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Ghost in the Shell (PS1)

Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, 3rd-person
Gameplay: Arcade, Shooter
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi
Vehicular: Mecha / Giant Robot
Published by: THQ Inc.
Developed by: Exact, Production I.G
Released: 1997
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

I think that everyone has already guessed that we are dealing with nothing else than with a virtually duma-like game. True, lovers of close labyrinths and other enclosed spaces are unlikely to be happy, since most of the action takes place in the fresh air. Battles are fought among a typical urban-futuristic landscape, which is characterized by interesting views and full three-dimensionality. Although, perhaps, the picturesque can be called only with a stretch, but three-dimensionality - the mosquito of the nose does not undermine.

It's just amazing and gameplay. In addition to simple actions, you can crawl on walls, move strictly in the left or right direction, shoot, throw grenades and jump. It would seem how much time you spend before you learn how to move professionally! But no, the management is extremely simple, and it's enough even a little time to make you feel like a fish in the water. Or like Motoko Kusanagi in Fukoshima ...

Again about the visual side of the game. If I was asked what is Ghost In The Shell - 3D-Action from the first person or from the third one, I would be in great difficulty. A somewhat unusual look from the first person behind and slightly above (or quite the reverse). But this originality does not interfere in the process of the game, and besides, it distinguishes Ghost In The Shell against the background of classic shooters. Graphic drawback is only some absolutely inexpressive palette, but otherwise the best traditions of the good old genre are supported.

In general, the game leaves a pleasant impression, one thing is not clear, why did developers need to address the film. Ghost In The Shell is not bad by itself; a few more ideas and ... you could shoot a movie on the plot of the game.


  1. Your mechanical spider tank has a very big advantage over opponents. His laser cannon and missiles have a greater range of damage than the weapons of enemies. Use this advantage in combat to reduce the damage dealt to you. You can fire at enemies, and they will not even see you. This property is especially useful in recent missions where the enemy attacks large groups and direct contact with it is fraught with heavy losses for you.
  2. You will also have to learn slip maneuver. I advise you to shoot before starting the game in training missions in order to not lose control and be more confident in combat. The maneuver in itself is very simple. To do this, hold the sliding key in the right or left side and the turn key in the opposite direction from the slip. For example, you slide to the right and simultaneously turn to the left side. As a result, you spin around the enemy, keeping it under the gun at all times, which allows you to guide the enemy fire, while he spins convulsively in one place, trying to aim at you. Such a maneuver you can destroy most of the opponents, without causing yourself the slightest harm.
  3. Use weapons more often than missiles. Possessing the same power as grenades, they have such an advantage as never-ending, which is very important with a large accumulation of large combat vehicles. To fire a missile, hold down the fire control button, and after a while, the energy will begin to accumulate to launch the missiles. As soon as the missile number icons begin to appear on the energy scale, release and then quickly press the shot button. Homing missiles will fly and get the enemy, even if it came out from under your sight.
  4. A certain number of points is given for the passage of the mission. This number consists of several indicators. The first indicator is the number of enemies: the more you destroy them, the more points. The next indicator is calculated relative to the integrity of your energy armor. If you complete a mission with a full a protective screen, a protective screen, then for this you are credited with five thousand points. The last figure is the number of grenades carried to the end. For each grenade is charged for ten thousand points, so try to collect at the level of all the grenades and do not spend them on the bosses.