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Joe & Mac Returns (Arcade)

Joe and Mac Returns Arcade Machine
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Published by: Data East Corporation
Developed by: Data East Corporation
Released: 1994
Platform: Arcade Machine

The girl again got into an unpleasant situation: she was surrounded on all sides by wild animals. It would be nice if it were cats, but no - these are ancient times when dinosaurs live.

Two husbands, Joe and Mac, will respond to help, who are not ready to leave a woman in trouble. They will have to fight not only for her, but also for their own survival, overcoming animals and members of other tribes. To do this, you need to attack with a club, and when the enemy is stunned, grab him and throw him at another enemy. In this way, you can not only clear the level, but also defeat huge bosses. You need to move up and down the platforms.

Don't forget to collect fruits, meat and other bonuses. A prerequisite is the salvation of the beauty.