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DuckTales 2 (NES)

Duck Tales 2 Nintendo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1993
Platforms: Nintendo (NES), Game Boy

Continuing adventures of Scrooge McDuck by Capcom. Game one time confidently in the lead in the popularity ratings. One of the nephews of the estate is in the basement of a piece of old maps. It turns out that the great-great-great-grandfather McDuck hid the legendary treasure of the family in some mysterious place. One piece of the card already there, one can buy at the store for the modest sum of one million dollars (sold more useful things like extensions, safes and lives), and the rest will have to look. The inventor Vint helps Scrooge, improving the properties of sticks, so that it would break the hitherto strong stones. In order to find the parts of the map, it is necessary to express powers of observation, searching for hidden passages in the walls and exploring secluded places.


  • One piece of the card, worth a million dollars. It seems expensive, but one way or another you'll have to find a treasure that's worth a million, so pay it off.
  • Safe for 50 thousand dollars gives a guarantee that after one death your money will remain with you.
  • A pie for 150 thousand dollars gives you the right at a difficult moment to refresh yourself and paint the pale circles of life again in red. To use the pie, press START, select the pie symbol with the joystick, then press the A button and again START.
  • Little Scrooge just for 800 thousand will sell you an extra life.
  • Posthumous continuation of the game (CONTINUE) - 500 thousand dollars.


  • Get 1 million dollars in Niagara Falls, for which to buy a piece of the card. To get this amount, you have to be patient, because if you finish the level quickly, you will kill the Boss and you will have a million, but the card will disappear. To prevent this from happening, you need to start this level again and, without finishing it, go back when you have the necessary amount.
  • Get a piece of the map in the Niagara Falls.
  • Procure a piece of the map in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Obtain a piece of the card on Easter Island.
  • Get a piece of the card in the pyramids.
  • Get a piece of card in Scottish castles.
  • Now you can go to the hidden level.


  • Preventively knock with a stick on everything that you get. You will find chests, where diamonds are stored, you will open secret passages, etc.
  • To defeat the spirit of fire, you must wait for him to move in your direction, and then boldly jump on his head. From time to time he will throw fireballs at you, but do not be afraid, they move slowly enough and you can easily evade them.
  • Launchpad McQuack can help you, if you want, to get out of the level without any losses.
  • Jumping on a mole coming out of the earth, you can jump high enough to cling to the iron rings, and thus get to the chest, which is a large diamond.
  • When you meet with Screw, the inventor and your friend, you will get a stick that looks like a golf club. If you attach it to your cane, it will allow you to perform more powerful jumps.
  • To defeat the awful captain of a ship sunken in Bermuda, you must hang on the rings and, deviating to the left and right, dodge his attacks. In turn, seizing the moment, hang over it and jump on his head. This is his weak point.
  • When the Screw will give you a hammer that again increases the capacity of your cane, attach it to the cane and you will be able to break the boxes that were previously unreachable for you.
  • Stone statues on Easter Island jump on their heads, and they will crumble into dust.
  • Prepare to fight a steep bodybuilder or, as they are called behind a hillock, a "bodybuilder". You should not try to attack this indestructible pile of muscles with the same techniques as other bosses. From his stamping on the head of the poor Scrooge, the stones crumble. These are the same stones and it is recommended to cut the monster. And when a red ball shoots out of a monster, you do not have to yawn and finish it with a cane. This operation will have to be done five times.
  • To defeat the robber mummies, you do not have to stay a minute. Jump from right to left into blocks that lie right on the ground, and as soon as you see the skull of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, jump on it with all your might. If you remain motionless, Pharaoh's electric radiation will kill you.
  • Prepare to challenge the old sorcerer and his magic charms. The main power of the sorcerer is in magic. It will appear in front of you in two copies at once: on the left and on the right. To determine where the real sorcerer is, look at the one on the right, and after a few seconds jump on the one on the left. You will see that it works flawlessly.
  • The last Boss, well, straight Terminator, worthy heir to Schwarzenegger, is really dangerous. Do not approach him when he is hanging on the ceiling, otherwise you will automatically get a kick with the shoe. It's better to wait for him to put his foot on the ground to jump on top of him. A few lucky blows - and a wonderful end of no less remarkable game.