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Dangerous Dave 3 (DOS)

Dangerous Dave 3 DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Softdisk Publishing
Developed by: Gamer's Edge
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue is a continuation of the legendary action game. We still have the same guy in the red cap, Dave. This time, the events take us to the terrible castle of Dr. Nemesis. The fact is that Dave's brother, Delbert, who came to visit him for the weekend, was kidnapped by this soulless and evil genius, Dr. Nemesis.

Dave accepts the challenge, putting on his red cap all the way, he sets out on his journey to Nemesis' castle. Dave still has the same eight-shot shotgun in his hands, which terrifies all the evil spirits that block his path. This time against Dave, in addition to the old set of monsters, crowds of bloodthirsty wolves will confront you, which by all means will prevent you from reaching the castle and saving your brother.

On the way to save Delbert, you will need to go through eleven levels at the end of each of which you will be met by terrible and ruthless monsters - the servants of Nemesis. To pass them you will need to apply the maximum number of combat skills and ingenuity. And do not forget that reloading at the wrong moment can play a decisive factor, whether you stay alive and save your brother - Delbert or die before reaching the castle.


  • Exits Game - CapsLock + Q
  • Free Items - CapsLock + I
  • God Mode - CapsLock + G
  • Level Warp - CapsLock + W
  • Memory Usage - CapsLock + M