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Powerslave (PS1)

Powerslave PSX
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Metroidvania, Shooter
Setting: Africa, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Playmates Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Lobotomy Software
Released: 1997
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

This game is a replenishment of the collection of corridor insurgents for the PlayStation system, and the replenishment is very good. When this game first appeared on Saturn, it did not attract much attention at first; well, another double Doom. Nevertheless, the game makes a very good impression and is one of the best games for the PlayStation in this genre. Space aliens many years ago attacked the Earth and stole the mummy of the once powerful Pharaoh Ramses. But this seemed to them little, and they scattered six magical items of great power in the Karnak valley. And now you have to figure out this case, find the objects and track down these mishapak creatures. Well, Ramses, so let him rest in peace.

Throughout the game, you will have to acquire new weapons (your collection is simply gorgeous) and special abilities in the fight against supernatural forces. Unlike the famous game Doom, here you can and should return to the levels already passed to once again to explore them. Well, of course, desperate shooting on monsters, which in the game is enough.

The graphics here are distinctive, with slightly muted light effects and a "fish eye" when approaching objects. Sound accompaniment and music are chosen very professionally. In the control system, everything is fine, except, perhaps, performing jumps; you can never be sure that you will land safely.

Your main goal in the game is to find and collect six magical items in the Karnak Valley. And each gives you a new ability and power!

Plus, you can get your main weapon as a reward when you collect enough The Team Dolls, (about Team Dolls read below) two magic Mode's. Dolphin Mode - gives you the opportunity to rush in water and under water at great speed, to make puzzling jumps, while Eagle Mode - will allow you to "find wings" and fly anywhere! With such opportunities, the search for the remaining The Team Dolls will become even more exciting.

The action takes place in the valley of Karnak Valley, and most of the 22 levels have more than one outlet! Some exits can only be detected with the help of magic items, if you can find them during the game. The spirit of Pharaoh Ramses will help you, and as you find magical objects, the plot of the game will evolve more and more interesting.

When you finally find all six magic items, you might think that the game is over. After all, you have passed all levels and defeated the main enemy! But there it was, and you still have to work hard to get the title Exhumed Master! So, for example, you will need to assemble all parts of the radio transmitter that are scattered across the Karnak valley. If you succeed, then ... see for yourself what will happen.

Well, like, and the game ended. Found all the magic items, assembled radio transmitter - what else? On all levels are hidden little mummies (The Team Dolls) with the faces of programmers who developed the game Powerslave (Exhumed)! They are hidden in the most inaccessible places and on each level (in the version for Saturn there were only a few). If you cope with this, you will receive three bonus games, and even more!

I think that you have a great entertainment. The graphics look fresh and original, the sound is excellent, the controls are also at altitude, and the design levels deserve every respect for the imagination of the developers. An excellent game!


  • There are more than one outlet at some levels. But you can get to many exits only when you acquire some magic items.
  • To deal with deadly piranhas, use a machete and start to wave it; these dangerous fish will be like swam themselves under the blade.
  • Be attentive to colorless spots on the walls. Throwing a grenade at such a spot, you, as a rule, will find a passage to the secret territory.
  • If you are going to jump over some dangerous substance, make sure that the corridor has a sufficient height; otherwise the jump may fail.

Magic Objects


In addition to weapons, you can use various ancient objects (Aptifacts), which have magic power. If, of course, you can find them, but you will have to find them, they are the main goal in the game, to find and collect six magical "items" in the Karnak valley is absolutely necessary. And each will give you a new power! Here they are:
  • Sandals of Ikumptet. You can jump on high buildings with one jump! And climb on such heights, which previously did not dream.
  • Mask of Sobek. If usually you can stay under water only a fraction of a minute, now your abilities will increase 20 times!
  • Shawl Isis. It is very useful if you fall from somewhere. Just hold the jumping button and smoothly plan, like a feather.
  • Protective Anidets. It's true - wonderful assistants, will protect you from fiery lava and poisonous marshes.
  • Kilmaat Sceptre. It is very useful, if on the way there will be an insurmountable obstacle. The scepter will destroy it or make a passage.
  • Horus Feather. It's just a total buzz - a real levitation apparatus! You can soar in the air - no gravity.


The collection of weapons in the game is simply gorgeous, but you will start the game with an ordinary Machete. Of course, very soon you will find a variety of modern weapons, as well as powerful magical Egyptian "gadgets":
  • Machete - Deals terrible wounds, but you need to get close to the enemy. And speed is not a bullet. Excellent weapons in the fight under the water.
  • Pistol - This will be your first find - and for starters not bad. Although it shoots "slow", and weak. Do not worry, at the beginning of the game - this is what you need!
  • M-60 - These are weapons, so weapons! In all cases of life - both powerful and rapid. Your enemies will not do well. Just watch for enough ammo.
  • Amun Bomb - In the course of the game these bombs help to "clear" large rooms, but can be useful in finding various "secrets".
  • Flamethrower - And it looks great and works even better. Not only strikes enemies, but also floods them with fire when trying to escape.
  • Cobra Staff - Shoots flying magical snakes that explode on hit. They are quite accurate, but the damage is rather weak - the power is small. Can be used under water - especially against a pack of piranhas.
  • Ring of God Ra - This ring allows you to shoot small exploding fireballs directly from your palms! Especially cool, if the enemy surrounded you. Useful weapons.
  • Manacle - "Ultimate" weapon! The longer you load it, the more powerful "lightning" flies out of your hands! A very accurate weapon, you will get - it will not seem a little!
Plus, you can get this weapon as a reward (when you collect a fair amount of The Team Dolls, these are dolls of the game developers team), two magic Mode's, with such opportunities the search for the remaining The Team Dolls will become even more fascinating:
  • Dolphin Mode - will give you the opportunity to rush in water and under water at a tremendous speed, to make puzzling jumps.
  • Eagle Mode - will allow you to "find wings" and fly anywhere
If you managed to finish successfully the game, do not rush to switch to the Soul Blade or Tomb Rider. Still have time. And better try to deal with another secret of this wonderful game. You will find pupae depicting the members of the team who developed Exhumed. They are scattered at different levels, more precisely, one pupa at a level. Find 10 pieces, and get a special gift. Try to find the pupae yourself, but if you can not find which ones, then use our tips. But where? Here it is necessary to find them:
  1. Sobek Pass. Blast the Amun Bomb wall above the door in the first room. See the switch that opens the secret door. Enter the room Symbol of the Earth.
  2. Sobek Mountain Shrine. When you get to the lava-filled area, blow up the wall behind the first floating platform.
  3. Magma Fields. Blast the left side of the bridge in the first room, find the switch and the shaft. Activate the switch and swim down to the bottom of the shaft. Before you reach the bottom, blow up the floor and continue the journey deeper. There you will find a chrysalis.
  4. Set Arena. When you reach a room with two columns, destroy them with Amun Bomb. Now destroy the far wall, you will see the hidden door. Zaprygnite on a small column and turn around. Below blast the wall (behind the power-up), find the switch. Activate it, the door will open, and you can go to the doll.
  5. Tomb of Ramses. End Game. Let's say that you found all the parts of the transmitter. Look closely at the "spot" on the wall to the left, before you get to the helicopter. This passage will lead you to two switches and several elevators. Remember that you must have a full Amun Bomb ammo. Do not waste them if you are counting on finding pupae. One of the blocks near the elevator, in fact, is the door. If you destroy it, you can not get to the chrysalis.
  6. Sunken Palace of Khnum. As soon as you find the Symbol of Power and slip through the high doors (before they slam), look for a small room that opens up power-up. Destroy the wall (behind the power-up), find the switch. Activate it, open the dark section of the wall near the exit from the level.
  7. Canyong of Chaos. On one of the spans of the bridge (above the head) you will see a suitable place for breakthrough. Move longer through the wreckage. In order not to perish from the deadly rays of blue lasers, lie face down on the floor and crawl on.
  8. Kilmaat Haunt. After this, decompose the six artifacts on the respective graves, take only Sandals and Leggings. Now go back to the room where there is an obelisk and two power-ups. The door on the left is now open. Zaprygnite on the force field and will be able to get a doll.
  9. Horus Peak. When the pillars collapse, make your way to the far side of the lava waterfall and blow this lava to the devil's grandmother.
  10. Hile Gorge. To find, finally, a doll, just jump to your favorite camel at the end of the level. Then you will see it.
  11. Tomb of Ramses: Start Game. In the room (where the switch is), blow up the wall just above the crumbled plaster. Go through the break and dive into the water. Destroy the cross at the top of the well and back out. Finally, blow up the wall with a fresco.
  12. Heket Marsh. Amun Bomb blow up a large column in the final room (where a camel is prescribed). Now swim for the doll.
  13. Karnak Sunctuary. In the middle of the swamp there is a bridge, on it there is a power-up. Blast the wall under the bridge, then go to the water, dive and turn off the switch. Follow along the path before you dive out of the water and find the chrysalis.
  14. Kilmaat Colony. Go into the room where there are four strangers, a small pool and the door is a symbol of time. Exit through the door to the room with a stranger and a small puddle of lava. Destroy the wall and enter. Then swim for the doll. Now you can activate Vultur Mode.
  15. Karnrk. Go to the big waterfall. Bomb the bomb above it, jump up and take the chrysalis.
  16. Cavern of Peril. Blast the wall at the end of the level (do not damage the camel!) And press the switch. Go back to the bridge at the beginning of the level (there previously unattainable power-up).
  17. Amun Mines. Go into the room where you previously found Amun Bombs. Blast the ceiling between the supports and up behind the doll.
  18. Deserted Slave Camp. Go through the octagonal room, then look into each meeting room and find the passage upward. Pupa outside.
  19. Selkis Path. Before you reach the lava, look up. Fly upstairs - and your doll.
  20. Thoth Reliquary. At the end of the level, blow up the podium where the Leggings were found (do not forget the camel!). Then go down - there's a doll.
  21. Selkis Burrow. Destroy a large column at the base of the spiral staircase. Press the switches. Blow up the ladder. Press the second switch. Go up the stairs to the top and blast the gap between the stairs. Enter the tunnel, go to the end, fly up. Here's the doll.
  22. Set Palace. Bomb the bomb under the first bridge. And then quickly for the doll.
  23. Kilmaat Arena. Near the platform that leads to the body of Pharaoh Ramses (what kind of body is a thousand-year-old mummy!), Find (if you are careful) a stationary (!) Platform leading to the last doll. Take the chrysalis and run to the mummy of Ramses.

Misc. Codes

  • While playing press Circle, R1, R2, Right, Square, L1, L2, Left Better Flying;
  • While playing press Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Circle, Circle Better Swimming;
  • At the world map menu press Circle Decrease Items;
  • At the world map menu press Square + Select Increase Items;
  • At the world map screen press Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Right, Down, Up, Left on controller 2.