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Urban Strike (SEGA)

Urban Strike SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Diagonal-down
Visual: Isometric
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Helicopter
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Foley Hi-Tech Systems, Granite Bay Software
Released: 1994
Platforms: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, Super Nintendo (SNES)

A year after the release of the previous part, magicians from EA once again pleased the fans of the series with the continuation of the famous game series. Many believe that it is Urban Strike that is the best part of the Sega Strike trilogy, but here, as they say: "for taste and color ..."
In the game, we will again have to play the role of a pilot of the special team Blow, which can perform any tasks set by the authorities. This time, the action takes place in America (mainly in the US). In the courtyard of 2001. The states and neighboring countries are struggling with the world number one threat - terrorism, and they do not think that they are under the nose preparing for a large-scale operation to seize power in the region. Malone - the son of a well-known terrorist in the past with the same name (as it is not strange :)), intends to properly teach America a lesson. He claims that even the people from the special squad can not stop him (a citizen is very naive). This information is intercepted by the agent of the Strike unit, and manages to transfer it to the headquarters, but it is declassified, and Malone's men are blown up in his car.
The gameplay is unchanged in comparison with its predecessors. Now the game has as many as ten missions, which, as before, are divided into several tasks. We choose the second pilot and forward. We plan future operations, checking on the map with the location of the enemy, fuel, cartridges, etc. We will fly to the old one - a good helicopter Apache (slightly tuned), as well as a large cargo helicopter. The first is usually armed with two types of rockets - large and medium power, as well as a machine gun. A cargo turntable can only provide machine guns and medium rockets at your disposal. In addition to flying, we will have the opportunity to fight with the enemy, taking on the BMP (also, light missiles and machine gun, button A in the compartment with button X are responsible for turning the tower of the armored car), and more ... for your two! Pilot control is built on the same principle as the BMP control: the A + button up or down key is responsible for the turn in place, B for light grenade launchers, and C for the MR9 rifle.
Graphics, the game has changed, but, in my opinion, not for the better. Yes, the explosions began to look more real, the animation, in general, became smoother and more pleasant for the eye, but also lacks flaws. The pictures in the cutscenes are made worse than in the predecessors, and the model of the units in the game itself was somehow angular and not high-quality (which is, for example, trucks carrying mirrors in the first mission: neither to give nor to take a square with wheels). Good effects (from the same explosions for example) slightly correct the overall impression, but still more than a C grade with a plus does not pull.
What is famous for the Strike series besides good graphics, excellent gameplay, easy control and an interesting story? Of course, sound and music. Well, if the sound of the case in Urban Strike is normal, then the music is pumping up. No, a couple of good themes are there, but in the predecessor games it was more dynamic and more pleasant by ear. The main theme of the game generally makes you remember Road Rash 3. Not fish, not meat, if in brief.
As I think, EA planned to finish this game series on a positive note, try to incorporate into Urban Strike fresh ideas, along with proven old ones. My opinion is to outdo the Jungle Strike, a game that I consider to be the best amongst myself, I could not beat the city. It spoils a generally good impression not too high-quality graphics, and music, as I mentioned above, loses to the early parts. Although, it is worth acknowledging - Urban Strike at one time received very flattering reviews from the game press around the world, and the players did not seem to complain either. In any case, now it is not a question of which of the Strike's is the best. Simply describing the subsequent parts of a game, involuntarily look back at its predecessors, sometimes comparing, sometimes contrasting some details. And I can say with certainty: if Urban Strike were the only part that does not have prequels and sequels, I would estimate it in exactly the same way in all respects. Four, but most likely not solid.

Game levels


The people of Malone captured part of the islands. First, destroy the radar at two visitor centers. This will introduce confusion into their organization. Then it will be necessary to pick up trucks with telescopic mirrors and take them to a barge floating somewhere in the northeast. After that, deal with ships of invisibility like "Shadow." Next, pull out of the rest one more person - a surgeon, who made Malone plastic surgery. In the meantime, terrorists will try to break through to your island. Destroy the bridge and the equipment on it. Having done this, you will hear the screams of Mama "from somewhere in the jungle." These "green berets" have gone through the mushrooms and lost their way, save them by taking a bomb and dropping it onto the smoke bomb. ", enemy snipers, beasts of marvelous earth and sea, Pope, etc., etc. Save the first, destroy the second, I joked about the rest." Blackhawk "helicopter is better for this operation, since it can take On board more passengers.Ba! Familiar faces! The surgeon said that he was approached by a person injured in a fire. The doctor gave him a plastic surgery, after asking for a photo of this person. Now this photo lies in front of you, and from it the clever face of Drug Lord'a, he's Carlos Ortega, he's Little Bill, he's Hawkeye. Now the reason for the absence of his body on the bus, destroyed in the "Jungle", is now clear. This bika planned with the help of a satellite, a laser and mirrors to destroy the bulwark of democracy, defender of the humiliated and offended, destitute and decapitated, disgraced and fat-free - America (everyone gets up). Ortega's ship was seen near the oil platforms. There were also found planes, with the help of which Malone will try to blow up something. In general, fly and understand yourself.

Baja Oil Rigs

Destroy the building with the radar so that enemies can not detect you, and all enemies on two small platforms. After that, you will be informed that the passenger liner has just been attacked by the Carlos ship. Now the boat is drowning, and in three minutes the passengers will die. Do not hesitate to fly to one of the small platforms, change into a rescue helicopter and rush to help. After that, an enemy cruiser will be discovered, who has already killed a Russian submarine and is about to shell the coast. Destroy it and fly to help the Russians. It is necessary to evacuate part of the crew, and the rest to deliver a set of spare parts for repair. Then you will need to plow all the space on a large platform to destroy aircraft. Please note - one plane will try to take off.

Inside Oil Rig

First, you need to destroy four video cameras equipped with quick-firing cannons (or cannons equipped with cameras-whoever they like). Then shoot the aircraft F-29. Find the agent Maverick, who was to establish a beacon for aiming an air strike. Search for the lighthouse and turn it on with the A button. After that, within 120 seconds it is advisable to carry away the legs, hands and other parts of the body, otherwise ... let's not talk about sad things.


You are thrown into Mexico, where the bad Malone is going to build some kind of super tank. Eh-ma, it raced. Let's start with the destruction of watchtowers around the camp, where valiant fighters of the invisible front languish in confinement. Yes, by the way, they need to be freed. One of the soldiers will say that there was one more man left in the barrack. Drop the co-pilot, he will save him. Then destroy the enemy camp. Having done this, fly to save scientists from enemy assault. It's time to fly behind the plans of the tank, which Ortega called "Gav". Is it really scary? Taking two drawings, fly to the parking lot of tanks, disable the protection button C and climb into the "Gav". Blow up all the tanks and fly to destroy the factory itself. Take the bomb and throw off next to the plant. Mission is over!

San Francisco

Malone decided to attack San Francisco. He mined two bridges and piled around a bunch of equipment. Do not hesitate, after three seconds the detonator will work, and the bridges will fly up into the air. Destroy them from explosives and fly to destroy the radio tower, which informs the enemy of your whereabouts. Then take a napalm through the administrative buildings of the Malone company, fly to the tank base and make it a small compact DESTROY! Now you can fly and destroy the Ortega laboratory with a calm heart, where our laser is being studied. In your absence, the enemy will crush the base slightly, return and defend the home of your own. At this time, the accomplice, an accomplice and a drinking companion Malone will smell wrong (still not to smell - half the city is destroyed) and give a duel. Help to come true to justice. Having hooked it with a crochet, fly to the prison-the proceeds to the pilot.


Just sat in the warm cozy booth of the helicopter - now run around the infamous labyrinths of the prison in search of this dunce. First, blow up the sensors of movement, this at the same time will open the doors. Then take another plans for secret weapons. Blow up boxes with M-16x rifles, which the careful dad Malone prepared for his chicks. Then find the pilot and behind him, on the way out. The infamous Malone attacked New York. Crowds of refugees poured out from there, so the troops can not reach the city. Is the hint clear? A single hero must save someone again.

New York

Start with the explosion of Malone skyscrapers. Then save twenty-seven people from the burning building and fly to the east of the city to destroy the Carlos helicopters. Again, save twenty oil workers from the roof of the shopping center. Discharge the bomb in this building (top contact) and send the co-pilot there. Look like that's it.

Las Vegas

Malone takes revenge and occupies Las Vegas. This is his last chance, no less than yours. Find a communications specialist, he will tell you the location of radar, which you need to destroy. Then clear the way for the refugees, liquidating the Malone checkpoints. Then blow up the tanks that besiege the city. De-energize the enemy's systems by disabling the power plant. It's time to get to the Malone Casino. Clear the way to it, destroying the surrounding guns and quickly inside with the words "Malone must die !!!"

Malone's Casino

Again, you have to remove the soft house slippers (and what else to sit in the helicopter?) And climb into heavy wrought-iron boots. One comforts - soon already, I feel, there will come Gamover and it will be possible to return to the interrupted vacation. To begin with, destroy four guards and go to the central box office, in which the hostages are languishing. After releasing them, find the girlfriend of Ortega, who should tell you how to get to the underground bunker of Carlos. Now blow up the cashiers along with all those who shoot from there. Well, like everything, there is no stone left on the stone, it's time to go to the reptile den. Sit in the trolley and drive to finish off Malone.
Wow! Carlos Carlos for some reason brought your helicopter straight to your feet. Come on, let's stop by. Wow, even the weapons and fuel are crammed to the eyeballs. Apparently, at nego the roof has moved down. Well, thanks for that.


Let's start with the destruction of technology. It is necessary to blow up twelve units. Then destroy two barracks and hurry to a light to the central console. When it is blown, do the same with the laser control panel. Then fly to Malone's headquarters bunker, blow it up and grab a squealing and abutting reptile on the hook. Now within twenty-five seconds you need to reset it to a laser beam. Have you made it? Then look at the final cutscene (by the way, this sentence is true for both outcomes - if you had time - you will see the final splash of the game, if you did not have time - you will see how life finally leaves your exhausted body).