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Mega Turrican (SEGA)

Mega Turrican SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Data East USA
Developed by: Factor 5 GmbH
Released: 1994
Platforms: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, Amiga

What happens if you try to mix different games, for example, Contra and Super Mario? You will answer that it turns out nonsense, and in general you will be right. But at the very beginning of the 90s, a very good Turistican came out on the SEGA Mega Drive console (in some countries the game was called Universal Soldier), which became an exception to the general rule. In the game, young fighter Bren McGuire appeared in a powerful cybercost of his own assembly "Turrican", which allowed the hero to repel alien aggression.

A couple of years later, the same enemy, nicknamed Machine, with hordes of robots, unexpectedly captured the Earth, defeating the forces of the United Planet Free Forces (UPFF), and the future for the earthlings promised very bleak prospects. Bren received a request from UPFF for help, while on the screen saw a young very beautiful and tear-stained girl. There were no other heroes, and Bren decided to act on his own again, using his very intensified cyber-suit. Cutscenes resembles a manga-style drawing, and music in the game deserves the highest score.

Character control

- shooting - button B;
- jump - button C. If you hold the joystick jam held ↑ while jumping, "Turrikan" curls into the wheel and rolls in the right direction, reflecting the majority of enemy attacks. Simultaneously pressing В, you will let out powerful bombs. But the bombs and the "wheel" consume energy, so do not get carried away;
- clutching A, aim at the right place, then, releasing A, you will release the plasmouvevku. This technique allows you not only to get into hard-to-reach places, but also to dodge some enemies;
- button X - use smart bombs, resort to them only in special cases.
The energy of the costume is shown in the upper right part of the screen, the timer is located in the center from the top. Do not keep within the allotted time - you will lose one life of the character. The game consists of five stages.



Bren landed in the rear of the enemy, on the territory of the biological laboratory. All around scurry small robots, who can fly, but almost harmless. They can be shot, and also jump on them from above, like Mario. In large flasks there are creatures, similar to giant turtles, but with six paws. "Shestilapov" and other enemies can only be shot. The great creatures of the beast, when they notice you, curl up into a wheel and begin to roll along the floor. Until they turn around, even a smart bomb is useless. The mouths of guns spit out one shot at a time, and healthy cyborgs in green armor. Life is colored gray containers. Having broken them by a shot, we find different prizes:
- red ball - shooting along the fan track, as in the game Contra;
- green ball - laser. Powerful shots in a straight trajectory;
- white ball - "ricochet". In addition to the line on the straight up and down, a pair of energy clusters, in addition to ricochet from the walls, fly out;
- heart - aura, restores the energy of "Turrikana";
- mini-missile - added to conventional weapons, periodically fired and homing;
- a green curl, similar to the letter "E", creates around the character of the energy field with full protection;
- miniturrican - an additional life.
On this and all other levels for an unknown purpose scattered diamonds, the number of picked up by you for some reason is summarized at the end of the stage. When you reach the sub-boss - an orange worm that does not cause you any special problems, all of you be more attentive. Go up and collect everything you can, go down the elevator, then jump on it and immediately jump off it. The lift will go back up, and you, jumping into the hole under it, will find two right and left secrets. Then gently jump over the swinging platforms, and after descent pass the "flamethrower" corridor, where the platforms, if they do not jump off in time, can crush you on the ceiling. At the end of the first zone there is a descent on a large lift to the interior of the planet under the continuous attempts of "six-laps" to land Bren on the head, so that the weapon is preferable to "ricochet". The second zone is secret, the lift will be delivered to it if at the end of the score counter you have two zeros. In the third zone you will get either after passing the second zone, or immediately after the first. The boss level will amuse. Above it, a pink little group is setting itself up, which will let out in various places the jaws spewing out fiery placers, and whitish "glimpses," along which it is necessary to shoot. Use the plasmo-rope on the platform above the boss to jump on time to the other side, and a clean victory is secured. After the stage you will see the statistics screen with the number of diamonds found and missed and lives.

Water and crabs

Twist to the left and behind the pipe you will find a protection, with which, without sobbing, run to the right. Robots are now able to shoot, they can shoot down one of the failures, but most of all at the stage will be crab crabs that let in bubbles that Brene has to shoot for a long time. Many sites rotate around their axis, if you stay a little longer, from time to time water flows fall down, and the energy of the suit is tightened.
But here the level of liquid has sharply increased, and "Turrikan" demonstrates a new ability - to swim in the water. Try to use pontoon boats more often, as the fish beat around themselves with an electric current. The second half of the stage is completely underwater. Orange shells periodically shoot jellyfish. A thin white cuttlefish briskly attack you. The level boss is a huge octopus. The only vulnerable place is his eyes. Move around the enemy counter-clockwise, shooting at the right time. After the victory, Bren emerges up to the surface of the planet. If you played on an easy level of complexity, then you will not be allowed to go further and will be asked to replay at a more complex level.

Landfill in the countryside

Bren goes to the secret base of the enemy, hidden under a suburban dump. First you have to fly on airmobiles, in time jumping from platform to platform under them. You will be hindered by heaps of flying robots, and airmobiles have a habit at the end of their journey to drop the platform. But Bren landed, and you'll see how heavily the base is guarded. It is at this stage that the greatest number of bosses are.
Almost immediately after landing, you are attacked by a large steel flying fist, trying to slam you from above. Try not to stand under it. If, after the flight, the fist freezes in the air, jump near and shoot, the enemy is struck from either side. After the ascent with an abundance of robots and galloping balls, a flying machine appears, gliding along the ground and periodically launching a fan of bullets. Finding Bren, she with joyful spinning starts three powerful energy cluster. If you do not stand still, then the enemy is easy. The third boss is made of garbage, the upper part of the hull is vulnerable. Try to stay close to him, as the vrazhina periodically jumps on the screen, and you will easily slip under him. After going through the stage, jump with a plasmoverey-ki on the balcony and jump to the left. Find a secret place with additional lives. Do not miss another balcony. After you will meet a wedge, periodically launching a flamethrower and waving a tremendous magnet, knocking off your missiles. If you have enough energy of a suit, jump at the moment when the magnet is lifted, to the cockpit of the pilot and shoot at point-blank range, not stinging at the same time on smart bombs.

After the wedge there will be another flying machine, and then the turn of the boss of the level, the garbage sorter, will come. Immediately pull on the plasmouveveke from the right side of the sorter and shoot the manipulator. Simple, is not it?

Its among strangers

Hello to Comrade Raptor, he simply adores these creatures. On this secret base the enemy grows those very "aliens", intending to use them in the war. An eerie place, mucus dripping around, small creatures scurrying, similar to a fellow from Alien 3. Giant flyers, very tenacious. From the cocoon eggs, when approaching, the larvae try to cling to Bren in the head. Quickly press the joystick left and right to reset the larva, and you can shoot both eggs and press in a jump. The next part of the journey takes place by train. It is a very difficult stage, since from the roofs of the wagons the fire streams periodically erupt and small strangers are worn, so it is very easy to fall between the carriages. You'll have to jump on the ledgers closer to the end of the road, then you will be greeted by a green muzzle floating in the air. Twice she will release spiked chitinous balls in Bren, and then she will spit with plasma clots, which, however, it is easy to dodge. Not so difficult boss, how difficult is the way to it. The third part of the stage is similar to the first one. At the end, Bren discovers a huge female alien. Try not to run into the tail of the creature, when you dodge spitting from the jaws of the female and other her attacks. Shoot her face, after your victory a terrible plan for using strangers in the seizure of the Earth will fail.

The Last Battle

Here is the plant where the Machine is setting up the production of combat robots and cyborgs. Check the walls for secret passages. Do not get under the press, just crush it. The first boss is the security system. Two guns are circling around in a circle, firing in the center. It seemed more convenient to me to jump off the conveyor to the left and shoot them from there, since enemy shots had hardly reached me. After, during the descent, do not miss the secret passage in the wall to the right. Then to meet you will be a huge robot, similar to the usual ones, which we met since the beginning of the game, but several times the size. Waiting for him to stop, go behind, jump on his back and shoot the control unit sticking out from above. After climbing up the platforms to the top, on the left under the uppermost gun you will find the secret passage. The last guard looks like a boss from Super Probotector to SNES. Gigantic hands will lift the hangar door, revealing a huge steel skull. Then metal parts will fall from above, and from the eye sockets of the skull energy sprays will fly in you. At the right moment, roll into the wheel, run a bomb's skull under the eye sockets, and the enemy quickly calms down. Here is the Machine itself. First, a giant head will hang in the center of the screen. From the eyes a pair of laser beams flies out from time to time (from them it is easy to dodge), and from the mouth, along which it is necessary to shoot, two self-guided and hard-to-shoot energy clusters will be produced. It is already more difficult, but you can do it. When you get your head off, the main enemy will appear in person. He teleports from left to right, then to the center and again appears to the left, launching a green plasma balloon, robustly taking away energy when hit, and a bomb jumping with a series of explosions on the screen. But the boss is shot in any part of the body, so after spending a few smart bombs and lives, you quickly destroy the enemy now finally.

Thanks to the courage of Bren, the world returned to the galaxy again. Together with the rescued beauty Yuko, with whom McGuire spoke at the beginning of the game, our hero met the first peaceful dawn. The planet from which the enemy arrived the second time was installed, but not explored, and Bren had to go on it with a mission to inflict a foreign preemptive strike and to protect the world from the danger of a new war. The final movie that tells about these events turned out to be very simple, but the final melody, which, by the way, is not in the options of the music test, simply fascinated me.