wall. To climb up, you have to overcome a small difficulty: find A book, opening the passage to the next level. It is to the right of a large pile of books, on the third shelf, bounded by two parallel racks. Go through, but rather, climb through the secret Passage and on the second tier insert a blind man in place of the missing step in the stairs. Climb to the third level, gently and gently leading the mouse on the shelves, find Empty spaces. Look at them closer and insert your books from left to right in this order: Sophocles, Shakespeare, Goethe. There will be a staircase, along which you can go to the fourth tier. Put the switch to OFF and go to the right. So you got to Terrace, but it was locked. Turn the most right statue, and in the central one a Hiding box will open. In it, take the key, open the door and go out onto the roof. Enjoying the magnificent sculptures (took time to have fun!), Ryan notices in the hand of the Discobolus a strange object, not like a sports disc. Ryan decides to consider it closer and without success tries to climb up. Go first to the statue of Venus, climb onto it, jump onto the sculpture of Jupiter, and from there to the disc it's a stone's throw away, but suddenly the Germans come and take you along with Diana to that very mysterious Schlossadler base ...

Ryan is in a cell next to other Nazi captives. What to do now? First of all, take from the table iron utensils (Spoon, Mess tin, Tumbler) and, trying not to get caught by the guards, rummage a hole in the wall with a spoon. Professor Parker, who happened to be in the cell, will tell you about the last advent of the ancient warrior and lord of the "Chained in the Ice" - Narakamos. After this, the captives will be led away in an unknown direction, and you need to get out of here by all means. To you in the cell, Dietrich, the chief of the base, will come and offer to sign some documents, hinting at the fact that if you follow this order, you will be shot, if not, it will lead to the same result. Dietrich will give you Sheet of paper, pen and 10 minutes for all-all-all. First of all, take a sheet of paper and shove it into the Wash basin, it will be filled, and a small flood will begin. Take the Stool and calmly wait for the guard. As soon as he enters, hit him with a chair and drag him into the corner of the cell. Take from him the Key cells and close the door, then move the table to the middle of the camera and put a chair on it. Climb on this structure, unscrew the handle screws from the Ventilation grill. Climb into it and creep forward, where Ryan accidentally hears that Dietrich is preparing a new experiment.

You find yourself in some kind of dungeon where strange things happen: the ice quietly adjoins the red-hot volcanic lava ... Approach the stalagmites and turn one of them. The stone slab will move away and from under it take two precious stones - Rubin and Amethyst. Then walk across the bridge and there you will see a stone statue of a monster. You need to insert the stones into his eyes, and the passage to the Altar will open. Come there, and you will find yourself in a temple full of frozen monsters. Go forward and in the Mine cart take the Miner's bar. Do not try to roll the trolley to the door: one of its wheels is frozen in the ice. Go to the volcanic lava and hit the stone with a crowbar. The stone will fall out, and the Lava will flow to the floor. Pick it a crowbar and freeze the wheel of the trolley. Then quickly push it and run to the opening door. The heat from the lava melted one monster and, if you do not have time, then there will be a worldwide catastrophe and so on. Behind the door, thrust a crowbar into the fan, it will stop, and you will be able to pass.

In the meantime, the crazy Dietrich called to himself a warrior of Narakamos and one of the monsters. He conducts an experiment to move through time, and the prisoners act as guinea pigs. Get out of the fan and quickly use the page from the book. Pronounce the spell and the monster will stop. Then Ryan enters the time window (Sun Gate) and finds himself on the same base, only in 2037.

He must go to the computer terminal and turn it on. On the screen will appear Howard Parker, the son of Professor Parker, and tell you the story of the end of mankind ... His father, John Parker, was also captivated by the Nazis and imprisoned in the basements of the base of Schlossadler. All the time he devoted to creating a weapon capable of destroying the "Bound in the Ice", and he succeeded. He called his invention "Frost Neutro Defense" (F.N.D.), code name "Morozko." Take on the Battery, collect the corners of the components of the weapon (Butt, Barrel, Middle section) and two Nitrogen charge. Find the half of the iron plate on the floor and check with your own. Then go to the Scanner and insert the battery into the Slit. Press the button, and the drawings "Frosty" appear on the screen. In turn, insert the components into the screen, and now you have a sure weapon against the "Bound in the Ice". Go to the right side of the room and shoot a Lump of stone, blocking the cabinet. The stone will crumble into small pieces, and you will have access to the contents of the cupboard. In it, take the already familiar stone Mnar and a Copy of the solar disc. Then get close to the time window and use a copy of the disk.

Ryan will be on the base in time: the revived monster is selected to the captives. Use the page from the book, and the monster will stop forever. Talk to Diana and the rest, then they will return in time to the Edwards base, and you still have to defend yourself in the past.

Ryan is transported in time at a time when he and Diana were in the library manager's office (remember?). Harald tries to take away the solar disk, but then Ryan appears "future", you need to quickly put weapons on the Nazi, and the story will be preserved intact.

Then Ryan is in Illsmouth, in the temple of the warrior Narakamos. It is necessary to hurry, Dietrich, together with Narakamos, are trying to return to the land of the lord of darkness Ktulu. Pull the steel ring in the wall (Pull-ring), and from the floor a Stele will appear, looking at which Ryan realizes that he will have to solve another annoying puzzle. Its difficulty lies in arranging images of monsters in parallel with images of their habitats. The answer is simple: arrange images of monsters in the upper row, and the habitat in the lower row. Well, the habitat is "chained", I hope you determine on your own, Nyarlotothep - fire, Dagon - water, Cthulhu - air. A strange book appears on the column, look at it and put it on an Hollow, the Mnar stone. The book will light up, and Ryan will have a sacred two handed sword (Sacrificial two handed sword), and images will appear on the wall, but rather holograms of two figures. The first of these is Narakamos, he will tell you that the arrival of Kthulu on Earth is inevitable, that mankind still ends and so on. The second figure is a certain Boleskine, who will tell you how you can end this misfortune on Earth forever. Approach the column and take the Necronomicon, the sacred book of the dead. Go to the open door, where you will find the underground river and Rowing boat. Sit in it and swim forward, there you will meet an old acquaintance, Captain Sears, whom Dietrich sent to kill you. Do not try to fight him with swords: after all, the captain has more experience. Before you engage in a fight, you need to have time to talk with him and say the necessary phrases in the order listed below.

1. Howard Parker
2. John T. Parker
3. Great Old Ones

Then, Sears will try to kill you, but you need to quickly cut the Rope supporting the chandelier, and the captain, contrary to the proverb, will get off the ship first.

Ryan enters the room, surrounded by a raging fire. On the wall you see three masks, each of which carries a danger. Go to the left tunnel is impossible, you need to try to go to the right. Death to Ryan is threatened only if you break the left or the central mask. Blood will flow from the left, and it's so beautiful, that, perhaps, it is worth preserving and trying. From the central will escape the fire. From the broken right mask sprinkled with sand, which extinguishes the fire. Next, go to the right and there you will see the Enormous head, to go further and enter into the last battle with the forces of darkness, you need to step on the stone floor on the Flagstone, and the head opens the passage. You go in it, and you will appear on a clearing where between stones Dietrich and Narakamos wait for the advent of Ktulu. Approach them and be ready, they will affect you with spells, and you must fight off the energy impulses caused by the sword. If you miss, the tentacles will entice you into a very "fascinating" trip to the center of the Earth. After the third or fourth time they will get tired of it. Dietrich will surrender at once and turn to Ktulu with a request to look at his new soul, and he deems such an iron mask put on his face. Throw the Heconomicon right in front of him and you can consider yourself the savior of the Earth. The indignant Cthulu will send Dietrich to the extreme antiquity, around the time of ancient Egypt. Narakamos will suffer your fate - a lonely journey to the center of the Earth. The stones will also hide in the ground, and Ryan will again go wandering through the vast expanse of time. It can be concluded that Ktulu did not want to seize the Earth and turned out to be quite a good guy. Ryan needs to go to the past, but in that case, everyone will know this story, which almost led to the death of mankind, or to a future where Ryan seems to have nothing to do, but his secret will go away with him. The choice is yours. It seems that everything, but the developers of the game decide to hint at the continuation of the story unobtrusively. Somewhere in ancient Egypt there was a very warlike tribe, constantly fighting with other peoples, and once there appeared a man with fiery red hair and proclaimed himself the god of the gods. In his hands he held a stone disk, and on his face he had an iron mask ...