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Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (PS1)

Marvel vss Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes EX Edition PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Fighting
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Published by: Capcom Entertainment
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 2000
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), Arcade machine

Is the third in a series of Marvel vs. Capcom, following Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and the previous Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. In contrast, X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, the game has a lot of characters from the games Capcom (Mega Man, Strider), and not only characters of the Street Fighter series.


In general, the combat system is similar to the one used in the previous crossover. The game uses a six-button layout characteristic of arcade machines. The player chooses a team of two fighters who own a certain set of techniques.
At the same time, unlike MSH vs. SF, instead of unlimited ability to call the second fighter for support, the game introduced the possibility of calling for any third-party character that is randomly selected on a separate screen before the start of the fight. Such a character can be called on the battlefield a certain limited number of times to attack an opponent, while the player can in parallel with the assistant to attack. Also, with the help of a special code you can choose the character-helper yourself.


The available characters in total are 21 counting also the hidden characters.
  • Spider-Man
  • Captain America (Avengers)
  • Hulk (Avengers)
  • Wolverine (X-Men)
  • Venom (Spider-Man)
  • Gambit (X-Men)
  • War Machine (Iron Man / Avengers)
  • Ryu (Street Fighter)
  • Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
  • Zangief (Street Fighter)
  • Mega Man
  • Jin Saotome (Cyberbots)
  • Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
  • Strider HiryÅ« (Strider)
  • Captain Commando

Hidden characters

  • Golden War Machine (Iron Man / Avengers): It is a version of War Machine golden color very slow but with a defense that has the ability of super armor activated permanently.
  • Red Venom (Spider-Man): It is a version of Venom of red color with much less vitality but being the fastest character of the video game. Many fans confuse him with Carnage.
  • Orange Hulk (Avengers): A Hulk with a gameplay more similar to the one that had the same character in the videogame Marvel Super Heroes. In the most recent years many fans confuse him with Rulk.
  • Lilith-Mode Morrigan (Darkstalkers): It's actually Morrigan with the powers of Lilith. They change some attacks and Hyper Combos.
  • Shadow Lady (Street Fighter): A dark version of Chun Li. Original character of this video game. It has many basic movements other than Chun-Li, just like its Hyper Combos are different.
  • Roll (Mega Man): The robot sister of Mega Man. Regarding gameplay is a noticeably weaker version of his brother.

Transformable characters

  • Ryu in Evil Ryu: Ryu with clothes and dark skin with the same special movements of Akuma. It is achieved by selecting Ryu with a combination of specific buttons (forward, down, back and HP).
  • Ryu in Ken: Ryu but with the same clothes and special moves of Ken. It is achieved by selecting Ryu with a combination of specific buttons (forward, down, back and MP).
  • Zangief in Mech Zangief: It is achieved by selecting Zangief with a combination of specific buttons (down, back, down, back and LK).

Invokable characters

  • Marvel Characters:
  • Cyclops (X-Men)
  • Colossus (X-Men)
  • Iceman (X-Men)
  • Jubilee (X-Men)
  • Juggernaut (X-Men)
  • Magneto (X-Men)
  • Psylocke (X-Men)
  • Rogue (X-Men)
  • Storm (X-Men)
  • Thor (Avengers)
  • U.S. Agent (Avengers)
  • Sentinel (X-Men, hidden character)

Characters of Capcom

  • Arthur (Ghost 'n Goblins)
  • Anita (Darkstalkers)
  • Lou (Three Wonders)
  • Michelle Heart (Legendary Wings)
  • Princess Devilotte (Cyberbots)
  • Pure & Fur (Capcom World 2)
  • Saki (Quiz Nanairo Dreams)
  • Ton Pooh (Strider)
  • Unknown Soldier (Forgotten Worlds)
  • Shadow (Street Fighter, hidden character, is a dark version of Charlie / Nash)