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Peter Pan in Return to Neverland (PS1)

Peter Pan in Disney's Return to Never Land PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person, Side view
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Developed by: Doki Denki SA
Released: 2002
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

A magnificent colorful game from the Disney studio, created based on the cartoon of the same name, all from the same studio. You will play the role of Peter Pan or his assistant Tinker Bell and go through more than 20 levels filled with jumping, puzzles, racing and fighting. The game is characterized by bonus and hidden stages, special modes for the best players, great graphics with bright colors inherent in Disney games. At the same time, the game is designed so that even the smallest can play it.


  • Attack the flowers if the health level drops or the amount of flower pollen decreases.
  • Use the stage map if you get lost or don't know what to do next.
  • When you reach 900 feathers, you can open the chest at the Indian Store and get a Health Boost. By the way, there are only five such useful items in the game. You will purchase one in the Indian store, and you will find the rest at various stages of the game.
  • When you find the four lost boys, you will be able to fly much faster.


  • Buttons on the D-pad - control of Peter Pan (the main character of the game).
  • Hold X button to fly.
  • Triangle button - Peter Pan will be able to play the "pipes" (panpipes) as soon as he gets this "art" (Skill) by defeating the boss.
  • Square button - use a knife. If you hold the button, you can throw a knife at the enemy after you get this "art" (after defeating the boss).
  • Circle button - use pollen (pixie dust). This art will also be acquired by Peter Pan by defeating the boss.
  • Buttons L1 / R1 - Map view.
  • Buttons L2 / R2 - "Reverse".
  • Start button - Pause menu. You can also remember the game by pressing the Start button when you are on the Neverland Map screen.
  • Select button - view the interface.


  • Hearts. Restore health.
  • Feathers. They play the role of money. They can be used to purchase items in the Indian Shop:
White feathers are worth 1 point.
Blue feathers are worth 5 points.
Red feathers are worth 10 points.
  • Keys. Needed to close doors.
  • Film Reels. Once you find one, you'll receive a ticket that you can use at the Indian Shot store to watch a movie clip.
  • Health Boost. Adds a heart to your Health Meter.