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Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Game Boy)

WarioLand: Super Mario Land 3 GB
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Published by: Nintendo of America Inc.
Developed by: Nintendo R&D1
Released: 1994
Platform: Game Boy

Despite being also named Super Mario Land 3, Wario Land bears little resemblance to its predecessors. Wario Land borrows the theme of the worlds of Super Mario Land 2 (although this time the secret levels are not restricted to be entered by secret entrances nor are they available in levels passed), but this time it organizes them in a linear way (pass a level after another necessarily), which allows the game to be characterized by a difficulty absent in its non-linear predecessors.

Wario's basic moves in this game reflect the considerable difference he has from Mario. The most notable difference is that Wario (who is much tougher than any of the Kitchen Island characters) takes no damage simply by touching an enemy. However, most of the enemies carry a weapon, so if Wario wants to finish them off, he will have to hit them from the safe side where he cannot be harmed.

The move is also noticeably different from previous Super Mario Land installments. While Mario's jumps were light and precise, Wario's movements are more brutal and forceful. Wario is also able to crouch and move slowly while crouching, being able to access narrow corners. He is also able to jump while crouching in order to reach and enter holes in the walls. If Wario has at least 10 coins in his possession, he has a chance to throw a large coin as a throwing weapon. Although this means the loss of all 10 coins, Wario can pick up the coin after he has thrown it, thus recovering the 10 coins used for it.

In addition to his basic move list, the game makes available to Wario a variety of caps that act as "powerups" providing him with new moves when he puts them on. In his original form, Wario wears a helmet, being able to get 3 different types of caps: Jet Cap, Dragon Cap and Bull Cap. The Jet Cap allows Wario to be twice as fast as usual and also allows him to fly short distances. The Dragon Cap allows you to launch flames of fire from your nose and launch a limited beam under the water. Finally, the Bull Cap gives Wario more strength than he already had, a greater charging distance, allows him to hang with his horns on the ceiling and allows him to perform a new movement called "butt stomp" with which he can break blocks. into the ground with its own weight and shake the buried objects to remove them from underground. In addition to the caps, Wario can also take an object known as "Starman" that makes him immune to the damage that he could suffer from enemies. In addition to the caps, there is another way to become "Wario Toro", or to increase in size when he has been injured and has lost the cap, or when he was in a normal state and has shrunk in size as a result of an attack from a enemy, and it is by taking an item in the shape of a head of garlic. When, on the other hand, Wario suffers damage, he shrinks in size, stops wearing a hat and cannot charge against enemies or walls. If, while in this state, he is damaged or hit again, Wario will lose a life. Since the object of the game is to accumulate as many coins as possible, Wario is focused on doing his best for it. In case he manages to defeat an enemy using a normal attack, he will usually fly away and a small coin will appear in its place. If, on the other hand, he uses the "Butt Stomp" to crush the same enemy, it will disintegrate without leaving anything. However, there are things he can do to get more coins with an enemy. If he manages to temporarily incapacitate an enemy, he can pick him up and carry him up until he is placed under a cloud that shoots down from time to time. When the beam hits the incapacitated enemy, it will disintegrate, leaving a large coin (equivalent to 10 small coins) as a prize. During his adventure, Wario will go through different levels, some of which have hidden treasures. It is very important that you collect the more of these the better, since they contribute significantly to the total amount of coins collected by Wario (there are more than 15 of them hidden). The best way to discover the hidden treasures is to destroy blocks throughout the level, since in many cases they hide secret passages where these treasures usually are.