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BC Racers (3DO)

BC Racers 3DO
Genre: Racing / Driving
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade, Fighting
Vehicular: Automobile, Track Racing
Published by: LG Electronics Inc.
Developed by: Core Design Ltd.
Released: 1995
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, SEGA 32X

Automobile race of the Stone Age (literally "BC" means "before the birth of Christ"). The game allows you to select racers (eight pairs) and demonstrates the circuit of the route, points showing your position and rivals on it. The game is easy to manage, very well traced. When you get bored with gas, drive around, read the ads on the road, look at the faces of the fighters, admire the dinosaurs on the lawn, the kangaroo with the inscription "Tahi." What there is not!


A - speed increase;
B - kick;
→, ← - turns.

Main menu

"Race Diffuculty" - the complexity of racing: Easy - Light, Medium - Medium, Hard - Complex, Rock Hard
Options - additional options. Here you can set, from top to bottom: the number of players, the number of laps in the race (from 4 to 8), the presence or absence of music and noise effects, carry out audio control. Lower line - exit from options menu
"Start" - the beginning of the game. You need to choose riders. Switching - → and ←. Receiving data about the machine - A ("Acce!" - acceleration, "Speed" -speed, * Energy "- energy intensity," Attack "- attacking ability, all on a ten-point system .The sum of four indicators for all teams is the same - 25). The choice of the command is PAUSE.
Sado and Sid have the best energy data, Grainit and Tina have the highest speed and acceleration, Brick and Gary are the owners of the best attacking abilities. Chunk and Junior are the leaders in speed, the Negroes Jimmy and Bob have no attacking data, but smooth and relatively high performance (8) in three other parameters. The abilities of Cliff and Roxy are evenly distributed over all four characteristics.