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Zero Tolerance (SEGA)

Zero Tolerance SEGA
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Accolade
Developed by: Technopop
Released: 1994
Platform: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

The game is one of the very few (only 5 games) representatives of the genre for the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis. To display the game situation using a small window, and the rest of the screen is reserved for the game statistics. The height of the floor and the ceiling unchanged. (Except with stairs - elevation angle of 45 degrees - these are used as an analogue of elevators to move between floors). However, the walls can be at an angle of 45 degrees relative to each other is not limited to perpendicular intersections. In game implemented animated textures and effects splashing blood flowing on the walls.

Game Genie Cheats

  1. AAFT-CABY       Infinite ammo
  2. REJA-C61W       Ammo power-ups completely fill ammo if you already have some
  3. A39A-LA7E       All levels are secured
  4. AMNA-AA5E       Invincible
  5. AAHA-CAG6       Bullet Proof Vest takes no damage
  6. TAHA-CAG6       Bullet Proof Vest takes 1/2 damage
  7. AAHA-CEG6       Bullet Proof Vest takes 2x damage
  8. AAGT-CAHT       Bioscanner doesn't run out
  9. AAGT-CEHT       Bioscanner lasts half as long
  10. TAGT-CAHT       Bioscanner lasts twice as long


Basement! - Basement stage with all items & weapons
Boxing!!! - Boxing stage
DDq8vNLng - Bridge Part 1
TPu8uvLgK - Bridge Part 2
LFr8vtKug - Docking Bay Part 1
DDq8*tLng - Docking Bay Part 2
HFr8*tLng - Engineering Part 1
HHoduvNng - Engineering Part 2
?rvd-vPn4 - Engineering Part 3
bDq*-vOvT - Engineering Part 4
V86*CrP!2 - Greenhouse Part 1
GLq*-vPv2 - Greenhouse Part 2
?r)*u*rrk - Greenhouse Part 3
TLFXCoxo7 - High Rise Floor 151
?ro5--?FQ - High Rise Floor 152
GLpUsoHhj - High Rise Floor 153
GrozCoHpj - High Rise Floor 154
?Pr5--Dr! - High Rise Floor 155
Tr)5--Dr! - High Rise Floor 156
cLtXtox!7 - High Rise Floor 157
E*hUt)Bk7 - High Rise Floor 158
TLFX/oxkQ - High Rise Floor 159
?rpQsrHv7 - High Rise Floor 160
GLo7CrHv! - High Rise Floor 161
OvK7C8?vK - High Rise Floor 162
aHqXuvDmE - High Rise Floor 163
Rzr5uPxvM - High Rise Floor 164
NUq8uPKgR - High Rise Rooftop
Highrise! - Highrise stage with all items & weapons
PFr*-vKqx - Reactor Part 1
HDq*-vKqx - Reactor Part 2
MLFXtxBh/ - Sub-Basement Part 1
8b*2APo! - Sub-Basement Part 10
KLa*w60ip - Sub-Basement Part 11
Gn9by6Npt - Sub-Basement Part 12
Tr)*4-?n! - Sub-Basement Part 2
TLp*7o?tk - Sub-Basement Part 3
crod!o?sE - Sub-Basement Part 4
cLJ*4-?vj - Sub-Basement Part 5
Dnpdmu)v5 - Sub-Basement Part 6
KLLbm-NmQ - Sub-Basement Part 7
Orrf!oN!7 - Sub-Basement Part 8
WLRd2a)kQ - Sub-Basement Part 9


The game consists of 40 levels, divided into three parts, which takes place in three different locations - in the premises of the space station Europe-1, in the building of the command center Planet Defense Corps and in the basement of the building. The player must destroy all the enemies in each level, and use the stairs or the elevator to go to the next floor (level). After stripping and passing level password is issued, allowing the game to begin with the achieved level after the game console. Go to the next levels possible without destroying the enemies, but in this case the game will not give out passwords to new levels before passing the whole of the game. Every part of the game ends with a boss battle.
The player can choose one of five characters, members of Planet Defense Corps. Each character has a specialty, impacting on the gameplay as well as a different set of items in the beginning of the game. All of the characters are named after the developers of the game. Selecting the character occurs at the beginning of the game, then the player can not choose another character to death selected. Thus, the game is considered lost after the death of all the characters, which gives the player five attempts.
The game has several different kinds of weapons, which have their advantages and disadvantages. Weapons can be obtained at the beginning of the game, as well as taken from destroyed enemies, similar to other games of the genre. Weapons or objects are selected from the general list of items during gameplay. In the absence of weapons a player can attack opponents punches and legs. At the same time there are two types of punch - hook and uppercut. In addition to the weapons in the game there are different objects, such as bioskaner, allowing to see enemies on the minimap and a night vision device, which allows a better view on dark levels. Electronic equipment in the game has a limited amount of energy. Some levels of the game there are obstacles such as walls of fire that can be overcome with the help of a fire extinguisher or fire-resistant suit.
Bridge, Docking Bay, Engineering, GreenhouseHigh Rise Floor, Reactor, Sub-Basement