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Battle Beast (Windows 3.1)

Battle Beast Windows 3.1
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Fighting
Published by: 7th Level, BMG Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: 7th Level
Released: 1995
Platform: Windows 3.1

Amazing cartoon "almost kind" fighting game, in the role of fighters in which are funny and harmless (at first glance) little animals.

This game has a plot: a terrible supervillain Evil Toadman has reigned in the city of beasts, who, with an army of hench toads, kidnaps poor animals and, with the help of his terrible science, turns them into terrible evil fighting robots. Six animals, who have already acquired the ability to transform into them, manage to escape from the Toad. Now their goal is to end his reign in their city.

You are given six characters to choose from - a puppy, a turtle, a little rhino, a fish, a mouse and a frog. Despite their sweet and kind appearance, each of them, even in their "natural" state, possesses a number of techniques and abilities that are by no means characteristic of ordinary animals of this species. But you can turn your hero into a huge robot at any time with one click of a button, whose abilities and capabilities will be completely different ... Needless to say, the battles here really turn out spectacular, but the game is made primarily for children, so, of course , violence is extremely minimized here. On the other hand, children may find the game quite difficult because of the variety of techniques and not the easiest control. An interesting feature is the ability to offend the enemy, which can lower his morale.
Battle Beast Windows 3.x title

Battle Beast is a fighting game for passing levels with a high degree of interactivity. So, in many arenas you can find secret rooms - Power Up Room and Bonus Room. The first ones are designed to collect various bonuses there and improve your weapons. The second is for an additional set of points by exterminating small toads in conditions of limited time. You always appear in the arena a little earlier than your opponent, so before the start of the fight you can manage to find a door to such a room (but remember that you can get there only in the “normal” state). There are a lot of bonuses, it makes no sense to list everything: increasing strength and speed, improving various types of weapons (and these types of weapons themselves), and so on.

There are several arenas in the game, and all of them, I must say, are made just wonderfully. Fights await us at a junkyard, a dark alley, an abandoned sawmill and a railway station, and so on. The last one is a separate level - the laboratory. There, the game actually goes into platforming mode, our initial task is to exterminate the toads, and at the end of the level we meet the final boss - the Evil Toadman Try to see if it is so easy to defeat him ... And keep in mind that in this game not only ammunition for the robot mode is limited, but also all special attacks of animals, so use them wisely.

Do I need to touch on graphics separately? If so, here it is actually an old, slightly gloomy cartoon that evokes incredibly warm nostalgic feelings. The way this game is drawn, even cartoons have not been drawn for ten years for sure. This is the clearest example of an "eternal" picture, which cannot become outdated for anyone and never. The verdict of the game is almost the highest score, because it was done really conscientiously and to glory: a lot of fun, gentle humor and positive.