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Bust A Groove (PS1)

Bust A Move: Dance and Rhythm Action PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Pacing: Real-time
Gameplay: Arcade, Music / rhythm
Published by: 989 Studios
Developed by: Metro Corporation
Released: 1998
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Do you want to dance, put on your own dance, shake yourself properly to the rhythms of excellent melodies? Please Bust-A-Groove at your service. Ten funny characters can perform over 40 (!) Dance steps each. Imagine how capable guys are, so don't judge by their looks - they are very deceiving. The idea of the game is very simple. Choose any character and dance with him (her) several dances with the chosen ones. And if you do well, then you win. Why not a fighting game? The main thing is to press the right buttons at the right time. A simple matter, but with some skills, the dances can turn out to be just great. Moreover, all the characters have a unique dance style. And what poses do they take in case of victory or defeat! The animation is beautiful, the movements are smooth and organic. The graphics are just superb. And don't be discouraged if you don't know how to dance. Enter Practice mode and you will understand everything at once. The combination indicator will tell you which buttons to press, and the Timer Bar will tell you when. And then only Music and Dances will remain!