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Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PS1)

MKT, Mortal Kombat Trilogy PS1
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person, Side view
Gameplay: Arcade, Fighting
Published by: Midway
Developed by: Avalanche Software LLC
Released: 1996
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), Nintendo 64 (N64), DOS

Mortal Kombat Trilogy - a collection of all fighters from all other versions of the game (MK, MK2, MK3 and Ultimate MK3), plus several new fighters and new techniques. This is a wonderful gift for fans of the series - at least until the release of the 3D version - Mortal Kombat 4.
Impressively looks the title screen with 32 characters! These are the heroes of MK3 (including new fighters added for Ultimate MK3 and three secret fighters) plus four bosses from the early MK series, plus Baraka and Raiden from MK2, plus new characters - Ryan and Nub Saibot. But that's not all. In fact, at the start you have four more characters available: by highlighting Raiden, Kano, Kun Lao or Jax, you can transform them into earlier versions! In these initial versions, all the old tricks have been saved for them (and new ones have been added). For example, Kano, according to MK1, can still wrest from the opponent a heart from his chest and simultaneously has an impressive new technique with a knife; Raiden from MK1 can send air torpedoes, Jax from MK2 - air fireballs, etc. Finally, in the trilogy there is at least one new secret fighter. Total - 37 characters!
  • Baraka - one of the most popular characters MK2 - again returned to the screen. Now he can not only cut his opponents with his own hands-blades and throw sparks, but also to make attacks with his hand forward, and also spinning on the screen with a top.
  • Noob Saibot. In versions MK2 and 3, this black ninja was a secret rival, now they can be played. He can send his double to the rival, teleport the enemy and throw him into the air, and also use the fireball to paralyze the attack or block the opponent for a few seconds.
  • Johnny Cage - another character, thrown out of the versions of MK3, and now got a whole new look. He retained his basic blows and acquired a couple of new ones, but, unfortunately, lost the energetic reception of the Package Check.
  • "Chameleon is a secret character!" (How to play for a strange fighter - see below). Every few seconds he seems to dissolve in the air and again appears as a new ninja, still able to conduct all the old tricks! So, if you have learned all the tricks for all ninja fighters, you can play for Chameleon, constantly misleading your rivals!
  • Rhine was in UMK3 pseudo character and appeared only in the intro video. Now it is a real fighter with all the main types of receptions. In particular, with his circular kick, he can first throw an opponent on one side of the screen, and then transfer it to another.
  • Raiden - God of Thunder from the first two series. Now he returns with a new weapon - Teleport, Torpedo Dive and Lightning Bolt. And now he can throw lightning back, deep into the screen and behind the opponent's back!
And other old acquaintances, as a rule, acquired new qualities, and some even learned new finishing techniques. A new interesting circular movement appeared in Kano: he sets off around the screen, bouncing off walls and floor. Scorpio lost his previous reception Fatality with a lot of punches, but got a new one: his giant fiery hand is squashing the opponent on the floor! The sector learned to send a double shell to carry out a combination of two strokes. And in Sub-Zero in the Mask appeared a second reception Fatality - Ice peak!
In addition to the main characters, you can also manage four "bosses." They differ in that they do not conduct chain combinations and finishing techniques, like others, but each blow is truly shattering. And they have some new techniques:
  • Goro has now fallen into the number of available characters. He still has his famous fireballs and girths, and in addition acquired an attack using four hands.
  • Kintaro, the boss of MK2, can spit fireballs, jump on the opponent with a capture and beat from afar. Like other bosses, he can at any time conduct a Taunt (tantalizing reception).
  • Motaro, the sub-boss of the MK3, has retained all his initial techniques - teleporting, fireballs, grips and pancakes - oh in general remains the most dangerous rival.
  • "Shao Kahn, the big boss, can still beat his enemies with his beater, which he mysteriously pulls out of his pants, fireballs, and carry out new captures and pancakes in combination with new throws!
The new version also includes all the sites and furnishings used in the previous four versions. Some of them, however, have undergone some changes. For example, Shao Kang now sits on the throne in the Kung Fu arena of MK1 instead of Shan Zhong. Pit Fatalities techniques can be performed in all the original arenas, except for Pit II (this would require too much effort of the animators). And if you can not remember how each of these fighters spends this fight, then fight at the initial level of Pit - and just hit the opponent with an uppercut to finish him off!
What else can you add? Now, along with such final tricks as Fatality, Friendship, Babality and Animality, each fighter can perform Brutality - an unusually long and complex combination in which the speed of movement increases to such an extent that the opponent literally explodes and leaves horns and legs remain! But if you used to have difficulties even with mastering Fatality, then you will not be able to learn how to perform Brutality! And one more interesting innovation - Agressor Bar: the more aggressively you fight, the faster it grows, and if you break through the blocking of the enemy, it fills up very quickly. When the whole word is displayed on it, the letters will start flashing, and for your fighter a certain shadow will appear, meaning that for a few seconds it has become much stronger. A useful innovation that quickly sifts out those players who spend a lot of time on endless locks.