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Firo & Klawd (DOS)

Firo and Klawd DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, Diagonal-down
Visual: Isometric
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Published by: BMG Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Interactive Studios Ltd.
Released: 1996
Platform: DOS

Firo is a fat and clumsy orangutan, Klawd is a nimble and tough street cat. At the same time, both of them are reasonable, anthropomorphic, not very different from each other in size and work (though not from the very beginning of the adventure) in the New York police. Rave? Not really.

The game, no matter how wild it may seem, has a rather serious and developed (and also developing along the way) detective story, which will be difficult to describe here.

In short, it was like this: Klawd at the beginning of the game is just a street stray stray cat, taking on any job for a living. Not so long ago, he was hired by the boss of the local mafia, Don Crocodillo, to serve as his courier for the transfer of mysterious packages (Klawd himself was not aware of what exactly he was transferring, and did not even know that he worked for bandits).

One day, Klawd accidentally tore a package while jumping over a fence and found money there (he did not yet know that it was fake), after which he decided to take some of them for himself and acquire weapons in a gun shop, which he did. Immediately after him, Firo, who served in the police department, came to the store for a new revolver. After receiving change from the seller with counterfeit money and almost arresting him, he, having received information about the previous buyer, went on the trail of the cat. Meanwhile, Don Crocodillo, having learned what Klawd did, decides to get rid of him and sends a gang to track down and kill the traitor. The bandits find Klawd just as Firo has almost caught him and open fire on both of them. Shortly thereafter, our heroes join forces to put an end to Don Crocodillo's crime syndicate.

In the game itself, we can play as either Firo or Klawd. It should be noted right away that the game supports multiplayer on one computer, and the developers themselves wrote that only when playing together with a friend, you can feel all its charm. Of course, you can play alone, but then you have to constantly switch between heroes - if only because they have completely different skills and abilities, and the skills of both are needed to complete the game.

The gameplay is mostly simple and unpretentious, but only for the most part. The main game time is spent watching the heroes in an isometric perspective (and at the same time - in full 3D !!!), sometimes (more on this below) the "virtual shooting range" mode is turned on in the first person. There are riddles in the game, and sometimes even quite complex, but they are rare, much more often you have to run, jump and shoot, trying to kill everyone who wants to do the same to us (except, of course, our partner).

In terms of the level of violence and the quality of the weapons, the game can give a "light" to many "serious and adult" actions - again, no matter how strange it may sound. Both characters have initial weapons (those revolvers that they bought before the start of the game), however, as you progress, you will have the opportunity to acquire such an arsenal that no one will find it small: grenades, two Types of hand rocket launcher, light machine gun and flamethrower , rifle, machine gun - and far from everything! At the same time, there is even a sight here (and the more accurately we shoot and hit, the more points we get!), there are also other attributes of action'a - first-aid kits, several types of armor, ammunition (they are finite in the game), extra lives (because you die it’s very simple here), and all this has to be looked for, because often all such useful bonuses are hidden from our eyes.

In addition to these "simple" ways to search for bonuses, there is one more. You need to look for and destroy the posters that are hung by the minions of Don Crocodillo, with images of our heroes, so that other bandits also "get involved." To be honest, there is no decrease in the number of enemies from such actions, but for every ten posters torn down, we will get an extra life. Also in the game there are traps in the form of spilled green toxic waste, which cannot be stepped on in any way (note: from here, from here, friends, that mysterious banner on our website with a green puddle and the inscription “Watch your steps!”!!!) .

The above "points" are calculated after passing each of the levels. When calculating them, four factors are taken into account: shooting accuracy (that is, in fact, the amount of ammunition used up), the total number of enemies killed (it is not necessary to kill absolutely everyone - it is simply not necessary to pass, and besides, it is often not so easy (even find), but if you just want to kill everyone, then it’s not a question, there are no restrictions), the number of torn posters and the number of bonuses found. Sometimes (it's hard to say what exactly it depends on) after the level we are given a mini-game to play - a virtual shooting range with a first-person view. Everything is simple here - the view from the eyes, the sight, running out opponents in which you need to aim and kill, but who are not at all averse to killing us as well. If we win, then we get one extra life to the next level, if we die, then, if we have unspent extra lives from the previous level, one is taken away from us. But if we don’t have a single life from the previous level, then that’s it, the game is over. Cruel? Naturally, this is the world of animals, and animals in general are quite cruel.

We should also mention a very successful game interface. There is a lot of various information on the screen, but at the same time it is not overloaded with it, so nothing prevents us from observing the unfolding continuous action (and controlling it!) The screen constantly displays the number of grenades and capsules we have with fire, the current weapons that the heroes have in their hands, the total score for points for completed levels, the number of posters removed and remaining at the level, the number of extra lives available and the health indicator of each character, - that is, there is a lot of everything, but it is all placed very competently.

The game has a very large variety of both enemies and those locations that we have to visit. All our opponents are anthropomorphic evil animals, servants of Don Crocodillo, there are several dozen Types of them, including dogs, cats, pigs, walruses and other creatures of the fauna, configured very, very aggressively. What is remarkable is that each type of enemy differs (and sometimes greatly) in characteristics and type of behavior from others, and each enemy as such in this game has its own unique name. But what is really surprising is that there are not the smallest number of elements of stealth and a very developed artificial intelligence of opponents here. So, many of them patrol the territory entrusted to them (that is, they themselves move around the level, and not just stand still and wait for you), and also often start shooting (very well-aimed!) First, as soon as they notice you. Therefore, move carefully, hide around the corner, shoot from cover - without all this, you simply cannot survive here. Remember, however, that the enemies are also trained in all this.

Locations are no less diverse and beautiful - there are eight of them in total, but they are very, very large. We have a journey through the landfill, metro stations, central park, construction site, port, warehouses, secret chemical plant and other interesting places, each of which has its own special, unique design. The graphics in the game are not just wonderful at all, but are (especially taking into account the platform - the game is made for DOS) on the verge of fantasy - full 3D and amazing quality of backgrounds, models and just everything that is there.

Do you need a verdict after all that has been said? In my opinion, it's redundant. Before you now is another old masterpiece, just a game of those that are no longer made and will never be made - bold, a little crazy, terribly complex - and at the same time terribly funny and not letting go of yourself. This is a real diamond of the old gaming industry and a royal gift to any old gamer, therefore it receives a deep bow, the highest score and the most sincere recommendations for acquaintance with absolutely all lovers of the classics.