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Doom Troopers (SEGA)

Doom Troopers Sega Genesis
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Playmates Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Adrenalin Entertainment
Released: 1995
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

In an effort to praise this game, the sellers will surely present it to you as an alloy of the well-known "Contra" and no less famous Doom. Undoubtedly, some attributes of these hits in "Doom Troopers" are present, and all three belong to the genre of "action movie", but to three completely different subgenres! And DOOM'om "Rock Infantry" related much more, and with "Control" - less than it might seem at first glance. After all, Doom is more of a brodil than a shooter. Many branching paths often lead to the goal, and for playing at higher levels of complexity, the method of conducting a battle "by the way" is hopelessly broken, each enemy has to be seen as a deadly threat. In "Contra" the same disassembly with the bosses are interspersed with non-stop jogging through hordes of dohyaks, dying from the slightest injury. But the way the image is delivered (from the side) and the main method of attacking the hero is shooting in eight directions. The plot of the game is also essentially "dumovsky" - a certain Algaroth, ruler of Outland, sponsored the capture of the solar system by zombie zombies. Mega-corporations of the Earth to the upcoming division of spheres of influence have opposed and released on hunting two anthropoid monsters. You and your partner.
Each planet (Venus, Mercury, Pluto and the lair of the villain Nero) are divided into two parts plus the boss's abode. Opponents in the game are mostly of three types. Slowly moving soldiers with guns lose their heads when wounded (literally!), But, after standing-bleeding, continue to attack "to the touch." If the situation allows, it is recommended to finish them in hand-to-hand combat. And you can leave them alive - some time after decapitation they are completely harmless! Another thing - quick mutants with a sword.
It is difficult to catch them on a fly - they jump constantly, but you can not ignore them - until they catch up with you, they will not calm down! In addition, they love to shoot, especially if a gun is found. But the greatest danger is represented by silent grenade launchers. They launch their shells very aptly, after losing the trunk become difficult to be vulnerable, without reducing the damage. And grenades at the level of complexity of Brutal take half a life - like the blow of any boss! The same damage is caused by natural phenomena - mines in the second half of Venus (they are poorly visible in the dark - such flat cakes merging with the soil), falling blocks and flying caves from the volcanoes of the cobblestones on Mercury, snowfalls and icicles of Pluto, Nero geysers and gas torches on the secret level. And falling into the abyss or lava in any case takes away all life at once. Despite all these difficulties, all levels of the game are completely passable. However, you will need a lot of time to find the safest ways and prizes. The latter look like rotating cubes (3D images are encountered at every step, but you do not notice it in the heat of battle), after getting a bullet that gives a first-aid kit (replenishment of all energy), life (a circle with lightning) or continuation (cube), or 20 powerful missiles (homing are worse than simple ones, as they are usually aimed at anything, not on your target), or 50 charges to conventional weapons. As it is not regrettable, cartridges are not endless. However, when there are less than 25 of them, a slow accumulation of air begins from the air. Yet a crushing blow with a butt or a boot will often help you in a difficult moment. Like the astounding ability of heroes to sometimes cling to the edge of the platform. At this moment they are practically invulnerable!


  • Enter the password "SOUTHPAW", and your hero will find a Resistant - (But falling into the abyss is still unsafe).
  • In order to be able to choose the level of the game, enter the password "ARGONATH".
  • If you want to go directly to the Nero and Pluto stages, enter the passwords "CYBERTOX" or "DOOMLORD" respectively.