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Splatterhouse 3 (SEGA)

Splatterhouse 3 SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Beat 'em up / Brawler
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Namco Hometek Inc.
Developed by: Now Production Co.
Released: 1993
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Splatter House 3 - the logical conclusion of the second part of the series, not only, and not so much plot, as in the graphic, sound, and other plans. It's easy to see that the idea has been brought to an end, and now we have a perfectly balanced game (unlike the second part, which in principle turned out to be not so bad, but which is hopelessly losing to today's hero of this article).
Graphically, the game engine has not changed much for the year that has passed since the release of the second part. There are cosmetic changes like that: the details of the monsters with which we have to fight are slightly improved, the levels began to look painted, and finally, the picture-animation (of which in the second part there was nothing-nothing) replaced digitized photos for which the real actors posed .
Sound, music and management are performed at a good level, especially music: amazingly creates an atmosphere, playing under this becomes really scary.
Management in the game is made intuitively clear that for an arcade rpg it is very important.
Rick - in one fell swoop, one hundred monsters ubivahum.
The plot of the game may not pretend to be an award in the best scenario for the console game, but it is deeply developed (for the arcade in any case).
Our old friend, Rick, is deprived at once of his son and wife. The spiteful demon kidnaps them and sharpens them in the familiar part of us - the House of Terror. This disgrace Rick could not stand, and went to rescue his relatives. In this he is helped by his favorite mask a-la "Jason", in which, moreover, the devilish spirit came into being. Now Rick was able to turn into a huge bugaya, possessing demonic abilities. This chip obviously went to the game for good.
The gameplay is interesting and captures from the first to the last minutes. Although, in my opinion, the replayability of the game is close to zero. Not everyone who likes it will go through it again, or even two.
Of the minuses I can note only a low replayability, and, perhaps, that some players may have problems with a couple of game bosses.
And in the end - evaluation. I want to make a little reservation: the ratings of the game are lower than those put in the second issue of the magazine Arsenot, the game Splatter House 2. And at the beginning of my article I noted that the third part was better than its predecessor. So what's the deal? The answer is simple and trivial: my colleague, I think, did not quite objectively assess the game, whether because he liked it or whether there was some other reason. I do not intend to blame him for that, because bias is inherent in any author who writes articles, and there is nothing terrible about this (for your humble servant, bias also sometimes no-no, but skips). I personally really like the third part of the House of Horrors, both on the background of the second part, and against the background of other games of the genre. But as for the assessments, I remain calm and put them objectively.


  • In order to play on a secret level, where you can get hold of a couple of additional lives, you need to reach the boss level, having more than 3 minutes of time left, turn into Super Rick and defeat this monster, then you need to press several times On the start and after several phrases of the dialogue there should be an inscription "Stage X The strange level".
  • After the timer expires, Jennifer will turn into a ghoul and nothing will be able to return it, however, the game can be continued even for the sake of committing an act of retribution.
  • In order to restart the game, just press the buttons A + B + C + start simultaneously.


To enter the password in the game Splatterhouse III, select the Password item from the menu, and then you will enter the password entry screen. Here everything is simple, in front of us the letters of the Latin alphabet, we mix them with the D-Pad's arrows while choosing the ones we need using the button A. To erase the symbol, press the button B. When we type the password as far as the stop, we automatically move to the menu, regardless of whether it is correct or not.
Since the game has several options for developing the script, then there are a lot of passwords for each of the events. Not all of them have been verified by us.

2 Jennifer dead OWDRAT;
2 Jennifer alive REISOR;
3 Mansion third floor ATAERG;
3 Jennifer mindless NAMEPA;
3 Jennifer dead NAIGEP;
3 Jennifer alive ETLBUD;
4 Mansion basement AKSILB;
4 Jennifer mindless TABRAE;
4 Jennifer dead DABHSN;
4 Jennifer alive TEKROH;
5 The Dark Stone 1 RAOBVW;
5 The Dark Stone 2 AIKITI;
5 Jennifer mindless, David dead REYALS;
5 Jennifer mindless, David alive HTRACM;
5 Jennifer dead, David dead TSAEBD;
5 Jennifer dead, David alive NOILCK;
5 Jennifer alive, David dead ELPOEB;
5 Jennifer alive, David alive RUATNC;
6 The Mask 1 OKOMOB;
6 The Mask 2 TETUYA;
6 Jennifer mindless, David dead LILITH;
6 Jennifer mindless, David alive IRTACK;
6 Jennifer dead, David dead URUURU;
6 Jennifer dead, David alive DEPITN;
6 Jennifer alive, David dead VELGAE;
6 Jennifer alive, David alive PHENIX;
X The Strange Zone 1 REYALF;
X The Strange Zone 2 SERAGA;
X The Strange Zone 3 TARESA;
X The Strange Zone 4 ROGIBA;
X Jennifer mindless SECOLQ;
X Jennifer mindless, David alive XASABR;
X Jennifer dead LEZAJM;
X Jennifer dead, David alive SARDNA;
X Jennifer alive ETIRPS;
X Jennifer alive NILVED;
X Jennifer alive HCTERG;
X Jennifer alive GOFMTS;
X Jennifer alive SORABV;
X Jennifer alive, David alive HARUON.