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Castle of Dr. Brain (DOS)

Castle of Dr. Brain DOS
Genre: Educational, Puzzle
Perspective: 1st-person
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1991
Platform: DOS

A nice puzzle collection disguised as a quest.

We play as a young enthusiast who has decided to get hired as an assistant to the mad genius - Dr. Brain! But the doctor does not hire anyone and arranges an aptitude test for us - we must overcome all his brutal puzzles before we get a position.

Although the game was positioned as educational and developing, I think that not every child will be able to cope with difficult puzzles even on medium difficulty - however, the difficulty switch was made especially for them. It has three positions - Novice, Standard and Expert. It would be more correct to call them "Primitive", "It's time to drink validol" and "Does this problem have a solution in general?", but this is my personal opinion.

All puzzles are sorted by type: moving from hall to hall and from floor to floor, we gradually sort through the types - mathematical, logical, verbal, programmer...

In fact, this game, long before the living classics of the genre, blazed a path that Myst, Shivers, Lighthouse and many others later followed, but at the same time with a completely sane hint system for the faint of heart.