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Mars Matrix (Arcade)

Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting Arcade Machine
Genre: Action
Perspective: Top-down
Gameplay: Arcade, Shooter
Published by: Capcom Co.
Developed by: Takumi Corporation
Released: 2000
Platform: Arcade Machine

Before us is a hurricane, in a word, shoot-em-up. As for the plot, you play the role of the pilot of the 1st of 2 Mosquito-type starships, where you have to fight against the whole of Mars. Graphically the game is just amazing, using 2D graphics as 3D was a good idea. The dynamics in the game are amazing: everything breaks, explodes, shatters into pieces, and everything is so beautiful. Music with the gameplay is like one whole, everything that is happening on the screen is transmitted through it. In a word, the whole game is played literally in one breath, inseparably from the monitor.