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Circuit Breakers (PS1)

Circuit Breakers PSX
Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: Behind view, 3rd-person
Interface: Direct control
Vehicular: Automobile, Track racing
Published by: Mindscape
Developed by: Supersonic Software Ltd.
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Racing game with beautifully executed cars, excellent tracks, polygonal graphics. But the main feature of the game is the "computer" racer - artificial intelligence AI. The computer, as it were, is watching your style of racing, remembers mistakes and miscalculations and uses them against you. But you can also watch other racers, study their style and "little tricks" and then take this into account when competing with them. The AI ​​is really good and the ability to actively learn while racing against the "computer" is very interesting and fun.

Racing routes are located in 12 different regions (Jungle, Wild West, Metropolis, etc.) and are largely determined by your choice. The tracks are difficult - a lot of hills, climbs, dangerous descents, jumps, sharp turns - in general, everything you need! Each of the 8 cars has its own characteristics and characteristics that must be well studied, otherwise the race will not be won. Multi-Player mode allows up to 4 players to play at the same time.

This game should appeal primarily to fans of the Rock 'n Roll Racing game from 16-bit platforms (primarily game perspective, dynamism and tracks) or the Micro Machines series of games.


  1. Hill Starts. Some trails have very difficult climbs that you can fail on. Then, if you have a fighting spirit (and without it there is nothing to do in the race) during a new start at the foot of the slope, start at the highest possible speed. When you get to the top of the hill first, the pursuers will give chase and make mistakes on the uphill in the hustle and bustle. And you will calmly lead and giggle at the losers.
  2. Power-up Pleasure. This tactic is good against inexperienced opponents. Let them pick up power-ups in the most difficult places, but these finds will do them a disservice! At the most unexpected times, they will suddenly accelerate or suddenly grow large wheels! Terribly fun to hear their screams as they roll down the cliffs!
  3. It's a Knockout. This technique can be used as soon as the green light turns on. But it is better to choose some kind of rise or bridge where you can knock your opponent off the track. However, do not abuse this, otherwise the opponents will adapt and begin to attack you themselves. Although this can also be used. You need to be slightly behind at the start, and when the opponents leave you alone, attack them from behind. If you are attacked, then try to avoid the collision (by accelerating or braking), then the aggressors can crash into each other, and you will break through the debris forward.
  4. Edge moves. On most tracks there are inconspicuous cliffs, from where you can easily throw off an opponent by ramming him in the side. But another opponent can also deal with you, so be careful. If you see that you are being attacked, immediately slow down, and then rush forward. The aggressor attacks and misses - so he will end up in a ditch or even in an abyss.
  5. Never Bullshit Bullshittor. If you start together with aggressive rivals, then be careful and do not leave abruptly from the start. Wait a little, and then ram your opponent with a blow from behind. Throw him off the track, and with luck, he will fly off the cliff.
  6. Love Mother Nature. There are sections on the tracks where it is easy to get rid of the opponent. So there are a lot of rocky cliffs and large stones on the desert tracks. If you manage to drive rivals into them with a ramming blow, they will no longer compete in the race.
  7. Fools Rush In. In such racing games, the leader sees a very small section of the road in front of him, and each obstacle appears unexpectedly. Try to race in second position, then the simple-minded dunce will almost certainly get into some kind of trouble, and you will have time to maneuver.
  8. Powerslide. On sharp turns, the car begins to skid and may even spin. As you enter a turn, take your finger off the accelerator and apply the brakes. Level the car and race longer. But if the opponents do not know such a maneuver, then this can be used. Drive the race along the center of the track pressing your opponent to the edge. When, at the entrance to the turn, the opponent's car begins to skid, he will almost certainly fall down, since he will not have room to maneuver.
  9. Side Swiper. Sometimes in a race you can remove the leader with someone else's hands. At a good speed, crash into a nearby car so that it knocks down your opponent. It is not at all easy, you need to choose the right moment and accurately calculate the time. But when such a technique succeeds, it looks very effective.
  10. Bridges. The biggest fun starts on the bridges, where the fate of the race is often decided. A very suitable place for a decisive attack, only if you have the courage and skill. After exiting the turn in front of the bridge, accelerate and come out slightly forward. Now you can safely ram or press the opponent, so that he will be out.