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Zombie Wars (Windows 3.1)

For best performance change resolution in game config menu to Full screen 320x240.
Zombie Wars Windows 3.1
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Platform
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Microforum International
Developed by: Gee Whiz! Entertainment
Released: 1996
Platform: Windows 3.1

I am not as familiar with the first part of this series of games - Alien Carnage, than with the second part, so I will only compare it in a few moments with Zombie Wars - one of the best representatives of the genre of that time, a mega-driven, non-stop arcade game of all times and peoples which, unfortunately, went unnoticed by many people. Very often it is compared with Duke Nukem II. The game may look like it, but if you start looking for differences (no offense to the fans), then old Duke was not even close to Harry, nicknamed "Halloween". The goal of the game itself is definitely simple: run, jump (in this case, "fly the jetpack"), shoot, reach the end.

And now let's talk about the most component of the game - let's start, perhaps, with weapons. It is divided into four types: now familiar to us from the first part of the flamethrower has turned into a weapon with the sonorous name Photon, which probably also shoots clots of fire; also added is the Rocket Launcher, so beloved and often found in games not only of this genre, called Missiles in the game, small Thermo-Grenades, leaving no trace of enemies, and powerful Mini-Nukes that, when exploded, literally break through the ground under your feet, but, fortunately, the earth holds up. The jetpack now has an unlimited amount of fuel - I don't want to fly! The enemies are very diverse: some have migrated to us from Halloween Harry, such as ordinary zombies, jumping slugs, spiders, and so on, but there are also individuals that we will only see in this game. Their diversity is sometimes simply surprising: from the usual caustic living slime to large, at first glance, almost invincible mechanoids that shoot huge rockets that, no matter how hard you try, will not miss. Yes, the game itself is very difficult even on easy, already at level 3 you will have to replay it several times.

By the way, about them. There are ordinary ones: passed, and that's it - hello new, but there are phased ones: one stage passed - you teleport to another; as a rule, the maximum can be three stages, but there are smaller ones. The architecture of the levels is very, very diverse: here you have a beach with sun loungers and palm trees, here you have a dirty sewer teeming with green creatures, there are also levels at space stations, in green meadows, and so on and so forth. At certain levels, tasks are sometimes given: to find and find some professor, save some girl, turn off all the generators. There are many bonuses in the game: here are the usual health replenishers: food - ice cream, meat, a hamburger, as well as civilians abducted by aliens, after saving which life is again replenished, traditional extra-lifes; ammunition: terminals for buying additional missiles or a couple of pieces of nuclear grenades, for which, of course, you need to pay with coins collected from the bodies of dead enemies; secrets and secret rooms that appear from the very first level and do not leave us until the very end.

As for the soundtrack: there are simply no words, rhythmic, catchy and sometimes just soothing music, which just gives the game that nonstop that I wrote about above. The graphics in the game are simply cool, pleasant, coloring the game in a variety of colors, which to a greater extent distinguishes it from other arcade platformers, and, of course, videos made in a cartoonish way that fully convey the plot and atmosphere of the game.