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Mario Kart 64 (N64)

Mario Kart 64
Genre: Racing / Driving
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade, Vehicle Simulator
Vehicular: Automobile, Track Racing
Published by Nintendo of America
Developed by: Nintendo EAD
Released: 1997

The second part of the Mario Kart series is a racing game. The environments are 3D, while karts, items etc. have been realized as sprites. The game can be played with up to four players. All 16 routes are varied. On one the player is made to slide, in a desert one is hit by the train, in Toads Turnpike one overruns vehicles not involved in the race and in the jungle one jumps over a steamer. In addition, there are many more features. Well-known locations such as Bowser's Castle and Princess Toadstool's Super Mario 64 Palace are also featured. There are also four Battle routes, one in the form of a donut with lava in the middle, one with four different colored plateaus, a four-storey platform and finally a space-like design on a platform. You can only drive the Mario Grand Prix in pairs, with 3 and 4 players, the Nintendo 64 would likely have had performance problems.

Game modes

Single player

In single-player mode, the user plays against up to seven computer-controlled opponents. The player has the choice between the following game modes:
  • Grand Prix: Here the player can drive in three different displacement classes (50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc) as well as in extra class, whereby in the extra class the distances are mirrored. There are four cups (Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special) with four tracks each. It is driven against seven computer-controlled opponents. At the end of a cup, the player receives a trophy depending on the points scored: (bronze, silver or gold). For each of the difficulty levels the best scored cup is saved.
  • Time Trial: Here the player drives a racetrack alone and without items. Equipped with three mushrooms, it is best to set the best time on one of the 16 courses. His rank can be seen in the menu under Data. In addition, you can watch his ride under Replay again.


Two players also have a Grand Prix race available. With three and four players not more. In addition, there are the following multiplayer competition modes:
  • Versus Race: In this mode, only the players compete against each other. The tracks are selected by themselves, and after each completed round the player sees his statistics.
  • Battle / Ballooning: Each player has three balloons and must try with items to burst the balloons of his opponents to burst. A balloon also explodes when a player crashes. After a player loses his three balloons, he becomes a bomb, allowing his opponent to take a balloon - this is only available in three-player / four-player mode. The winner is the player who last min. has a balloon left. The fights will not take place on the Grand Prix circuits, but on dedicated arena routes. There are a total of four arenas in which the battles take place.


Mario Kart 64 is controlled by the Nintendo 64 Controller. The following applies here:
A=The A button increases the speed. When you press R + A, you drift.
B=With the B-button you brake the kart, at standstill you drive backwards.
R=You drift with the A button. Other function: You jump up slightly, better turn in turns.
Z=Take the item with the Z button and insert it.
L=There you can make the music louder or softer. (3 volume differences)
C=With the C-button you can see how fast you drive. You also have an overview of all the drivers. (Since only the first 4 places are shown at the start).