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Stunts (DOS)

4D Sports Driving, Stunts DOS
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Tricks / stunts
Interface: Direct control
Vehicular: Automobile, Track racing
Published by: Broderbund Software
Developed by: Distinctive Software
Released: 1990
Platform: DOS

Outwardly unremarkable races with a computer opponent, if not for the opportunity to perform such dizzying stunts, from which the head of the person sitting at the monitor will go round. All this is provided by a wide range of various elements of the track, such as: circular serpentine, looped, trampolines, etc. By combining all these elements in the track editor, you can get your own unique track, which you can immediately try to drive. The passing / somersault process can be recorded and viewed from various vantage points.

If you have never experienced in real life what it is like to be in a car at the highest point of the loop, but would like to experience this feeling, then this game is for you.