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Superfrog (DOS)

Superfrog DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Team17 Software Limited
Developed by: Team17 Software Limited
Released: 1994
Platform: DOS

Fun, colorful platform arcade game with Amiga. For me personally, games from this platform have always been and will be the standard of computer games, but even if we consider this a purely subjective point of view, no one can deny that it was there that names appeared that later became legends on the PC. You don't have to look far for examples - Superfrog's developer is Team 17. Now this name is strongly associated with the Worms series of games, but take any Amiga fan - and he will name a dozen more games from Team 17 and only then remember Worms.

So, the guys from Team 17, then still little known among the whole mass of gamers (Amiga users have always been in the minority compared to PC and consoles), but full of enthusiasm, decided to make an arcade game about a superhero frog. And they did it so well that they later ported the game to the PC, thanks to which we can still play it on modern computers (with the help of DOSbox, the game just doesn’t work from under Windows).
Superfrog DOS title

I must say that the Amiga at that time (early 90s) was significantly ahead of the PC both in terms of characteristics and ideas. For example, the flash animations that became popular not so long ago on the PC had a much more thoughtful and perfect analogue on the Amiga - ANIMs. Unfortunately, the intro made in this format is only available in the Amiga version of the game, but it can be viewed directly from the browser at this address: Superfrog Intro. To do this, you must have Quicktime installed on your computer. The intro tells the background of the game, where the frog came from and what he has to do, so I will not retell all this.

The game itself is a fairly typical arcade game, the frog jumps through the levels and kills enemies by jumping on them. The player is required to find a way out and collect the required number of coins scattered around the level. The frog can find special bonuses - for example, wings, while he can sort of dive on his cloak (you need to often press CTRL while jumping). The game has smooth and fast scrolling (which the Amiga has always been famous for), and in many ways it resembles my favorite Jazz Jackrabbit - the same unbridled speed and jumps. In general, I recommend it to all lovers of beautiful platformers.