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The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy (NES)

The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy Nintendo
Genre: Action, Sports
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements
Setting: Prehistoric
Sport: Basketball
Published by: Taito America Corporation
Developed by: Sol, Taito Corporation
Released: 1991
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

Based on the American comedy cartoon "Flintstones" and is the third video game dedicated to the heroes of this cartoon.


Everything was peaceful and calm in Bedrock, Fred Flintstone led a happy life with his wife Wilma, friends Barney, Betty and the alien Kazu and home dinosaurs Dino and Hoppy. But once, out of nowhere, a villain Dr. Butler from the XXX century appeared in a time machine and kidnapped Dino and Hoppy for his intergalactic Zoo. Finally, he destroyed Kazu's time machine, scattering parts of it around the world so that Fred could not use it.
Now, the brave Fred Flintstone has to travel around the prehistoric world in search of Kazu’s time machine parts and then head off to the time of the villain Butler to get his pets back.


The game is a classic platformer with side scrolling, designed in the cartoon style of the animated series on which the game is based. The gameplay is similar to games like the Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck or Adventure Island. The main character - Fred Flintstone - runs through colorful game locations, fights enemies and collects various bonuses.


Total game consists of eight levels of stages. Each level is pumped by meeting with the boss - especially a strong opponent. Between the stages, Fred moves around the map, on which, besides gaming locations, there are also three additional “sports” levels with the game of basketball. The player stands alone with the computer. Exactly one minute is allotted to the game - the one who inflicts more strikes on the wrong gate will win. Only the last match is obligatory. For each level passed, Fred receives a part of the Gaza spacecraft, through which the characters will be able to go to the future and save their pets. To complete the game, you need to get all the details, that is, to complete all the levels. If a player missed one of the levels at the beginning, he may return, but at the same time he will have to pass the “Ocean” level again. Also, Fred should meet Barney, Betty and Wilma - after passing the level at which they were hidden, the characters will appear on the map. This is important, since all four heroes will go to the future with Gaza. Interestingly, the order of the characters in the chain during the map depends on the order of passing the levels where the characters are located.
  • Bedrock is Fred's main enemies: trying to graze with a beak and falling birds from roofs; dinosaurs with hammers braided in wool. Flying birds also throw eggs on the player, from which dangerous running chicks hatch. To climb high walls, the player is asked to hit one of the sides of a small dinosaur thrown over a log. Pterodactyls help to cross the chasms, carrying a rope in its claws, to the end of which is tied a log. Towards the end of the level, Fred meets jumping cavemen with batons. The level boss is a fire-breathing dragon who needs to be showered with hammers found earlier in the level.
  • Village - the main enemies are bandits in the mask, firing weapons; the bats; motorcyclists who need to be hit several times in order to knock them off the car and neutralize them completely; at the level flying birds reappear, dumping eggs with chicks on the player’s head; in addition, the player will again face prehistoric people with clubs. Visors above the windows of houses can be used as trampolines. During crossings across the river you should not linger on the logs, as they sink. The peculiarity of the level is the left-to-right screen in the fragment, when Fred swims in the sink: the player must avoid obstacles and get rid of enemies. At this level, the player will meet Wilma. Boss level - Thunder with a hammer. His easiest way to shower your own hammers.
  • Ice city - a feature of the level is a sliding surface on which the player moves the whole level. Enemies: bandits with baseball bats, throwing icy snowballs at a player; ice-breathing snails. At this level, the player will meet Betty. Level boss - elephant running around the screen, shooting stones from its trunk. The quickest to defeat him in the presence of exploding eggs.
  • Jungle - in the jungle also the player is met by dinosaurs with hammers. Pterodactyls also help to anticipate level. New enemies are predators of the cat family. At the waterfall it is necessary to move along logs extremely rapidly, making our way up to the other shore. Pendulum hammers will help the player to get over the abyss, as well as the twisted bones used as a springboard. At this level, Fredy will meet Barney. The main boss of the level is a jumping shaggy bully, throwing small stones. From his jumps also boulders are poured on the player. Boss can be defeated using a slingshot for long-range combat and an ordinary baton for melee.
  • Rokula Castle - the main enemies and obstacles of the level: bats, boulders falling from the ceiling on chains; stakes on ceilings; revived skeletons; men in masks and with weapons. The features of the level include the appearance of doors through which you can move through the rooms of the castle, as well as the level of flooding with a moving up liquid mass, trying to drown the player. The level boss is Rokula. Its easier to beat exploding dinosaur eggs. To harm the enemy, they must be blown up when he is in human form, and not in the form of a bat. The usual clubbing is also effective in combating the enemy.
  • Ocean - various octopuses are the enemy; fish saws; moving algae; fish with large jaws. Large rising bubbles can be used to move and overcome the chasms. Features level - due to the fact that the character is under water, Fred jumps above normal.
  • East Island - emerging from the water, Fred finds himself on an East Island. The main opponents are martial arts masters possessing different types of weapons and throwing them at the player; jumping umbrella on wheels; snails breathing ice. The level boss is a fire-breathing kangaroo, which is easiest to handle by climbing to the upper level and throwing it with exploding eggs.
  • Dr. Butler's Plant / Future - at this level, Fred will meet George Jetson from the Jetson animated series. To prevent a player from passing the level will be moving conveyor lanes that are trying to throw Fred into the abyss, fire, or some kind of working mechanism. Also among the opponents of the player are guns shooting robots and spring robots. The battle with Butler, the final boss of the game, consists of several parts: first, he attacks the player with a gun in his hands - to dodge grenades, it is enough to drag his head into the shoulders; then it appears on a jumping and boxing machine, which is quickly blown up with several dinosaur eggs; in the last stage, Butler appears behind the wheel of a giant machine firing lasers — to win, you have to beat the device with a club with a club.

Bonuses and weapons

At each level there are various bonuses. Also it is necessary to search and break the barrels - they are always hidden additions.
  • Coin - depends on the number of coins, how many times the player can inflict the found weapon.
  • Red heart - adds life to the player during the level.
  • Fred's icon is an extra life for the player.
To confront numerous enemies, Fred uses his stone baton, with which you can apply the usual blows and super-blows. In addition to it, as the game progresses, another weapon appears: a slingshot, throwing hammers and exploding dinosaur eggs. Fred can also pull his head into the shoulders if the ceiling is too low or spikes protrude from it.
  • Slingshot - a temporary type of weapon, available at a certain level. One shot costs 3 coins.
  • Stone Hammer is a temporary weapon available at a certain level. One roll - 3 coins.
  • Exploding dinosaur eggs is a temporary type of weapon available at a certain level. One explosion - 10 coins.