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Army Men 3D (PS1)

Army Men 3D PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Published by: 3DO Company
Developed by: 3DO Company
Released: 1999
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Little plastic soldiers have always been a collector's item for war gamers, and video game developers have taken advantage of this by creating a great strategy game for PC. Lead game designer Keith Bullen didn't stop there and took on the development of the PlayStation version. This action-strategy was originally supposed to be completed at the end of 1998, but the end of the game was slightly delayed. By design, the game consists of numerous missions, during which you have to free your plastic friends, infiltrate radar stations, and destroy enemy soldiers and equipment. You have a rifle in your hands, but by going through the tasks, you can gradually acquire more decent weapons: bazookas, mortars, flamethrowers, grenade launchers and minesweepers. Not only foot battles are coming, because there are a lot of different vehicles at your service: Half-tracks, Jeep, Cargo Truck and even tanks. Battles look very expressive, fragments of plasticine fly in different directions with each hit, and sometimes soldiers simply melt, especially if they are heated with a flamethrower!

The figurines are very expressive and picturesque. So Sarge, the central commander-in-chief of the greens (his opponents are browns), all the time assumes classic military poses, can lead (like Chapaev) his troops into the attack, owns any weapon and famously drives all the cars. Imagine a picture, bullets whistling around and shells, and you are rushing through a minefield ... It's simply breathtaking, and yet you still have to make reasonable strategic decisions, otherwise you will never cope with the task. In addition to the single player mode, there is a two-player mode in the form of deathmatch or mutual assistance.


Direction Keys (D-Pad) or Analog Sticks = Control Soldier
X = fire
Square = view/select weapons (back)
Circle = quick reversal
Triangle = view/select weapons (forward)
Select = view map
Start = pause/menu
L1 = duck
L2 = roll
R1 = combatcam
R2 = prone (kneel)


L2 = spin machine gun left
R2 = rotate machine gun to the right
R1 = combatcam
X = fire


L2 = spin machine gun left
R2 = rotate machine gun to the right
R1 = combatcam
X = machine gun fire

Cargo Truck

Direction Keys (D-Pad) or Analog Sticks = Drive Truck


L2 = spin machine gun left
R2 = rotate machine gun to the right
R1 = combatcam
R1 + Pad Up = Aim Down
R1 + Pad Down = Aim Up
X = fire


  1. Use somersaults to dodge enemy fire. This is a very effective technique. Use the L2 buttons and the direction buttons (I/A). This technique can easily be adapted for a lightning-fast sortie from cover, you can dodge a shot or a tank and at the same time return fire. At the same time, keep in mind that when performing somersaults, you lose an accurate sight. Therefore, after the maneuvers, it is necessary to take a starting position and make an accurate shot. Practice a little and you'll be fine. Bring this operation to automatism.
  2. When using a minesweeper, clear all nooks, cracks and crevices between billboards of mines.
  3. You can safely go under the "grenade arch" and shoot the grenadier.
  4. Try to throw the grenade closer to the target, unless it is on a slope. Otherwise, the grenade may roll and you will suffer from the explosion.
  5. When you enter a minefield, select your mine detector, walk forward a few steps, then hold down the "roll" button and start rolling left to right to pass the mines unobstructed. This method saves a lot of time.
  6. If you just move back, the enemy will still be able to shoot you. Therefore, if you want to save your life, quickly turn around and run as fast as you can. Saves submachine gunners and machine gunners from fire.
  7. Don't waste grenades and be sure to count the supply before opening a new crate. And do not throw them into machine gun nests, it is better to run to a safe distance and shoot them with sniper fire. The rifle is a reliable and effective weapon, besides, it has endless ammo!
  8. Learn Sarge's aiming technique, he does it very cleverly, especially if the target is not visible! Sometimes it's enough just to find the enemy when he opens fire and destroy him from a long distance.
  9. Use the features of perspective, because in reality you can see much more than a person in Sarge's position can really see. If you are standing in front of a wall and the enemies are behind it, use the Left/Right buttons to change the angle of view and pinpoint their location. This technique works great with throwing grenades as they fly through anything.
  10. Don't get caught in the crossfire or the game will end quickly. If you find yourself under fire from snipers and machine gunners, then things are bad. So first of all, destroy one machine gun nest, then push Sarge forward and shoot another. And watch out for snipers!



The first and, perhaps, the best weapon with an unlimited supply of ammo and an almost unlimited radius of destruction.


Pretty stupid weapon, shoots in bursts, but runs out of ammo quickly. The biggest drawback is the limited damage radius. Browns are almost all armed with machine guns, and therefore it is easy to deal with them, and you can easily dodge their fire.


A very powerful and effective weapon that allows you to solve almost any problem. There are a lot of grenades on the level, but when you throw them, aim just below the crosshair of the sight, otherwise they will simply fly over the target. Check how many grenades you have before taking the crate, where there are always five. If you already have 9 grenades, you can take only one, and for this it is not worth wasting precious seconds.


A very powerful defensive weapon. If you decide to retreat, mines can come in handy and stop the advancing enemy.


Very good against tanks, hard to hit accurately, but three good shots are enough to destroy a tank. It is useful to practice properly, while throwing grenades from cover is much more effective. Other targets should not be fired from the bazooka.


Something like a long-range grenade launcher, but it shoots very slowly. Use to destroy targets that cannot be thrown with a grenade or destroyed with a rifle.


It looks very impressive on the screen, but it is of little use. Almost like an automatic. After all, you need to attack the enemy in such a way that he cannot hit you, and with a flamethrower you will have to go out into the open and, therefore, you will be more vulnerable.


Used to destroy obstacles and perform certain strategic tasks.



With it, you can set mines and also neutralize them. Good stuff, might come in handy.

Small First Aid Kit

Heals up to 30% of damage taken by Sarge.

Large first aid kit

Hollow heals all damage taken by Sarge. When you have lost up to half your health, use a small first-aid kit, and if more is lost, then use this first-aid kit.


It is very necessary for the successful completion of almost all missions. Sometimes you will learn how to get through the minefield, but often you will learn much more.

Intelligence service

It sounds nice, but it's not too much use, since Sarge, like an x-ray, shines through almost everything with his scanner (in the lower right part of the screen). But it can come in handy if you find yourself in some fenced area where visibility is limited.



Single shot enemies act like real snipers and are extremely dangerous. Their range is as good as yours, and they can take out Sarge with a few well-placed shots. It is better to dodge their shots by somersaults to the left or to the right. First of all, in any situation, destroy the snipers.

Machine gun nests

Pretty simple targets as they are easy to see on the radar screen! Moreover, they give themselves away when they open fire long before you get to the lethal distance. And when you get under fire, roll left or right, then the enemy will miss or take minor damage. And in the interval between bursts, you can easily eliminate the enemy.


  • It is best to destroy them with grenades, throwing them from cover. Aiming is easy, since the tank is very large, it is difficult to miss. Four accurate hits, and the tank is finished, and three shots from a bazooka are enough. But keep in mind that grenades are much more in levels than bazooka charges. In general, when you get comfortable with bazooka and grenades, you will understand that tanks are just an easy target, if you don’t yawn! So the tank levels are very simple and, one might say, fun.
  • When you run out of grenades and bazooka rounds, don't get scared and just run away, the tank won't chase you. Find the necessary ammo, go back and deal with him.
  • It is also worth noting that the tanks in this game are ineffective, they cannot even overcome mountains!

Bazooka Man

They move quite quickly and pose a serious danger, although they themselves are very afraid of grenades (well, rightly so). Your best bet is to move away from them, dodge the fire with side rolls, and then finish them off with your rifle from a safe distance. These are not machine gun nests for you, here you will have to master rather complex maneuvers.

Grenade launchers

These guys are very dangerous and throw grenades at the first opportunity. It's best to finish them off with long-range sniper fire. But you can slap in a brazen and from a medium distance, since grenades have a small radius of destruction. Even if a grenade falls at your feet, you just have to perform a somersault to the left or right, and you will be safe (you are unlikely to be able to simply run away).


Do not climb into the fire yourself, and if you already hit, then immediately bounce to the side. The less time you spend in the fire, the healthier you will be! They, like machine gunners, can only get you at close range, so just move away, or even better - destroy the enemy with a grenade.

Stationary and moving soldiers

  • The actions of the enemies are quite monotonous in nature. As if asleep, they sit in their positions, but as soon as you cross some kind of conditional line, they jump out and attack. Pretty quickly you will master and find suitable places where you can quickly and easily deal with them.
  • In the last levels, some snipers will follow you, but not very fast. Therefore, it is not at all difficult to escape, performing somersaults in both directions in zigzags. Then turn around and shoot the pursuer