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Paperboy 2 (SEGA)

Paperboy 2 Sega
Genre: Action
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: Isometric
Vehicular: Bike / Bicycling
Published by: Tengen Inc.
Developed by: Tengen Inc.
Released: 1992
Platforms: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, DOS

This is the continuation of the game Paperboy. You are again a newsboy, this time you can choose a character. The goal is still to smash the newspapers. We'll have to scatter newspapers in different directions and thereby harm others, because the newspaper behaves like a shell. Knocks out glass, breaks through walls, crushes graves and knocks down people and zombies.


The player can decide whether to be a distributor or distributor of newspapers. The videogame will give us a map on which to distribute the newspapers on our bicycle and we will face different and strange obstacles. At the end of the game we will see the cover of a newspaper with different news on the first page that will vary depending on what we do in the game.
  • The paperboy stops a thief: at the end of the stage, there will be two gas stations. In one of them there will be a thief (a man in a black suit with a gun). If we throw a newspaper at him, we'll knock him down and avoid the robbery.
  • The newspaper delivery boy saves a baby: when walking down the street in the middle of the stage, a baby cart will appear moving on the left sidewalk. If we hit him with a newspaper, this cart will stop, saving the baby.
  • The graffiti artist is a failure: when driving down the street in the middle of the stage after the baby, there is a graffiti artist painting a wall. If we throw a newspaper, we will tear it down avoiding his vandalism work.
  • Bather presents complaint: near the middle of the second half of the stage, a woman sunbathes in her garden. If we hit her with a newspaper, we will make her angry.