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The Final Fantasy Legend (Game Boy)

The Final Fantasy Legend GB
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: Top-down
Pacing: Turn-based
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Square Soft
Developed by: Square Co.
Released: 1990
Platform: Game Boy

In The Final Fantasy Legend, the player travels the game world with a team of up to four characters, exploring areas and interacting with other unmanageable characters. Most of the game takes place in towns, castles, caves, and similar areas. In order to help the player in their exploration, the game has different signs within towns. Initially, the player is limited in terms of areas to explore, but as your adventure progresses, you begin to have more access to other worlds, and even the Tower you have to climb. In order to continue their game, players can save anytime, anywhere, as long as they are not in combat. Players can travel between locations via the world map, which is a reduced representation of various worlds of Final Fantasy Legend. They can also move freely around the world map unless they encounter restrictions in the terrain, such as water or mountains. These trips can be interrupted by random encounters, in hostile areas located along the world map, as well as than in other games related to Final Fantasy. The objective in each world is to find the entrance to the next level of the Tower.


At the beginning of the game, the player must choose the class, gender and name of the "leader" of the group. There are three different types of classes: humans, mutants and monsters, each with its own strong and weak points. Once the game starts the class cannot be changed, but up to three characters can be recruited through a similar process through the "Member Guilds" of various cities.9 Characters can be recruited to replace to those killed in combat, although the leader is irreplaceable, and high-level characters can be part of your party later in the game.

A character's performance in battle is determined by the numerical values ("stats") of four categories. Each stat is in the range of 1 to 99 and the categories are: strength, effectiveness of the strength attribute; defense, the ability to reduce damage taken; agility, effectiveness of long-range weapons or ability to evade attacks; and mana, effectiveness of magic attacks. The life of the character is measured in hit points or "hit points" (HP), having as a statistic the current and maximum HP, which will belong to the range of 0 to 999. The character's statistics will depend on his class - humans they have higher HP, strength, and defense, and mutants are physically weaker but enjoy high mana stats. Different types of equipment can be used to increase human and mutant stats. Monster-Class: Characters depend on their sub-class and their stats vary greatly.

Humans increase their stats from items that grant permanent bonuses, such as "STRENGTH", "HP200", while the attributes of Mutants simply increase at the end of a battle by random increments and abilities can be won (or lost) in the process. Monsters change their power by consuming "meat" obtained in battles; depending on the sub-class of the monster and the origin of the meat. Later versions of the game released for WonderSwan and mobile, remove this effect completely.

Equipment and skills

The basic function of equipment in SaGa games is the increase of the character's attributes. For example, equipping the character with a golden helmet increases his base defense stat. The amount of equippable items a character can have depends on their class, thus, Humans can equip eight items, mutants with four, and monsters cannot equip anything. There are five types of armor: shields, ice, armor, gauntlets, and shoes, and the character can only be equipped with one of each type, excluding monsters. As for weapons, there are swords, hammers, whips, spell books, and pistols, all of which use the character's strength, agility or mana, and they can also be used a specific number of times before they are broken and erased from the character's inventory. . Shields can be used as combat items, a limited number of times, and allow the user to evade enemy attacks.

Mutants and monsters have different spells and abilities depending on their battle experience and their sub-class, these are separated into four categories: attack, non-combat, healing, and resistances / weaknesses. When used in combat, attack spells and abilities will damage the target with an elemental type, non-combat spells and abilities inflict various altered states (such as "blindness") or great benefits to the target. Healing spells and abilities restore the target's HP and can be used out of combat. Some spells and abilities have added traits, such as affecting a group of enemies or absorbing HP from the target. Each spell and ability has a finite number of uses, and once exhausted they can be recharged by visiting an inn. Resistances and weaknesses are abilities that are activated during combat, being represented by "O" or "X" next to the element or ailment with which they are related, respectively, they grant the character resistance or weakness against various types of attacks; altered states grant immunity to that particular state.

Healing items can be found or purchased in-game through various means; each of these has a limited number of uses and can be activated from the character's inventory or from the submenu options to restore HP or remove altered states to a target, once out of combat. Like other inventory items, in order to use them during combat, they must be put on the party member's equipment.


Combat begins when a player encounters an enemy, then the map changes to the "battle screen". The enemy appears at the top, above the player characters; Each battle uses a menu based on a turn system. At the beginning of each turn, the player chooses whether to fight or try to flee. In the event that he chooses the option to fight, then he chooses the action for each of the members of the group, be it their attack spells, defense, use magic or equip objects. Once you have chosen the actions for each of your characters, the combat begins. The participants perform the action in a time determined by their agility statistic. In the event that you choose the option to flee and fail, the characters they lose their turn and the enemy attacks. The combat ends if they manage to flee, if all the enemies are defeated or if all the characters have been defeated; in the latter case, the game ends and has to be reloaded from the last point where it was saved.

By winning fights you can get objects and money, in addition, some monsters can leave meat, which is consumed by the characters belonging to the monster class. Those belonging to the mutant class, can "evolve" at this time, they can randomly increase statistics or gain a magic spell or ability, possibly by overwriting an existing one. All team members who have lost HP during combat can regain it by using healing items, spells, inns, or world items as healing sources. If a party member dies in combat, they lose a "heart" and can resurrect in a village, in the building with a heart-shaped symbol. Dead characters that do not have "hearts" cannot be resurrected, alternatively, a dead member of the party can be completely replaced by another character recruited from a guild, regardless of the number of hearts remaining.


The Final Fantasy Legend takes place in many worlds centered along the tower, built by God in ancient times to link the worlds together. There are four major worlds that create the different layers of the tower: the World of the Continent which is on the base, the Ocean World on the 5th floor, the Sky World on the 10th floor and the World of Ruins on the 16th floor. Time does not flow constantly between the levels of the tower, thus presenting several worlds more technologically developed than others, thus existing various monsters in each world, some hostile, but many of them friendly with humans and willing to coexist. In each world, there is also a branch of the human race (called mutants); They are descendants of the union between humans and other races of the World of the Continent and are in tune with magic.

The World of the Continent is a vast land ruled by three kings who are constantly at war for control of their world, in addition, each of them possesses an object necessary to open the entrance to the tower. The Ocean World consists of several small islands surrounded by water, each connected by small caves. Pirates roam the sea of ​​this world, prohibiting travel by boat. The World of Heaven has large land masses suspended in clouds, and is ruled by a powerful dictator who lives in his flying castle. The World of Ruins is a technologically advanced urban landscape, reduced to ruins after a post-apocalypse due to continuous monster attacks.


Standing in front of the tower, the hero and his group realize that they cannot scale it to paradise without first removing the seal from the base door. In the world at the base, the three kings named Armor, Sword and Shield fight for dominance using a piece of legendary equipment corresponding to their names. When visiting the Armor King, the group realizes that he is in love with a girl who also corresponds to her feelings, but that she cannot marry him since a bandit has kidnapped the town until she reciprocates him. . The group then defeats the bandit and the king, as gratitude gives them his armor. The Sword King attacks the heroes who want to kill him and keeps his swords. In the end, the Shield King is killed by his butler and after a brief fight, the group recovers their shield. Restoring the equipment of a great hero statue, they receive the Black Sphere, but are attacked by Gen-bu, the first of the demons controlled by Ashura. Once defeated, they use the power of the Sphere to enter the tower.

Going up the tower they come to another door; inside is a second world surrounded by water. Through caves, they find a floating island that allows them to travel the world by air. Then, they meet an old man, Ryu-O, who proposes a riddle to them and when solving it they obtain the Airseed, which allows them to breathe low. the water and thus be able to enter the underwater palace. Where they find the second demon, Sei-ryu; they defeat it and recover half of the second sphere. Upon returning to Ryu-O, he reveals that he is the guardian of the other half of the sphere and the two halves belong to the Blue Sphere.

Using the Blue Sphere, the group can continue to climb the tower until they reach a world of clouds, dominated by Byak-ko and an army of bandits. They realize that Byak-ko has recently been eliminated by an underground resistance movement, except for Millie and Jeanne, the two daughters of their leader. Temporarily a member of Byak-ko's gang joins the group to find the girls, and try to defend them until Millie betrays Jeanne and the group is captured. To free themselves, they face the third demon, who tries to kill Millie; Jeanne picks up a bow and the group takes care of the demon. Upon defeating him, they retrieve the White Sphere and continue their journey.

The fourth world is a post-apocalyptic wasteland; Su-Zaku wanders the surface defined by an impenetrable force field. The group, in search of refuge, arrive at an abandoned subway where they meet Sayaka, who directs them to the next city. This is where they have to face the leader of a motorcycle gang, So-Cho, but his sister Sayaka intervenes and the two groups begin to cooperate to defeat Su-Zaku. As soon as they gather the parts necessary to deactivate the force field, So-Cho sacrifices his life to guide the group through an atomic power plant. The beasts ambush the city and Su-Zaku kidnaps Sayaka, then the group defeats Su-Zaku and they obtain the Red Sphere that serves to continue with their journey.

Climbing the tower, the group discovers the remains of a family who tried to reach Paradise but failed, and a book tells that Ashura is being controlled by someone. They find him at the end, guarding the last door, where he offers each of them control of one of the worlds, but they reject the offer and defeat him. Before they can go through the door, they fall into a trap in the last one. flat. Finding in this way the allies they have met throughout their journey and decide to climb the tower again. As they climb the stairs that surround the tower, they meet each of the previously defeated demons. Once at the top, they find God and he tells them that all the demons and the tower itself are part of a game that he has created to see the heroes defeat evil and for their success they will get a reward. Angry at being manipulated, they reject the reward and defy God, who insists that, being the creator of everything around them, he can use it at will. They defeat him in a bloody battle and discover a door that leads them to an unknown place; They consider the option of entering, but decide to return to their world.