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Lode Runner (NES)

Lode Runner NES
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Gameplay: Platform
Interface: Direct Control
Published by: Broderbund Software
Developed by: Broderbund Software
Released: 1987

A long, rather interesting maze.
Your goal - to collect all the heaps of golden sand, located at different levels of the maze. You have to run around the floors, climb and descend the stairs, climb the ropes and jump from a dizzy height. But you are pursued by enemies - cute panda bears, from which you must escape, digging holes in their way.


↑ / ↓ - climb / descend stairs;
A / B - remove the bricks.


  • If there is a situation in the game that there is a brick above the stairs and you can "burn" it - burn it, jump to the stairs and wait until the brick "overgrows". Now in this place the brick will only be drawn, but in fact it will not be.
  • If in the level there is a staircase next to the wall of bricks, then "burn" the upper one, and then (when it starts to "overgrow") "burn" the second, under it. In this case, the picture of the first brick will disappear, but the brick itself will be present.
  • If, during the game, you find yourself in a difficult situation, perform the level switching and start at the same level. So you will not lose your life.


  • There are 50 labyrinths in the game. To immediately select the desired one, at the beginning of the game, press SELECT, and then A.
  • If you press and hold the SELECT button, press the A button 29 times, and then continue the game by pressing START, the brave collector of the treasure will be running at such a speed that it will be difficult to follow. But thus also your enemies will run also quickly. But if you "overexpose" button A, pressing it for the 30th time, the speed of the hero will be like that of a one-legged turtle.
  • In the player selection mode, double-click SELECT, then START, and you can build your own stages.