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Medal of Honor (PS1)

Medal of Honor, MoH PSX
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Historical Events, World War II
Narrative: Spy / Espionage
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: DreamWorks Interactive
Released: 1999
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Exclusively for the PlayStation console. Medal Of Honor - the first game of the same-named series of games, it received high marks from game journalists and was named one of the best games in the themes of World War II.


The game takes place between June 6, 1944 and May 4, 1945. The protagonist of the game pilot of the military transport corps James Stephen Patterson did not complete one course at the academy and was drafted to the front. On the night of June 6, 1944, the Allied Command conducted one of the most ambitious air operations for landing in Normandy in the history of the war. However, the operation itself was tragic, a large number of aircraft were shot down, many crews were off course due to poor visibility and fierce German fire and landed troops completely out of place. Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson was on target, but his plane was shot down. He bravely defended his wounded comrades from German patrols, destroyed a large number of enemies and was rescued by the incoming American paratroopers. For his feat, Jimmy Patterson received from the US Congress Medal of Honor, the highest military award of the United States. Now he is offered to join the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). If he agrees, then he will fly to France, if not - then he keeps silent about what was in this room. On meditation he is given an hour - this is how long the plane will wait for him. What happened next is unknown, but the fact that the first mission begins with a parachute jump means that he agreed.



Health is indicated by a green circle around the compass, which indicates your direction, as well as the side from which they shoot. If the protagonist starts getting injured, the circle will gradually turn red and turn into an arc. Health is supplemented by first-aid kits of various values ​​or jars of water, sometimes falling out of enemies.


The soldier's arsenal consists of M1 Garand and BAR rifles, Thompson submachine guns and MP 38, Walther P38 pistols and a pistol with a silencer, grenades, Panzershrek and Bazooka grenade launchers. In some missions, MG-42 stationary machine guns come across - their radius of fire is limited, but the ammunition is endless and they do not need recharging. When the enemy stands behind the machine gun, the situation becomes very dangerous - it is difficult to kill a grenade, because they either do not reach because of a strong fire, or they bounce off (all machine guns are behind barbed wire fences, sandbags or are in concrete pillboxes).


The game consists of 22 levels for 7 missions. The co-ordinator Manon Batiste explains the purpose, objectives and location of each assignment. In missions where it is necessary to be disguised as a German officer, if you are discovered, one of the opponents will run to the alert button, the other one will cover it at that time. Also, when you walk in the officer's uniform on the deck of the ship, the sailors will let you in if you show them your false documents. Officers will suspect you if you show your face too long.
A mandatory condition for the successful passage of a mission is the complete fulfillment of all tasks at the level. If even one task is not fulfilled, then the mission is failed and it will have to be repeated.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intellect of the enemy does not have realistic habits, but due to some possibilities they are able to give worthy resistance:
enemies can hide behind corners or fences and look out for shots;
The ability to defend themselves against grenades - the Germans sometimes beat the thrown grenades with their feet or lift them and throw them back into the player, they can even rush onto it with their bodies and save their comrades;
Use of interactive elements of the environment (including machine guns);
Enemies can pretend to be unarmed, some scientists can surrender and at the most unexpected moment open fire from a gun hidden in a medical gown or even a machine gun;

List of missions

  1. Save the officer G-3.
  2. Destroy the railway gun "Greta".
  3. Destroy the U 4901 submarine.
  4. Penetrate into the undefeated fort "Schmerzen".
  5. Sabotage at the Riukan hydroelectric station.
  6. Saving works of art. Mercker's Mines.
  7. Destroy the V-2
After the complete passage of the game, the video or frames of the created missions are opened, as well as various game art.

Interesting Facts

  • The creation of the game was led by Steven Spielberg.
  • If you press the button of the sight and first lift it up and then sharply down and to the left, you can see that the arms hold hands that end in emptiness, including the weapon itself can be without a butt or handle.
  • If you look closely, then all opponents have the same face.
  • In some missions, there are scripted attacks that begin if you sit behind a machine gun. Opponents after death do not leave behind them neither weapons, nor helmets, nor flasks, and disappear without a trace. The first such attack occurs if you sit behind a machine gun in the first mission near the lost pilot's logbook.
  • The 7th mission mentions the name of Werner Von Braun - a well-known German designer and creator of Fau 2. Von Braun is also available in multiplayer mode.


Unlock all doors

While paused hold L1 + Triangle and press Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle

Mission Select

RETTUNG 1:Rescue The G3 Officer
ZERSTOREN 2:Destroy The Mighty Railgun Greta
BOOTSINKT 3:Scuttle Das Boot U-4901
SENFGAS 4:Attack Impenetrable Fort Schmerzen
SCHWERES 5:Sabotage the Rjukan hydro Plant
SICHERUNG 6:Capture the Secret German Treasure
GESAMTHEIT 7:Escape The V2 Rocket Plant

Misc. Passwords

ICOSIDODEC 4x4 Firing Rate
SPRECHEN American Movie Mode
WOOFWOOF Bismark Dog
COOLSHADES Egon New Uniform
ARTCRITIC Ernst New Uniform
MACOOCOO Game Werks Arena
BADCOPSHOW Infinite Ammunition
MOSTMEDALS Invincibility Mode
INTHENAVY Jens New Uniform
TIREDJOHAN Johan New Uniform
SCARYKARL Karl New Uniform
DENNISMODE multiplayer power-ups
NUTCRACKER Nutcracke New Uniform
AJRULES Picture of Adrian
COOLCHICK Picture of Lynn
BIGFATMAN Play as Col. Muller
HEINRICH Play as Heinrich
HELMUT Play as Helmut
JIMMY Play as Jimmy
MANON Play as Manon
BEACHBALL Play as Noah
ROBBIE Play as Robbie
ULF Play as Ulf
HOODUP Play as Wolfgang
GOBLUE Reflecting Shot Mode
IKEANDKEN Rizal New Uniform
WECANDOIT Rosie New Uniform
SPYSCHOOL Site-seeing Theatre
DENNISMODE Special multi-player powerups
BRADALARM Tempramental Tocsin for already beat levels
CAPTAINDYE Unlock all Multiplayer Characters
SSPIELBERG Velociraptor
DWIMOHTEAM View Development Team
DWIGALLERY View Picture Gallery
ROCKETMAN Werner Van Braun
PAYBACK William Shakespeare
FINESTHOUR Winston Churchill
TRACERON Wireframe Mode