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Little Big Adventure (PS1)

LBA, Little Big Adventure PSX
Genre: Action, Adventure
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Adeline Software International
Released: 1996
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

Yes, this game was worth not to port the version for the PC, but to make your own version for the PlayStation! However, she lost nothing, but only acquired many new fans.
The planet Twinsun, as its name implies, has two suns that illuminate and heat it from the poles (practically independently of each other). And the coldest part of the planet, the most distant from the suns, is the equatorial one. This part is completely uninhabited, solid mountains and glaciers. However, in other areas the conditions are excellent, and there live four kinds of sentient beings: Quetcher, Rabbibunnies, Spheros and Grobos. And everything went well and calmly, until the diabolical dictator, Doctor FunFrock appeared, and began to rule the ball. From that moment on life went somersault. The doctor introduced himself to the nations as a savior, father of all and sundry, a "big brother" and a benefactor. He relocates everyone to the northern hemisphere and reigns in the Stalinist style - at every step there are guards and military men, the inhabitants are intimidated and oppressed. To have the faithful "oprichniki", the doctor uses the secret technology of cloning and releases the creatures of all four species. Teleportation points are set on the planet, and the doctor can always send his satraps to any place where it is troubled.
All the inhabitants of the world dream of equality and freedom. Among them, the ancient legend of the goddess Sendell, the goddess of good and justice, is being revived. But the doctor quickly realized and banned everything connected with Sendell, burying the people's dream of a free life. However, the main character - Twinsen - dreams to fly to the equator on the back of the dragon. What does it mean?
The game belongs to the genre Action / Adventure. Here are the items that need to be selected; enemies with whom we must fight; obstacles that need to be overcome, etc. And a terribly cute egghead bald-headed hero with a pony tail and large bulging eyes - he's from the "Quetch" race (they are more like people than others).
Graphically, the game is superb, the details are worked out very carefully. Animation is somewhat peculiar - Twinsen moves like a radio-controlled model, can turn its head in any direction, as well as walk.
This game stands apart in its genre. There are many innovations. To begin with, the player needs to solve a series of puzzles (in rooms). But to find the right solution, you need the appropriate MOOD! And Twinsen "has" four "moods:" Normal "," Athletic "," Aggressive "and" Discreet "(included with shoulder buttons) and it is vital to understand in what mood it is. So in the mood of "Discreet" ("cautious") Twinsen seems to be stalking her extravagant gait, raising her legs high in the air and gently placing them on the floor, her back curved like a mantis - well, it's just a miracle! In the mood "Athletic" he can run like a meteor, is able to dodge and escape from the armed to the teeth (but not very sensible!) Guards. In the mood of "Aggressive" he is able to fight with his fists like an inveterate street hooligan. The animations are so brilliant that it's hard to keep from admiring and laughing, watching Twinsen gingerly looking around from side to side (in a prudent mood) or, like, getting into the most dangerous places in the "athletic".
The game begins with the fact that the poor Twinsen is imprisoned in the cell of a strange madhouse - prison. And before you at once there is a question: in what mood "to be". In aggressive, i.e. kill the guard, jump on the platform, switch to athletic, have time to get rid of the orderly before he raises the alarm ... The ability to quickly switch "mood" depending on the task to be accomplished creates great additional gaming opportunities. Probably, this promising game direction will be developed in other games of this genre as well as related games. (A similar method of communicating the game character was reflected in Oddworld games, and in the game Sentient).
However, Twinsen also has a personal problem - to free his beloved wife from the clutches of dictatorial guards. Of course, switching "moods" to you will not be enough to solve all the problems of Twinsen, so try to find the magic ball (Magic Ball) in your house. It should just be thrown at the enemy and hoped for luck. However, each throw takes energy (and you do not throw very skillfully yet), so do not forget to replenish your energy supply from the small blue bottles you need to pick up during the game. Health is often "scattered" in the form of hearts, and other "gifts" - in a different form. But you quickly learn to distinguish between good and bad and understand what to take and what does not.
It seems that Dr. FunFrock sees you everywhere, and his faithful Rabbiclones and Groboclones are always ready with teleporters to get to you. It is best in the "athletic" manner to drag them from all the legs, or they will score to death or shoot. These biomechanical freaks of pity do not know. But this cruel, like, picture is made in such a witty and cheerful manner that even in the most "tragic" moments of the game, the smile does not come off the person. You have fun, interesting, I want to know what will happen next - what you need!