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Beavis and Butt-head (SEGA)

Beavis and Butt-head SEGA Genesis
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Viacom New Media
Developed by: Radical Entertainment Inc.
Released: 1994
Platforms: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, Super Nintendo (SNES)

At one time, the characters created by Mike Judge were many fans. And, despite all the idiocy that could be seen in the animated series (and they came out, neither a lot nor a lot of 200 episodes!), In some moments a couple of silly teenagers still caused a smile and lifted the mood with a kind of black humor.
And who would have thought that the little-known Chicago firm Viacom New Media, together with MTV, on which they showed the animated series, will release such an interesting and controversial game on the Sega Genesis. In fact, this quest, based on a fun and sound "hit-and-run" action.

The story begins with the fact that Beavis and his friend Butthead are watching television, which is their favorite occupation (you can see it by looking at a couple of episodes of the film) and seeing an advertisement announcing the arrival of the famous thrash metal gang GWAR in their hometown, rushing headlong to the ticket office to buy tickets. However, I did not have much time to rejoice. Neighboring doggie famously snatches from our friends two brilliant tickets for the concert, then rushes back to his court. Guys desperately pursued the dog and now, almost everything turned out ... ..and here neighbor Tom Anderson with his lawn mower "dismantles" our two passes. And as later they will write - the story has begun!
Our task is to collect all the pieces of broken tickets. For this purpose we will visit all the green and not very places of the town of Highland.

You can play for both Beavis and Butthead. This is very convenient, because the indicator of life is different for everyone. If you injured one and first-aid kits (here they are in the form of hot dogs and hamburgers) there is no nearness, switch to the second character and continue the adventure. The second character, which you do not control, will always follow you, the usual enemies and traps are not a hindrance to him, except for a couple of cases, but more on that later.


A - fast running (if you hold down the button);
B - jump;
C - attack, action (take / use, etc.)
By clicking on START, you will go to the menu:
B - character switching;
C - action with the object;
The objects are located in two windows. In one only weapons, in the rest the rest of the inventory, an exception is only for the control panel. Switch objects by using the up and down arrows. Also in the menu are indicators of health and availability of money. The Drop command serves to reset the item, Sucks - reset the game to the previous level (it's best not to use it). Well, it should also be noted that the number of items that can be carried away is limited. True, the inventory is not common, each character has his own pocket, which is also convenient in the game.


Belching (Beavis) / Gas attack (Butthead). The first is more effective, due to the fact that you do not need to turn back, but the range is slightly less.
The machine (with suction cups). Our choice! In the beginning, though, preparation for shooting is required, then a volley from the machine will sweep everything in its path.
A tube for spitting. Slightly more powerful than the machine, but the time between shots is longer, although it should also be taken into service!
Bita (with a boxing glove at the end). The most powerful weapon, however, by the time you receive it, will be passed most of the game.


When you need to type the code in the "World of Burgesses" using the buttons with letters, type BUTT-HEAD.
Enter the password aPjDY 5fF + D TkrEN to get to the Beavis' living room. Go into the bedroom and find there various bonuses and a few scraps of tickets.
While in the laundry, lubricate the washing machine, get rid of the old woman and go to the sink. Now press C and you will receive a cash prize.
The passwords of the game stages: Hospital: st0-e ByjIj BKR4L, Street: t3I2L yxF2e O7GEV, High school: lzbZs + OGDs l59K9, Burger World: A-Y + 4 3c-jJ iUaVA, Home: 0F1xc DJfTo q8OWz, Mail: E7YPP - SU9 + SqiPH, Drive- In: nFECR OW6Bc pOCVj.


The Street

By default, the management will begin with Beavis. Take the control panel on the table near the sofa and, going to the TV, use it. There are several locations to choose from. The best option is to go outside. Choose The street. Right in the inventory, we change the console to "belch" and move forward. In addition to the fast "skate", which will always try to knock you off your feet, the enemy force is a man with a gun on the suckers. After death, he will have health benefits. The task is to get to the sewer. Use the C button to open the hatch and go down. To the left is a hot dog. This stage is one of the most vile in the game. Firstly, it is necessary to jump often and quickly from one platform to another, and secondly, vile rats. The most dangerous thing is not to get into puddles with bones. They cause double damage. At the end, go up the stairs. Replenish the health reserve and take the rubber duck from above. Rise to the landfill. That's our automation. Arming is Butthead, since his initial attack is somewhat worse, plus by this point Beavis's health should be less, after difficult sewage. In the dump, in addition to annoying rats, there will be birds and an enemy under the guise of ... Todd, a friend of Beavis and Butthead. He will try to get rid of the heroes with a paint spray can. But after all, we already have a faithful machine gun! The task is to reach the end of the landfill and take a bone, but the boot that we will meet in the middle of the road can not be taken. And now ... yes, yes, we return to the street in the same way, through the sewers. Being able to jump over rats and radioactive waste, in the future you can easily avoid such obstacles.
Heroically after the second time sewerage, run to the place where you came from, then follow upstairs to the courtyard where the gate is open. Ah you damned Tom Anderson. the mini-boss on his ill-fated lawn mower. Open the volley over it from the machine gun. When he is out, remove the key from his neck. Before you go any further, in the inventory, select the bone that you found. Go forward and stand in front of a tied dog. Of course, after he stole our tickets, an impudent dog should have been taught a lesson, but we will postpone this matter. Use the bone, pressing the button C. Well, at least no one will prevent us from carrying out a sabotage. The first part of the ticket was stuck on the tree. Go into the barn and take the fishing rod and chainsaw (only Bives). Funny, if you use a saw just like that, Beavis will say that this game has a rating of 13+, so you can only use it on trees! Which is what we will do. Go to the tree trunk on the left, so that you can get a chainsaw. The main thing is that the Butthead should be there, otherwise the tree can fall on him, after which the game will have to start anew. And we, meanwhile, had the first fragment of a broken ticket. Go home. To do this (in each location) go to the beginning of the level to the inscription EXIT and use the remote control. Go to the room of Beavis, that on the right and glue a piece of ticket found. To do this, go to the GWAR poster and press the C button! With the Drop command, leave the rubber duck and go to the TV. Our next location is Burger world.

Burger World

A place where the main characters earn extra money during their free time. If you go to the main entrance, you can see how an insistent client wants to achieve proper service! Well, let's do it! Leave the building, liquidate Todd and turn around the corner on the left - make up for your health. Now go to the garbage dump, which is located to the right of the cafe. Avoidance of rats, pick up the tube for spitting and a dead rat. Hamburger, which is lying on the left, until we touch. Now go left. Avoid skate and a girl who also strives to hit the "face" of our main characters. Go to the yellow door with the combination lock. The code is simple: 2884323 (Butt-head). In the kitchen, take the fries (left) and the headphones (right). Now fill the potatoes in the deep-fried ... add a dead rat and the order will be ready. Take the finished order to the impatient customer. As a reward funny movie, 50 cents and of course a new piece from the tickets. Now again we go to the trash and eat the hamburger. As a result, poisoning and a slow decline in the scale of health. It's better not to hesitate and rush straight through the apartment to the Hospital location.


On the way to the main entrance will be policemen, with their powerful club and bowling balls, which act on the same principle as the "mad" skates. Break through to the main entrance. Then we go into the office, next to which there is a textured nurse. Next, we look at the scene where the doctor first comments on the illness of Beavis and Butthead, and then gives them a "miracle" pill. Health in both of 100%. A good bonus. And we can thank the scissors that lie neatly on the top shelf. We leave the office and move forward until we meet a fat guy in a hat on the treadmill. To his right will be no less strange object with strange behavior. Describe what it does very difficult, but to calm down it is exactly necessary. Freeing your way to ... scooter, sit on it and get ready for a kind of race. More precisely, not a race, but "running away" from that fat man in a hat. All would be fine, but only along the way will be scattered medical supplies in the form of some boxes or barrels, it is difficult to make out what it is. At the end of the chase, be sure to get into the passage. After that, terrible sounds will be heard and. our scooter in the rattle, the fat guy is also off ... and our characters are alive and well, in addition to everything else, and another piece of ticket in your pocket. We leave home. We glue the tickets, take the jeans (lie under the bed), the duck and go to the Supermarket.

Turbo Mall 2000

On the way to the main entrance of the supermarket, all the same cops with batons will try to stop you. If you methodically shoot them, systematically moving forward, then the number of cops will be around 5-6. You go in the door of the main entrance. On the ground floor, the main number of shops available. First of all, turn into the machine shop We "B" Cars. After removing Todd, take one of the samples from the shelf. Now go out and run to the very end of the floor. By the way, the obstacles on the ground floor are carts that are clearly inferior in speed to skateboards, but their height can cause some trouble, so it is necessary to jump over more accurately and accurately. We go to the store Yoghourt. Remembering that the last time here Beavis and Butthead staged a real mash, the seller will start throwing horns and calculate when it is possible to run under them is not so easy. We need to run to the left and go to the toilet, picking up the spit tube along the way, if you need it, of course! Of course, the spectacle of the state of the local restroom. To us the main thing to not forget to take hardly noticeable slice of soap which lays on a bowl at the left. Our next goal is a local laundry. We go in the room with the inscription Laundromat (without jeans and soap they will not let us !!!). We need to open the leftmost washing machine. To granny not wake up, use the engine oil on the lid and open the stylalka. Another piece of the ticket! Next, at the very beginning of the department store. We are interested in the store Pets. We pass a little forward and take the snake from the store window, we approach the seller. While he is packing the little creature, grab the key, located just to the left of the counter. We take the finished package. We run up to the cage with the parrot, use the key. Dodging his attacks, we take a piece of ticket and fly to the second floor, using Elevator. Run to the very end of the floor to the buyer. Sell rubber duck and headphones. Get 3 dollars 30 cents. Then we go into the room with the inscription U.S. Army recruiting station. At the end of the hall we take the bomb from the cupboard, we approach the white table, next to the warrior. We use the packed snake. H-yes, what a brave man ?! We take the opportunity, grab the folder and ... one more piece of the ticket! Through the police, we go back home. We stick tickets and go to our native school!

Highlandhigh School

The school is not the friendliest place. It will be very often to shoot back from various enemies, avoid schoolgirls and jump over skateboards. We are here interested in three offices. First: cabinet number 103. Here, with the help of "gas" attack Butthed, or belching Beeves you need to bring the teacher to the "red" state. In any case, the loss of health can not be avoided, and the time until he will not be able to send you continuous discharges - to the bleed. With all our strength, we need to get the medicine A and B out of the table. From there, straight to the director's office, on the way, we jumped into the office 108 and picked up the chewing gum from under the table of the teacher David Van Driessen. The office of director McVicker is at the very end of the school corridor. Approach his table and use the conjoined AB medicines. The result is one more piece from the ticket. We return home, we glue tickets, we take out the fishing rod. We approach the right side of the sofa and, pressing C, we take out the box, donut and a piece of pizza. Now all this good is used together with the fishing rod, which Butthead can throw out the window to the right. This is not an easy exercise, you need to sharply click on C, while helping the control arrows. Having fished your friends and a cat, use the chewing gum. Thanks to this "bait" we get the penultimate piece of the ticket. Gluing it, grabbing the camera and rushing to the parking lot.

Drive In

For the entrance we need to pay $ 3, which you have to be with you, after the sale of headphones and rubber ducks. We go in Snackbar and use a bomb. Now we go to the parking lot, jump over puddles, rats. In the end we take binoculars, we take out the camera and come to that "strange" car. We take a picture and rush headlong back to Snackbar. An evil aunt will chase us to the very end! But it will not resist the "grape" flow, it will fall ... and yes, the last fragment of our ticket. Before the concert, you can drop into the supermarket and sell binoculars. Then go down to the Toys store to buy a bat, but that's optional. Having pasted all pieces, tickets will be restored and you can safely go to a concert of your favorite band. On the road, grab a pair of scissors and a cat, in case you left it at home.

Gwar Concert

"Feyskontrol" our guys will pass easily. Well, you can safely enjoy the concert GWAR. But we did not just collect all the things throughout the game and it's much more interesting to go behind the scenes! We pass a little further from the lamppost and use the cat on the old familiar dog. Now we arm ourselves with a bat or a submachine gun and break through the crowd of guards to the back door. In the end, you will meet with the chief of security in a raspberry suit. He is invulnerable, but if you pay attention to what's hanging over his head! ... we use scissors on the rope and it's done. We select costumes and boldly we step on the stage !!!