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Mega Man II (Game Boy)

Rockman World 2, MegaMan 2
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Japan System House Co.
Released: 1992
Platforms: Game Boy, Nintendo (NES)

After passing through the first four bosses (Clash Man, Metal Man, Wood Man and Air Man), a small intro is shown to the player, in which the Mega Man can be seen in front of the castle. Then Mega Man teleports to the castle and meets with Dr. Wiley, the latter overthrows the Mega Man down, where there are four teleports. Going into the teleport Mega Man is waiting for a full level, and at the end the boss.

After the destruction of the next four bosses, Mega Man will have to fight with Quint, another boss. After the destruction of this boss, the player will have to complete a level, at the end of which he will meet with the final boss, Dr. Wiley. After defeating Dr. Wiley, a cutscene is shown to the player - Dr. Wiley flies away from his castle on the run, but Mega Man is pursuing him on Rush. Then Mega Man launches a Wiley rocket into the aircraft, in connection with which Wiley falls to the ground from space, and his device explodes. However, this time the insidious doctor manages to escape. After the final cutscene are captions.


  • Clash Man - a robot, instead of the hands of which are rotating drills. It also has a certain taper on the head. An attack of a robot is reduced to throwing bombs at a player, which explode either after hitting a Mega Man, or after a certain period of time.
  • Metal Man is a robot with a saw on its head. Attacks a player with circular saws, which he shoots only when he is attacked by a player. However, in rare cases, it can act on its own initiative.
  • Wood Man is a robot with an external resemblance to a tree. Attacks a player with leaves that fall from above. It can create for itself a protective shield from the shots of the player, who also attacks by hurling him.
  • Air Man - a robot with a propeller in the body. The figure is an oval-shaped robot. Attacks the player with small tornadoes that need to be jumped. The direction of the tornado is carried out by the propeller of the robot, besides the action of the propeller extends to the Mega Man - movement is impeded, it is blown away. Shooting mega Man in a tornado does not bring any effect.
  • Hard Man is a robot made of steel. Attacks the player fists, boomerangs, returning after a shot back. Occasionally makes a high jump, after which for some time stuck in the ground.
  • Top Man - a robot with a spinning top on the head. It also attacks three tops. After the attack, the tops spin up and roll into another corner.
  • Needle Man - a robot with no head, eyes are on the torso. Attacks the player with needle shots, can also attack with long needles that move out of the platform that appears in the area of the top of the robot.
  • Magnet Man is a robot with a magnet on its head. It can attract a magnet to itself.
  • Quint is a boomerang robot. Moves by jumping while sitting on a device. After the device touches the ground, stones are knocked out of it, which fly up and then fall down.
  • Dr.Wily is the last boss of the game. Dr. Wiley is located on a walking robot, like a dinosaur and consists of two parts.


After the destruction of the robot Quint, the player gets Sakugarne at his disposal, which can be used as a platform for jumping, as well as a weapon. After destroying Clash Man, Mega Man gets Rush Coil, allowing him to jump to high places. Rush Jet Mega Man gets after winning the Air Man, the item allows the Rush to turn into a flat surface and move the Mega Man through the air. In order to get Rush Marine, the player must destroy Metal Man. The item allows Rush to turn into a submarine and swim without going to the bottom in any direction.