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Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller (3DO)

Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller 3DO
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi
Narrative: Adult, Detective / Mystery
Published by: GameTek
Developed by: Take-Two Interactive Software
Released: 1994
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, DOS

The game is made in the style of cyberpunk, which is understandable from the name of the game. The game is similar to the game Bloodnet, which the game has a reference. The game takes place in the dark in 2095. On the territory of the United States of America (USA), which at the moment is under the rule of the fascist theocracy, called itself "Hand of God". But unlike the fascists of the past, they managed to master astral knowledge and now they can send to hell all the criminals and rebels they dislike.
We have to play for the couple in love with Gideon Eshanti and Rachel Braque, agents of the Artificial Reality Containment (ARC) organization, which is responsible for keeping the ban on cybernetic technology in our and virtual reality.
Agents spend the night together, the moment they are attacked by a "scrub team" detachment of execution. After their destruction, Gideon Eshanti and Rachel Braque escape to Dante Scrivner - whose technological offender they have spared, and they are now in their debt. This is where the game begins, in which you can choose which agent you will play. In the course of the game you will dial a small team. You need to collect different items and solve puzzles. Be careful, one wrong move in hell and heroes can suffer.
In the version for 3DO unlike the version of MS-DOS full-screen FMV video.


A - if the pointer in an arbitrary place - send heroes to it- if the pointer is set on the character (picture-profile) - communicate with it- if the pointer (in the form of a hand of a skeleton) is installed on the object - take this object. Then it can be moved by joystick to a new location and again press A- if the pointer (in the form of a control panel) is installed on the hero - get help "Inventory" (tools at the disposal of the hero), the item can be moved to a new location and again press AC - get help on the character or the item on which the pointer is setC - call the menu, from left to right: 1) view the map (on it you can specify the item, its name will appear, if this item is accessible to you (backlight), you can move to it directly from the map), 2) repeat replicas (if you You can read the English phrases by ear, you can read them here, the submenu items are activated using C, selected with A, the output is reached by the "done" item), 3) apply, or 4) return the item (if it was previously selected with the A ), to believe (an object or character), the toolbar ("Inventory", here you can select the previously taken object, get a reference about it - "examine" or throw it - "drop", exit - C), game control (auxiliary menu, from top to bottom: save the game, restore, start a new one , options, titles, output). In the options you can enable or disable sounds, music, speech of characters, require text duplication of conversations ("text"). After changing the options settings, save the changes ("save").L - allows you to "sort through" all the characters and all the items on the screen


The "labyrinth" of the Hell world is so ramified that it is impossible to foresee your path in it. To the successful end are thousands of sequences of elementary actions. So the proposed passage is only one of the options, besides schematic. Maybe, acting in its own way. You will soon unravel the ball of the secrets of Hell. As for the above method, it relies on such a sequence of passage:Union Station / Dante's Apartment - Georgetown / Captain Jersey's Kitchen - Foggy Bottom / Entrance To Interface Hell The Mall / Voice Of God Radio -Judiciary Square / Phreakbeats Hangout - Union Station / Oscar Drexler's Apartment - McPherson Square / Gang Alley - Gallery Place / Chinatown / Pap Pap John's Comix Shop - McPherson Square / Gang Alley McPherson Square / Cybershop - Gallery Place / Chinatown / Aldous Xenon's Loft - The Pentagon / Pentagon Garage Office - Gallery Place / Chinatown / Aldous Xenon's Loft - Dupont Circle / British Embassy - The Pentagon / Pentagon Reception Area - Hell - Federal Triangle / Trangressions Entrance - Capitol South / Gnostic's Office -Georgetown / Psionic League Headquarters -Watergate / Eschatology, Inc. Offices - Arlington / Recurrection Unlimited - Federal Center SW / New Corporeal Biologies - Capitol South / Men's World Headquarters - McPherson Square / Gang Alley -Georgetown / Psionic League Headquarter - Foggy Bottom / Fitzgerald's Speakeasy - Georgetown / Psionic League Headquarters - Farragut North / Dean Sterling's Office - Union Station / Asmodeus' Porn Studio - Union Station / Dante's Apartment - L'Enfant Plaza / Capitol South / Gnostic's Office -Dupont Circle / British Embassy - Hell - Foggy Bottom / Entrance To Interface - The Mall / Voice Of God - Union Station / Dante's Apartment - Federal Triangle / Bureau Of Records - Federal Triangle / Trangressions Entrance - Federal Triangle Bureau Of Records - Arlington / Lee Mansion Guard Room -Dupont Circle / British Embassy - Hell - Federal Triangle Trangressions Entrance - Union Station / Dante's Apartment - The Pentagon / Pentagon Reception Area - Dupont Circle / British Embassy-Hell - The Pentagon / Pentagon Reception Area.

Talk to Dante

In his apartment and take away the spare key from the computer desk. Captain Jersey has the document "Scrublist". Enter the Interface, talk to Karl (Karl, the man behind the door, pay attention to the inscription on the door). Combining the first letters of each word. You will receive a SESAME password. Go through the interface hatch. Cinna Stone will join you. as soon as you talk to her.

Office Beauty

Before entering Mr. Beautiful's office (office on the left, away from the right - exit), talk to Scab Stevens (he is sitting at the bar counter, he should be taken to your team), with the one in front of the desk , with the Maindrunner (he is next to Stevens), with Sophia Bene (a girl sitting in the distance) and recruit her. Pay attention to the tips of Queen Chaos (the girl that sits on the stairs). After speaking with Abonides, you need a password, enter CONDEMNATION or CONDEMN. Agree to the work proposed by Beauty.
Once in Hell, take all the weapons and other items, talk to the demon Sanguinarius. If you took all the necessary items. You can kill him.
Hick Cannon, initially not telling you much, will come in handy in the future. He is an audio expert and will help solve one riddle. Do not take a fire extinguisher from the floor, it is not needed.
Talk with everyone you meet. However, communication with the leader of the local gang, Christopher Modesta is inevitable. Talk here with other people, pay attention to any information received. Entering the "House of Purification" (one of the local bandit groups, the door on the left), talk to Gracie Lovell.

Comic shop

Find out from Anna May, what kind ofher problem, the son-in-law turn on the computer. You will need a password. It can be installed by combining in one word the penultimate letters of the inscription on the screen. Press ENTER to clear the screen and enter the IMPERATOR password. Tell Anna that you coped with her little problem.

Cleansing Meetings

Here the girl takes comics from you and for this she promises to leave Drina and Electric Sex in peace. Talk to Lecturer Lector (right) and Frachie (left). On the question of Frachka answer positively - you will get the hundred thousand dollars you need. Go back and report the news to Gracie. Then go to the house of the "Seven Deaths" (building on the right). Twice talk to Electric Sex (Electric Sex, she lies on the couch), and then enter the meeting room of the Dead. (An alternative, but not entirely clear version of the game is to try and win a million dollars in horse racing.) Laura Profet can tell you where the bookmaker's office is located - in Racetrack Results Rooms.) Talk to Barbara Bacchus and Lanzhou Languo).

Cyber ​​Shop

Get copper tubings "tubings" and talk with Dr. Clean about the master key.

Aldous Xenon

You will receive an important programmable device, which then attach to the Solux machine.

On the forged documents of Sofia Bene

You will be able to pass on the fourth level: select "Forger Skill" and right click. Talk to the guard at the door, offer him your passport. Go through the garage and pick up the cart from the mechanic. You will need it to go through the gallery of arches in Arlington. Examine the lunchbox behind the car and pay attention to the name.

Return to the office and talk to the dispatcher

Key words in a conversation that you should say is the name of the mechanic JO BOYLE. Now go back to the garage and in the absence of Joe Boyle install the car device Aldous Xenon, but then talk to him.

How to penetrate the Pentagon?

Use the picklock and the automatic track after the duty officer at the Pentagon Control Service sends you to the office of Gen. Mangini. In other parts of the Pentagon, you can penetrate the same way. The key to the door is the office of Jean Saint Mouchoir (Jean Saint Mouchoir). When traveling to Hell, release the Getty Crystal, using the sword.

Computer Passwords

The password for protecting information on the office computer is GOD'S JUSTICE. Later, you will need other computer passwords: the Citizens Freedom Front (CFF) - FOGGY BOTTOM, the Government employees - HELL PIT, the Gneo-Gnostics and the Psionic League Eschatology Inc. - - DEAN STERLING.

What to do in religious sects?

In the office of the Gnostics, talk with prof. Coronary, and in the next room with Wickersham Dodge and Daniel. At the headquarters of the Psionic League, talk to Susie Toast; in the eschatological company - with the many-armed Hercule Rue Des Couers and Christy Abraxis.


In Arlington you will find yourself in front of a stupid sequence of arches. Using a previously stored cart. You will be able to reach the other end of the corridor. Do not fall into the rays of the alarm. It's not easy, so first save the game. If you manage, explore the neighborhood. Possible finds. The Latin phrase on the chest of the corpse ("Vocabuluni est acqurier. Ominus venire ab genitor.") Will prompt the solution of the puzzle.

Federal Center

You will find a lot of useful things, however, as it seems to us, only an electromagnet can help (they are later affected by a sheet of parchment), as well as a large and small goblet. Use "Rig Skill" by Stevenson and talk to Brewer.
Try to poison beer in the refrigerator, when you start talking with Mick. From McPherson Square, enter the "Meeting of the Seven Deaths" room and wait for Lanzhou. Ask him for the information you need, and the key to Dante's apartment (you should have picked it up at the very beginning) is Electric Electric Sex. She will tell you the password.

Van Ittea

Now go to Dolph van Ittea's room and turn on his computer. The access code you now know is BLOODNET. View all Dolph's files. Go back outside and tell Christopher about Dolph. Then talk to Parte Bene.

Susie Toast

Will be able to upgrade the thing you need, which, perhaps, will come in handy to you very soon, in the shelter.


Take an orange bottle of beer in the bar and talk to Milwaukee Jack-he's sitting in the corner, that's a killer. Then talk to Splits Magnola at the bar. When you need to create a panic, run a bottle of beer on the TV. Spend with Split to reverse it, abandon the services of Scub Stevens. In the Psionic League, talk to Susie Toast, and then - with Dan Sterling in his own office.In the Asmodeus porn studiotalk to Grinda Dove (the girl sitting on the table), Rutterkind (Rutterkind - a small demon in the feet of Grinda Dove) and Asmodeus. Returning to reality, talk to Dan Sterling and take the psycho-pomp lying on the floor. This is an excellent means of transportation. You enter an address, for example: GARAGE, and it delivers you wherever you need.

Again Latin

In the office of the Gnostics, talk with prof. Coronary, then go to the next room and talk to Daniel, Take from the computera scrap of note. The last Latin phrase is important. Come back and talk again with Coronari, he will tell you the key word - GESTIKULATE.


After the break-up with Senator Burr and her assistant, Katerina Goertz, use the psycho-pomp to get to the carrier of the souls of the dead Charon (his "postal" address is CHARON). Talk to the nice ferryman. Take the steel cover, and draw the acid from the container with a mug. In Zoo-Adu you will need a staff, a jug with food, a waterfowl, a bucket of water from Styx and keys to the zoo. Before the wall of the flame it is useful to talk with Prudence Alala. Use a steel cover to close the hole on the shaft through which steam escapes. In the field of Ice, a bucket of water from Styx is useful. Speak with Alice Trenton. You will have to decipher the verses. They need to find non-spelling letters. This is B, E, C, A and G. Click the button on the corresponding keys. In Infernal Dentistry, note what the demon is doing. You need what has the second number (N02) - the second tank, the second cartridge ...


In Mr. Beautiful's office, talk to the gangsters. Talk with Mr. Beautiful's head, if you want, but do not take it with you! Take a cue better, they can break a light bulb.PuzzleTo deal with the puzzle will help you talk with the devil. It is necessary to translate all numbers into letters (from R=23 to A-6, U=26, V=1) and find the name of the song or the name of the singer that correspond to the encrypted cjiob. Answer: E3 D9 E8.

God is dead

Nick Cannon will lose the cassette for you and you will hear the phrase recorded on it: "God is Dead".
More about computers
In the Bureau of the Federal Triangle Bureau, talk with Mr. Calcutta and Ms. Stinson. The words of Ms. Stinson contain the key to unraveling the computer access code. In the computer, look for the "Govement Operations" / "Massimo Eddy" section. As the access code specify - TRIANGLE. Another time you will be interested in the section "Govement Operations" / "Night of ...". The access codes are JEREMY VERDI and GESTICULATE.

How to get $ 1,000,000?

Massimo will tell you how to win a million dollars at the races. If you see an unlimited bet, put all the money on three horses: Win (43 to 1). Place (19 to 1) and Show (250 to 1).

Katerina Hertz

She will provide you several additional information about the hostages several times, although, perhaps, not immediately. In that case, return to it later.

Bone and stone

When you get a stone and a femur, connect them, they will be useful to you.

Why is Shivers afraid?

In the office of Thomas Meaculp, where you will once again be directed by the Pentagon on duty, turn on the computer and remember that the Shiver should be feared, as the Cry must grieve. In English this is stated as follows:Shudder is to fear as Crying is to Sorrow.Here is another trio of equally profound statements:Fan is to air conditioner as Keyboard is to Decking Unit; Suicide is to death as Embezzlement is to Wealth; Charon is to perdition as Freeways is to Los Angeles.


If you can get the necessary information from Thomas, return to the Pentagon's Control Service and from there directly enter the Pentagon prison. Grenade throw in the guard, destroy the camera mini-bomb (weapons Tsignna Stone).
Speak with Senator Wurr and Jeremiah Verdi. Give Jeremiah a note with the mathematical symbols that Massimo Eddie sent to you.

Useful tips for those who are in Hell

Faced with the infernal surprises of Charon, keep in mind the following. Against a gluttonous creature, stone and bone will suit. On the blade of Hell the circle of acid is useful. Give the mug with acid Gaku and take the cup with tar. With gears and other mechanisms of the Steel Plant, you can fight with a staff. On pitchers with water in the desert, operate the dental drill. To solve the puzzle at the hellish school. You need to define the base letter. All additions are counted from it to the end of the alphabet, and subtraction to the beginning. For example, in the first question, you should count: 1 + 1 + 15, +9 + 11 + 5 + 10 + 1 + 15, + 5 + 11 + 19 - 3. Selecting as the base "D" (the first unit), from the following codes you get: Des Moines Iowa. Other answers: Little Rock Arkansas and Helena Montana. In the throne room of Mephisto (Mephisto), having talked with him (without talking in Hell, you do not step), boldly engage in battle, and after winning, take his hand. In the Beelzebub throne room (Beelzebub) use a ladle with tar (you traded it for Guck), After defeating Beelzebub, take his wing. In the fight against Bial (Belial), use explosive charges from the floor (near the flaming section). Take the Baal Medal. Cross the road in front of the Cerberus lair and, until you expect it to appear, take a brush from the floor to write on the gate of Satan "GOD IS DEAD". Come in and kill Satan.
Returning to reality, talk to Katerina Hertz and Senator Burr to learn about their successes. Direct the psychopomp on Rachel and enter the address: SPAWNER. You will be in the Pentagon by yourself, as soon as you finish the passage of the section described above. The attendant will send you to the room of pneumonic delivery. Inside one of the pneumatic tubes you have to place a gas bomb. Talk to Jake and give her your bomb tube. Enter the address: MIRA-CULUM SEPULCRUM. Go back, the attendant will direct you to the Pentagon's chapel. Here you take a candle from the floor and light the wicks number, b, 3,1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 10, 8, 9 (counting on the left). After defeating Soluksa, get his computer out of order with a virus. Before the finals is very little ...

Debug / Cheat mode

Debug Mode - P, LShift, A, Down, C, RShift, A, P, Down, Up, Down.
Fast Speech - P, Up, C, LShift, U, X.
Night Vision - P, Up, B, C, Up, B.