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Crash Bandicoot (PS1)

Crash 1, Crash Bandicoot PS1
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment of America
Developed by: Naughty Dog
Released: 1996
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Crash's attacks are reduced to just one button. With his rotation (Tornado Spin), he can smash boxes placed along the way, and kill enemies. The game presents a lot of types of opponents and boxes, each of which will need to search for a suitable key (for example, red boxes marked TNT should not be destroyed by their rotation). In the boxes lie the fruits of the bag, which the hero can eat along the way, additional lives, and also protecting masks. In addition, boxes with an image of the letter "C" (English Checkpoint) may appear on the faces: if they are broken, then if life is lost, you can return to the place where the box was broken. By collecting all the boxes on the level and not losing a single life, you will be awarded a precious stone. After you collect all the stones, you will open a secret ending. The game has a lot of bonus levels, where you can easily earn extra wagers and lives, as well as meet with Tavna. Going to her, you can get a save point of the game. There are also special sophisticated bonuses Cortex and Brio. After the first, you can get the gold keys to the secret levels, and after the second, you will not lose lives at this level in the event of the death of Crash.

GameShark cheats

Unlock all levels - 80061948 0020
99 Lives - 800618EC 6300


In particular, this jump is a mandatory move in all platformers. On the console for this action usually answered the button "PlayStationX.svg". Rotation - as previously stipulated, this movement Krash can deal with his enemies, as well as break the boxes encountered on the way.


Wild boar - Crash uses this beast as a personal vehicle. Race on the pig is devoted to several levels in the game.


Somewhere in Australia, the scientist Dr. Neo Cortex conducts experiments in his laboratory on a captured animal, Crash. He does this in order to realize his dream - to create an army and enslave the whole world. He aims at the unfortunate bandicoot a cannon, called Evolvo Ray, capable, according to legend, to give animals human abilities, but by some coincidence, the gun does not have time to complete its process and the main character escapes. Apparently, instead of Crash leading the army of Dr. Cortex and thinking for hours about the tactics of carrying out his dreams, the poor fellow, on the contrary, is deprived of his last brains and loses his speech. However, the doctor is not so stupid as to ignore Plan B. He kidnapped the girl Crash, Tawna. As a result, Crash jumps out of the window and is on the shore of the island N.Sanity and then starts the game. In the salvation of his lover throughout the game, Crash will be helped by a certain spirit, masked in the face of the mask - Aku Aku. The game is full of all sorts of humor: even the death of the protagonist looks funny.


Crash Bandicoot is the main character of the game.
Aku Aku is a mask that can be found in boxes. Helps Crash throughout the game. It makes it possible to make one mistake.
Tawna is the girl Crash, abducted by Cortex. It occurs on bonus levels with the collection of fruit vampas and lives.
Dr. Neo Cortex is a mad scientist trying to capture the world. Is the main antagonist. The last boss.
Doctor Nitrus Brio is a chemist. Inventor of Evolvo Ray. The penultimate boss.
Papu Papu is the leader of the Aborigines. The first boss.
Ripper Roo - blue kangaroo. Second boss.
Koala Kong is a koala miner. The third boss.
Pinstripe Potoroo is a gangster swoop. The fourth boss.

Interesting Facts

In 2009, the disk with Crash Bandicoot found the level of "Stormy Ascent", not included in the release. It is completed from start to finish, probably the developers cut it out in the final stages of the game because of the complexity of this level. This level is included as a separate DLC in the re-issue of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy trilogy.
There are idols on the islands. All these idols and deities, including masks, are associated with the Rapanui mythology, the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands and the Easter Island.
In the game Uncharted 4 A Thief's End (2016), Crash Bandicoot - favorite game of the wife of Nathan Drake - Elena. The player is even given the opportunity to play in it.


Time is not limited, so have patience and always be careful when you are about to jump. Obstacles hide many holes, and some platforms remain durable only for a second.
Collect three Tiki-mask prizes, and you will be invulnerable for a short time.
Find the secret passage at the top of the Native Fortress level, and it will allow you to avoid many enemies.
When you break boxes on small platforms with a whirlwind attack, first make sure that you do not move, otherwise you can slip off the edge.
At Cortex Power level, jump to the right and bounce off the wall to avoid robots with spikes.
Splitting all the boxes without losing a life will give you a congratulatory screen and a diamond.
Additional prizes are found in the set usually near the end of the level.
When you run away from boulders, try to run as long as possible without turning off. Follow the fruit chains that will help to avoid obstacles.
At the level of the Rolling Stones, collect the three heads of Dr. Neo Cortex. One is in the box at the beginning of the level, one more - among the boxes with dynamite in the middle of the level, and the last one - near the exit from the level. Collect all three, and you will get to a difficult prize level, where you will cross boxes with dynamite.
Do not use a whirlwind attack against the Papu Papu boss. Jump to his head when he misses, trying to hit you with his club.
To defeat the boss Ripper Roo, first dodge it by running between the three front cubes. When he approaches from behind, activate the nearest explosive and run away.
How to make your life easier. The easiest and safest way to get yourself extra lives you can use right at the beginning of the game. And do not need to enter special codes and look for any items. Just start the game and collect all the fruits of Vumba from two boxes - jumpers and from one box "?". After that, press Start, then Select - and go outside the map. Now go back to the first level and reassemble the Fruits from these three boxes.
Remember that for 100 fruits Wumba is given an extra life. Of course, this takes time, I want to start the game as soon as possible. But the truth is, it is better to collect more lives than to die without going through the level. And then, because without any risk!
"About Fruits." At each level, you need to collect all the fruits of Vumba. They not only bring you closer to extra life; if you do not die at this stage, they will allow you to access the secret territories of other levels with the help of Gems. But to collect fruit from boxes - jumpers need from the first call. If you need two or three jumps, you will lose some of the fruit. As in the whole game, here the saving of time is encouraged.
Additional assistance. On some levels, the Crash comes across long poles (for example, in Heavy Machinery), and sometimes rope bridges (at the level of Road to Nowhere). With their help you can avoid falls in the abyss, escape from enemies and solve other problems. At the level of Road to Nowhere, you can jump on the rope rails of the destroyed bridge and safely navigate through them; but do not jump too high - you can make a somersault from the bridge and ... God knows where to land! At first, you, of course, will lose a couple of lives, but, having mastered the control of jumping, get rid of problems.
"Jump on the enemy." Jump top on any of the enemies (for example, the turtle), you can jump much higher than usual. Thus, you can overcome dangerous chasms and get to inaccessible prizes. This applies to some extent to all beings, although turtles are the most suitable.
Obstacles. At many early levels, there are rolling stone disks, moving from side to side. The surest way to be not crushed, like a piece of dough, is to jump at a time when the disc passes you. Again, training will help you.
Indiana Jones Rip - Off level. Despite the abundance of enemies, it's quite easy to pass this level: you just have to run faster. After reaching a low wooden fence, jump over it, and then with several identical jumps overpass the pits. And most importantly - do not stop and do not look back.
Turn around! Extra fruit Vumba can be collected if you crash into the enemy with rotation, especially when directly in front of them there is another enemy. You will not only earn fruit, but destroy with one rotation at once two, three, and sometimes four enemies - is it bad?
Premium stages. About their appearance in advance you will not guess. But it is known that, having collected three heads at one stage (Tauny, Doctor Nitrus Brio and Doctor Neo Cortex), you are transported to the bonus stage. There your Bandicoot can jump on boxes a lot. If you pass the bonus stage, you will get the opportunity to save the game - do not miss this opportunity!