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Rushdown (PS1)

Rushdown PSX
Genre: Racing / driving, Sports
Sport: Snowboarding / skiing
Vehicular: Bike / Bicycling, Naval / watercraft
Setting: Africa, Contemporary, Europe, Japan (Modern/Futuristic), North America, South America
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Virtual Studio
Released: 1999
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

This is a compilation of three extreme sports: kayaking, mountain biking and snowboarding. At your disposal are five regions of the planet Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Japan, 15 tracks and three game modes: Arcade, Multiplayer and Championship. The arcade version of the game is a race from checkpoint to checkpoint where you need to meet within a certain period of time. In the Championship, you need to finish in the top three or break the track record in order to move to the next course. In multiplayer mode, you can compete with a friend on a split screen.


  • In Championship mode, boldly ram your opponents when they try to get past you. Miss the moment - and look in the wind field!
  • If you feel that you do not have time to get around the obstacle, press the Square button and jump over it.
  • To go through a very sharp turn, slow down, then you can literally turn on the "heel" and not lose a lot of time. This will be more efficient than using L1 or R1.
  • When you "take off" in the air and see that disaster is imminent, short press L1 or R1 exactly at the moment of landing. Change direction instantly, stay safe and not lose much speed.


All courses (tracks) - on the main menu screen, press Up (x2), Down (x2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle to unlock all arcade mode tracks.