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Barbie Vacation Adventure (SEGA)

Barbie Vacation Adventure SEGA
Genre: Sports
Perspective: Side view
Sport: Horse / derby, Volleyball
Published by: Hi Tech Entertainment
Developed by: Software Creations Ltd.
Released: 1994
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

This time, Barbie goes on vacation to tour the United States of America. Together with you, Barbie will visit various states, in the state of Wyoming she will stay at a campsite, where she will have to pitch a tent, and go into the forest to take unforgettable photos. In California (California) - Barbie has fun at home, something like a mini quest. In Iowa, Barbie goes to the carnival for funny clowns and entertainment, but even here she will have to help find the escaped pigs. Florida you can go to the beach and play volleyball with your girlfriends, or dive underwater and look for treasures. In Texas - Barbie will ride on young horses. The game is designed for children. And aimed at girls.