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Resident Evil: Survivor (PS1)

Resident Evil Survivor PSX
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Shooter, Survival Horror
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Capcom Entertainment
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Capcom does not get tired of squeezing everything out of the ultra-popular BioHazard series (the native Japanese name for the game Resident Evil). The name of the game immediately brings to the player a simple and undeniable idea - you can survive only with the help of a pistol. Light gun, to be more precise .. After all, the game refers to games, commonly known as shooting, or ray-shooters (in the sense that the action as it is on the rails, but you only need to shoot and choose a fork). The role of targets in this dash will, of course, be played by vicious, disgusting half-decayed dead, terrible, making monsters not sleep at night. A firing position for the shooter will be the streets of Raccoon City, a city in which millions of gamers around the world know each lamppost.

But, sorry, you will say - because the problem with this long-suffering city is solved once and for all in the third part, what streets, zombies and monsters can survive, in the sizzling flame of a nuclear fire? Do not worry - the action of the game, apparently, will unfold until this moment, while Raccoon City was still standing, and zombies roamed its streets in search of the living, which can be eaten and / or at least bitten. Gun Survivor follows the path of the popular series from SEGA: The House Of The Dead - a gay toy with the "talking" title "House of Death," in which the player has to shoot dead dead and other evil spirits every second. It is worth noting that the fans of the Resident Evil series in the majority responded about the game extremely negatively, but I think this is an unfair observation, because the game should be perceived in the context of the genre, and not the series as a whole.

Control system

You can use a pistol, analog or digital joystick to control the game. In general, these control systems are similar enough, but the gun is more natural in this game and can be a great pleasure for the player. The analog joystick also allows you to use the vibration function, which is impossible with a pistol and a digital joystick. Here are the main management functions.
Movement on the screen is carried out using an analog joystick or D-pad.

Running: you must press the X button or the L3 button on the analog stick.
Shooting: the aiming is carried out by the button R1, the button Circle is carried out a shot.
To get to the Status Screen, click the Start button.
To access the main options menu, click the Select button. Once in the menu, you make a selection and exit the menu by pressing the X button.

Be sure to mix the plants at the first opportunity. This is very important and helps to maintain health. When you mix plants, you can create such combinations that allow you to maintain the Arch in an excellent sporting manner. This technology is known to everyone who used to play the games of the Resident Evil series. This game is no exception, but for those who for the first time meets with a game of this type, we give below the combination.
  • Green Herb: Restores life by 25%.
  • Red Herb: Increases the effect of another plant several times.
  • Blue Herb: Heals from poison (spiders and tentacles have a very strong poisoning effect).
  • Green + Red: Restores life by 100%.
  • Green + Blue: Restores life by 25% and cures for poison.
  • Green + Blue: Restores life by 25% and cures for poison.
  • Green + Blue + Red: Restores life by 100% and heals from poison.
  • Green + Green + Green: Restores life by 100%.


  • When you get into a new room, then immediately take this position to shoot enemies from a distance. It is very important.
  • Most of the game you will be able to do with guns. Exception, of course, are especially difficult situations, as well as a fight with the last boss.
  • When you find all the pistols, then choose the one that suits you best and best matches the situation. Try to use only one of them.
  • Take a decision each time when you have to choose one or another path, depending on the number of ammunition, medical items and the like. It would be rather foolish to go into the sewers and meet alligators if only pistols and some miserable green plant are at your disposal.
  • Try to run all the time, unless, of course, you do not fight. This will help you show a high result in time, and in some cases avoid an unexpected attack by the enemy. In addition, if you do not stand still, monsters are quite difficult to catch you. From a zombie it's pretty easy to dodge, but here's from Lickers or Hunters is no longer that simple. With these monsters, we advise you to fight with a more powerful weapon in order to defeat them faster. Pump rifle is the most suitable weapon in this situation.
  • When you spend all the ammo in your weapon, your character will start reloading the gun immediately, in automatic mode. The problem is quite different. If this happens during the battle, then for more than three seconds you will be absolutely vulnerable, and the recharging will not finish faster.
  • It is best to recharge weapons in advance, when there was one or two cartridges left in the store. This is especially important for a pump gun, since it requires a very long time to recharge.
  • When one or two cartridges remain in the pistol, quickly go to the Status screen, select your weapon, then select the "mix" command, and then select ammunition. Now, when you return back to battle, your weapon will have bullets under the string. This slow procedure can often save you from death. However, if you have a Handgun C pistol, then there seems to be no problem with quick recharging. He has 15 cartridges in his cage, and with such weapons one can quite successfully cope with any enemies, and then in a calm atmosphere recharge it.
  • When you find yourself in new premises, first look carefully, you can turn out to be back to the door or some entrance from where the enemies can attack. Therefore, immediately try to take a position with a good overview, from where you can safely deal with the enemy.
  • Be sure to try all kinds of weapons to know when and in what situations they are best used. For example, Flame Rounds are very good against Plants. Pump gun works great against Hunter, well, and so on.
  • Collect all keys and other items. Strangely enough, but in this game the size of your store is almost unlimited. Each object has its own function and its role in the game, so try to collect them all, so it will be more reliable.
  • "Destroy Mr. X always as soon as you see." This is a very cool monster from Resident Evil 2. Never run away from it. In this game, it's easier to cope with it than in RE2. With some skill, you can easily kill him with an ordinary gun. The only thing you need is to stuff it with lead and recharge your weapon in time. He, of course, will give you two or three times, but he will not do much harm. It will not be difficult to win, and when it crashes, you will get very decent ammunition, in particular, cartridges for a gun. Then you can use them against hunters and lickers or against the final boss.
  • As we have already said, the game is not linear in character and much depends on which track you choose. However, we advise not to miss a single track. In addition, even on old tracks, you can discover new items, as well as completely different adventures, depending on how you acted on previous levels.
  • If you want to skip a video, click the Start button, but you should not abuse it, because some video content contains very important information.
  • If you are a patient and skillful player, you will be able to earn S Rank and then you will receive a powerful rocket launcher M20-A1 Rocket Launcher. This is a powerful destructive weapon that can destroy almost any enemy, if not with one, then with two or three shots for sure. Mr. X can sometimes block a missile salvo if it is at a great distance. It will be enough for the hunter to have two, a maximum of three, shots. Dogs can sometimes dodge a rocket and, for some strange reason, the Zombies can be hit with two missiles. All types of bosses can be destroyed with a single shot from a rocket launcher, though as well as both alligators. This is pretty strange, because they are the most powerful enemies, but that's how the game is arranged.
  • As we have already said, some items will be completely at other places when you play next time. However, those items that Mr. X drops when you finish it do not change and will always be the same. So try to remember them when you first play the game.
  • "In the sewers, as we have already mentioned, you will meet two alligators, which are very dangerous, because they are the most powerful enemies in the game. The best way is to finish off the first one first, while the second one is just getting to you. So as soon as you see them, attack the neighbor as quickly as possible, then run to the end to the stairs, turn around and shoot the second alligator. It is best to use CZ-75 against it and, of course, stock up properly with plants, in case of which to heal. But if you have a rocket, then this problem can be closed.