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This Is Football 2 (PS1)

This Is Football 2, TIF2 PSX
Genre: Sports
Perspective: 3rd-person
Sport: Football (European) / Soccer
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.
Developed by: Team SOHO
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The sequel to the original 1999 game is another attempt at a realistic football simulator. The game is officially licensed (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Footballeurs Professionnels) so all players in the game have real names and similar looks (as far as it is possible for the console). Dozens of famous football players from all over the world are waiting for you with the game, as well as the main football leagues and championships.


  1. Turn on the Radar Option and adjust it so that you can see perfectly where your teammates are.
  2. Usually the best way to tackle the ball is to use the Block Tacket. However, other types of tackling the ball (for example, tackles) help to tack the ball from a greater distance from the opponent.
  3. Do not abuse tackles (Square button). If you make a mistake, you will almost certainly be fined, or even kicked off the field.
  4. If your defender is sent off for a foul, reorganize your team in such a way as to replace him in defense, otherwise there will be gaping holes in it.
  5. If an opposing player goes head-to-head with your goalkeeper, hold the R2 button to jump out of the goal, then Dive straight for the ball.
  6. When you are under heavy pressure from the opponent, press the Square button and kick the ball far out of bounds.
  7. Hold the R1 button and use the D-pad to spin the ball (flank pass and corner pass) away from the goal, otherwise it will become an easy prey for the goalkeeper.
  8. To successfully attack with your head, quickly hold the Square or X button, and then release them as soon as the ball starts to go down.
  9. Do not make spectacular falls in the penalty area or anywhere else to earn a free kick or penalty. This usually ends badly, as the referee will definitely notice and fine.
  10. Be sure to memorize your results after each match in the tournament. Then, if you lose the next game, you can reload it and replay it.