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Epic Pinball (DOS)

Epic Pinball MS-DOS
Genre: Action, Compilation
Perspective: Top-down
Published by: Epic MegaGames
Developed by: Digital Extremes
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

One of the best and most famous representatives of the old pinballs, does not need a detailed description. You have to play on thirteen different tables dedicated to a variety of topics: futurism, underwater world, jungle, magic and so on.

Despite the fact that this game, unlike the same 1st Person Pinball or Pinball Prelude, does not have any amazing features that would sharply distinguish it from similar games, Epic Pinball is not required, because in fact it is this game and laid the foundations of what we call modern pinball. The graphics are absolutely luxurious, recommendations are not even necessary, since the game is a real classic.