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The Sims 3 (NDS)

The Sims 3 NDS
Genre: Simulation
Gameplay: Life / Social Simulation
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: The Sims Studio
Released: 2011
Platforms: Nintendo DS (NDS)

The game is a virtual sandbox in which the player can control the life of the characters. In the base simulator, without additions, a town called Sunset Valley is available, which, according to the plot of the game, was founded by the families of Goth and Landgrab, but later the Alto family settled there, which led to a conflict between families. There are 26 families in the city, many characters were borrowed from the previous parts of The Sims games, in particular Sunset Valley is home to many characters from "The Town 1" of The Sims and Novoselsk Pleasantview, from The Sims 2, and the events are a prequel of the previous parts . In particular, there are characters who have not aged or already died of old age in the first or second simulator. For example, the couple Goth - Cornelia and Gunther, bringing up her son - a small Mortimer Goth. The family lives in a large Victorian mansion, and members of the Goth family and Crumplebottom on the maternal line are buried on their back ground. Little Mortimer himself is in a friendly relationship with Bella Bachelor, who in the universe of The Sims and The Sims 2, being an adult, will become his wife. Bella, in turn, lives with her parents - Jocasto Jocasta and Simis, and also with older brother Michael. Jokasto's mother pays a lot of time to raise her children, so they differ in their exemplary behavior among the other little Sims. Another family - Langerak consists of a coupleː Dustin and Lliana, as well as their children - Parker and Kaylynn. Besides this, Zelda Mae lives with his family, working as a musician. Yulianna Tesla, the youngest member of the family, will become the cleaner and lover of Don Lothario in Novoselsk from The Sims 2. In one of the modern mansions there lives a young widow Agnes Crumplebottom, who recently lost her husband and inherited his large fortune. Residents of the town try to avoid her and the mansion itself. Agnes herself was going to have a baby and there was still a child's unfinished room in the house. In "The Township 1" of The Sims, she will become an angry elderly lady, known as Miss Cramblebottom. At the top of the hill are two magnificent estates, one of which is home to Landgraab, whose name has been mentioned repeatedly in previous episodes of The Sims.

In addition to the characters from the previous Sims games, there are many new families in the town, for example the Alto family, who gained wealth through deception and fraud and whose mansion stands on a mountain near Landgraab's house. Vita and Nick Alto themselves are evil characters, but their daughter Holly turned out to be a kind person and does not conflict with anyone unlike her parents. Sami Alto and Landgraab are at odds with each other. In another family - Single Moms household, under one roof lives Fiona McIrish along with her daughter - River. Fiona recently let her friend Molly French with her little daughter Sandi live, who in turn were left without a home. The family has a small monetary budget. In addition to the above families and characters, Sunset Valley has many lonely characters.

The meaning of the game is to manage the family, which can consist of a maximum of eight virtual people - sims. The Sims 3 is not tied to the storyline and theoretically the characters can be controlled forever. The game is only interrupted when the only or the last controlled sim on the site dies for any reason, then there is the opportunity to choose another managed family. The main goal of the player is to constantly satisfy the basic needs of the characters. Another goal is to find a permanent source of income; Improving the skills of characters, and strengthening their connections with other sims. In addition, the game allows you to build buildings and equip the rooms in which the characters live or will live. When managing a family, you can switch between two main modes: life, where the player directly controls the actions of the Sims and the editor of the building / furniture purchase to build a house and equip it with furniture for the family's money (then time for the Sims stops and they "freeze" in place) . Also there is a shooting mode, which allows you to take photos or shoot videos from the simulator. The day in the game lasts 24 minutes, but time can be accelerated several times, for example, when the character is asleep or working. The day is smoothly replaced at night, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

When you start a new game, the player defaults to Sunset Valley. When a player loads a town, two modes are available: "Game Settings" and "City Change". The first mode is launched by default if the player has not yet selected a managed family. In the game setup mode on the site, you can put a new family from the selected list, or create a new one in the character editor. The family chosen by the player will by default become manageable in this town, even if the player is in the city editor mode. In the city change mode, you can delete and build any buildings. Together with the update, the opportunity was added to place empty plots in a flat location and decorate it with trees with street decorations.

The age of the created characters can be formed from toddler to the old man. With the help of sliders you can choose the desired shade of skin from swarthy to pale, and there is a wide selection of hairstyles to which you can choose any color from the available palette. In addition, the editor allows you to change the facial features and physique of the Sim from fat to thin and from muscular to weak. For each character, a life goal is chosen, to which he will strive throughout his life, as well as his character traits, which in the future will affect the behavior and desires of the sim. However, life goals do not affect the general character of the character, as it was in The Sims 2 In the base game, there are 63 character traits available. Each character can choose 5 features, but they should not contradict each other, for example, a family man / detonenavistnik or the soul of a company / loner. When creating several characters at once, the player can form a related relationship between them (for example, brother and sister, father and son) or marriage ties. Each character in the relationship menu can see his family tree and see all the relatives, including the deceased. A ready-made family can be lodged on an empty or finished plot; in the family there can not be more than eight people with pets.

The plots can be residential and public. Sim lives in a residential area and can visit public places, for example, to shop or make new acquaintances. In the purchase mode, a player can purchase new furniture or sell an existing one. In the construction mode, the player can build a house or change the terrain of the site. However, the construction and purchase regime is not available for plots not belonging to a managed family. In the construction and purchase mode, the player can change the character's area, equip it. However, the possibility of building and buying new furniture is limited by the family budget. Houses can be built almost any size and shape, furniture is also made in different styles, from classics to minimalism. In the third simulator, a style creation tool is introduced, which allows you to almost infinitely change the textures of objects and their hues.

Above the head of the controlled character is a "hanging" "plombob" - a hexagonal bipyramidal crystal - the color of which also reflects the character's mood
Each managed character has six scales of needs, which must be periodically replenished. The most important of them: providing food, going to the toilet and sleeping. If you do not meet the needs of the characters, they will be unhappy and may even die. The character's general mood is also affected by his character traits: for example, the dirty trick will not pay attention to the garbage in the house, and the technophobe becomes nervous at the sight of any electronics. Also, the mood of the character is influenced by the events taking place around him: so if the character, even with complete scales of needs, fails in love, is fired from work or survives the death of his native - in any case will walk in a depressed mood, and vice versa - hungry and tired character , who just fulfilled his dream, will be happy.

Each character has desires, so one of the main tasks of the player is to accomplish them, for which the Sims receive the so-called "happiness points", which, in turn, can be awarded different rewards that facilitate the life of the character, or give him an advantage in communication . The greatest number of points of happiness sim receives when fulfilling its life goal. What desires will be depends on the character with which the character was created and what life goal was chosen for him: the artist will always think about the pictures, and the villain will dream of the next dirty tricks. To the wishes of the sim came true, it is necessary to perform certain actions, improve his skills and strengthen ties with other characters.

The game has a lot of social interactions with different characters: from simple friendship and romance to open hostility. Relationships between characters begin with "neutral"; to improve them, you need to communicate with the character and carry out various interactions, while ensuring that they correspond to the level of development of the relationship. For example, if you try to hug or kiss a barely familiar character, he will most likely refuse him and the relationship will deteriorate noticeably. A character can intentionally offend another Sim, when a bad relationship is reached, you can arrange a fight. Also on the attitude of the character traits: if the characters will have opposite traits, that this will significantly complicate their communication. A bad or evil character by default will be harder to make friends with someone.

Another goal of the player is to replenish the family savings of a managed family, for which the character must get a job. Each profession is divided into 10 stages, and the character begins his career from the lowest position, having a small hourly salary. The game uses a fictional currency, which is called simoleon. To advance the career ladder, the character must develop skills, come to work in a good mood and improve relations with colleagues. When the top of the career is reached, unique interactions become available to the character.